October 1, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme 2012


12/28  13 Riverbank Lane  Dorothy Twining Globus of NY, NY and  Kinsley T. Kreiswirth of Montreal, Quebec to Alexander C. Twining of Bronxville, NY, $1,000,000

12/28  98 Hillcrest Road  Emily Kellogg of Middletown to Julie G. Zyla of West Hartford, $250,000

02/28  28 Breen Avenue  Peter Jay Alter Trustee of Josephine M. Daly Family Trust of Glastonbury to Karen F. and Lloyd A. Karkos of Wethersfield, $277,500

12/27  146 Neck Road Lot 1 Robert Ely Dougherty of Princeton, NJ to Bruce R. and Betty Ann Comstock of Centerbrook, $235,000

12/26  54 Brightwater Road  Richard C. Eisele of Middlesex, Vermont and Mary Ellen Hussey of  Boston, Mass. To Diane M. Bailey, $450,000

12/26  17 Sill Lane GALCO LLC, P.O. Box 879, East Lyme to Kenneth and Jennifer Stone, 17 Sill Lane, Old Lyme, $426,000

12/20  7 Halls Road  Glory A. Wills Trustee of Port St. Lucie, Fla. To Graybill Properties LLC of Old Lyme, $1,045,000

12/19  30 Hill Crest Road Jean C. Galinsky of Wethersfield, CT, to Richard E. Jr. and Deborah Ostiguy of Ware, Mass., $312,550

12/14  32 Homestead Circle  Amy E. Henry of Old Lyme to Leroy R. Clark of Old Lyme, $260,000

12/14  9 Ridgewood Road  Michael S. and Debbie A. Kaprove of Old Lyme to Mary & Edmond F. Jr. Lyon, $300,000

12/11  6 Machnik Drive  Judith Ann Machnik of Niantic to Arena Stoneyard LLC of Old Lyme, $450,000

11/30  4 Hillside Rd.  Janet B. Littlefield of Niantic to Lesley W. and Brian J. Phaneuf of Old Lyme

11/21  453 Shore Rd.  Jennifer Ann Daly of Stonington to Jermain J. Lawrie,  $282,500

11/21  20, 23, 24 Noyes Rd.  Deutsche Bank National Trust to Budney Hill LLC. of Essex, $152,000

11/20 6-2 Mansewood Rd.  Sydney V. IV and Beatrix C. Williams of Greenwich to Allison Straub, of Clinton, $363,000

11/16  26 Saltaire Dr. Loretta M. Berry Jr. of Essex to Kathleen B. Olsen of Aberdeen Township, NJ, $220,000

11/16  9 Fairway Ln.  James H. Austin, Executor of the Estate of Todd A. Blumenkopf of Gales Ferry to Karen Mather of Northford, $350,000

11/14  Lot 13 Short Hills Rd.  Howard S. Tooker of Old Lyme to Shorthill Properties LLC of Middletown, $363,750

11/11  10 Duck River Lane, Wind, Manon Trustees to Robert & Valerie Fales of Old Lyme, $432,500

11/09  South Ledgwood Rd.  James J. Moser of Old Lyme to William and Sandra Borland, $419,000

11/9  79-01 Rowland Road Janet G. Hinman of Middletown, Conn. to Nicholas Westbrook and Anne McCarty, $285,100

10/26  1 Huntley Road Huntley and Halls, LLC of Old Saybrook, Conn. to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital of New London, Conn., $700,000

10/24  197 Mile Creek Road Kenneth G. Kraus of Peacham, VT to Daniel M. Gibeault, $225,000

10/19  46 Coult Lane Richard Mastrianna of Pompano Beach, Flor. to Anthony and Angela Corrao, $420,000

10/17  24 Library Lane Lloyd M. Wilcox Jr. to Sheila and James McTigue-Ward, $89,166.67

10/17  24 Library Lane Gilbert M. Wilcox of Cumberland Center, ME to Sheila and James McTigue-Ward, $89,166.67

10/17  24 Library Lane Ancillary Yuri Fesko, Excutor of the Estate of George Fesko of Raleigh, NC to Sheila and James McTigue-Ward, $89,166.67

10/16  9-2 Meetinghouse Lane Jeffrey Burnham Carter of Deep Gap, NC and Jane Carter Cipoletti of Barrington RI to Johnnycake Hill LLC, $550,000

10/16 7 0-4 Sill Lane Robert E. Fales Jr. to Nicole G Berry and Chapman Berry Jr., $775,000

