September 28, 2020

Letter to the Editor: ‘Spurious and Specious Editorial’ on Sewers in Old Lyme Presents ‘An Inconvenient Mistruth’

To the Editor:

On October 12, Gregory Stroud, editor of the CT Examiner, published “A Stray Conversation About Sewering Rogers Lake and Elsewhere in Old Lyme; which was based on a conversation” with retiring Waterford First Selectman Daniel Stewart, who is presumably leaving public life. Stewart alleged first-hand knowledge that Old Lyme First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder has openly (?) discussed installation of sewers in Old Lyme beyond the current Sound View project, He then went on to question the validity of the current Intermunicipal Agreement for transport of sewage.

I followed through with Old Lyme Town Hall and could not find any evidence supporting such allegations. So, it appears to me that, without any attempt to verify these “facts”, Stroud published a spurious and specious editorial – i.e., An Inconvenient Mistruth”, and so close to the November elections, too. If WaterGate had “Deep Throat”; what should we call this, as it relates to “WasteWaterGate”? – other than an example of partisan “yellow journalism”. In Stroud’s own words: “how can we be hearing this for the first time from Waterford?” I was compelled to follow through, why didn’t you also do so, Mr. Stroud?

The CT Examiner claims to be non-partisan. However, I feel that it is important to know that J. David Kelsey, co-founder and principal source of funding for this online newspaper, is also Chairman of Old Lyme’s Republican Town Committee.


Thomas D. Gotowka,
Old Lyme.


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