May 25, 2019

Local Dem’s Buzz to (Trivia) Bee Victory!

Champions! From left to right, Matt Pugliese, Mary Stone, Jane Cable and Harvey Gemme stand proudly with their trophy.  All photos by Liz Rubitski and Harvey Gemme.

The Lyme, Old Lyme and Old Saybrook Democrats emerged victorious in Friday night’s Trivia Bee hosted by the Lyme-Old Lyme Education Foundation (LOLEF.)  Emcee of the proceedings was veteran and charismatic Lyme-Old Lyme High School physical education teacher Bill Rayder and serving as judges were Lyme-Old Lyme Schools Superintendent Ian Neviaser and Kinny Newman.

Playing under the both clever and topical team name of “BEE-ware the Ides of March” (March 15th is the Ides of March, and the ‘Beware’ quote is derived from the soothsayer’s warning about said date in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’), local Democratic party team members were Jane Cable, Harvey Gemme, Matt Pugliese and Mary Stone.  They battled successfully through the early rounds and then, when only two teams remained, the Dem’s won the aptly-named Sting-Off and were duly awarded the coveted Bee Trophy.

The winning team takes a well-earned break from its labors between early rounds.

The organizers of the Trivia Bee were LOLEF President Roger Nosal and Liz Rubitski.

All funds raised will benefit the LOLEF, which is a charitable organization that provides financial support for educational projects, enrichment programs and innovative initiatives not typically funded by Regional District 18 or other governmental entities. LOLEF has awarded grants for educational initiatives benefiting our youngest students to our senior citizens.

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