10/16  86 Flat Rock Hill Road SJE Development, LLC of Easton, Conn. to DLM and M Builders of Old Saybrook, Conn., $52,000

10/16  7 Chadwick Drive Heather A. Pearson of Niantic, Conn. to David M. and Danielle M. Hannus, $220,000

10/12  59 Hill Crest Road Randi Giglio, Trustee of Thomaston, Conn. to James M. and Ellyn Behan of Portland, Conn., $260,000

Date Unknown  80 Swan Ave Paul S. Melluzzo of Middletown, Conn. to Robert Peck and Theresa Bourgoin of Berlin, Conn., $120,000

10/5  31 Brookside Ave Cheryle Riva Marcus of West Hartford, Conn. to Peter H. Kolakowski of Terryville, Conn., $248,000

10/5  73 Portland Ave Eugene F. Gallo of Vero Beach, Flor. to Kathleen G. and Scott J. Boulanger, $200,000

10/5  183 Pond Road Eugene F. Gallo of Vero Beach Flor. to Kathleen G. and Scott J. Boulanger, $200,000

10/4  26 Saunders Hollow Road Burks, Estate of Virginia to Chad Sielbeck, 265,000

10/4  6 Bayberry Ridge Road Damon R. Sloan and Leslie S. Sloan of Shrewsbury, MA to Douglas E. Pond, $325,000

10/1  5 Knutson Road Raymond E. Falkner and Kathleen T. Faukner of Harwinton, Conn. to Samuel A. and Rose Marie Rand, $190,000

10/1  1 Hawthorne Road Garry D. Honey and Tracy Honey of Old Lyme to Brookfield Relocation INC. A Colorado Company of Scottsdale, AZ, $470,000

9/28  164 Boston Post Road Richard Langley and Donna Langley to 164 BPR, LLC, $225,000

9/28  23 Town Woods Road The Clinton Instrument Company of Clinton, Conn. to Donna Langley, $195,000

9/28 5 Corsino Ave Joseph A. Mercaldi of Heath, MA to Richard and Holly Modica of Middletown, Conn., $245,000

9/26 6 Otter Rock Road Thomas J. Bohinc of Old Saybrook, Conn. to Christopher P. and Jessica L. Garvin, $102,000

9/24 21 Champlain Drive Evgenyi Y. Shalev of Danbury, Conn. to Courtney L. and Thomas J. Bushnell, $295,000

9/21  52 Gorton Ave; 51 Brookside Ave Henry Pado of Hartford, Conn. to Luis Castavito of Rocky Hill, Conn., $245,000

9/18  42 Bridgewater Road David E. Lynch and Alice W. Lynch of West Hartford, Conn. to William J. Sullivan and Karen M. Sullivan of Wethersfield, Conn., $497,000

9/14  1 Boston Road Anne S. Johnston to James L. and Joanne A. Graybill, $219,000

9/11    33 Townwoods Road Robert C. Chapman Jr. to Roger Sherwood Davis, $6,500

9/7 11 Woodcrest Drive GASPE Corporation of Rochester, NY, to David E. and Deborah C. Sweet of Old Saybrook, Conn., $265,000

9/6 72 Neck Road Richard A. Moll and Patience F. Moll of Hancock, ME to Christopher R. Koproski, $350,000

9/5  13-1 Avenue A Karen A. Nadeau of New Britain, Conn., to John R. and Lisa A. Smigel of Liverpool, NY, $674,900

9/5  90 Sill Lane James R. Tyler of Abbot, Maine, to George M. Dirgo and Lynne M. Dirgo, $281,000

9/4 42 Portland Ave Dorina Rodriquez of New Britain, Conn. to Fredrick and Liza Guidobono of Wethersfield, Conn. $180,000

9/4  8 Tamiami Trail Rebecca Bleeker of Portland, Conn. to David J. Olson and Stephanie Olson, $255,000

8/29  19 Corsino Ave Silvio Neville of East Lyme, Conn. to Craig and Rachel MacDonald, $330,000

8/27  213 Mile Creek Road Anthony W. Cutler to Jonathan Kosecki, $199,900

8/27  6 Noyes Road Estate of Ruth E. Byrne to NYCO, LLC, $182,500

8/24  4 White Farm Lane Joseph J. Quartella to John Hamrick, $626,000

8/23  5 Meeting House Lane Richard Montross of Killingworth, Conn. to John Hardy and Laura Hardy, $550,000

8/22  7 Gordon Ave Paul R. Doyle, Trustee of Rocky Hill, Conn to Ann Cyr of Ellington, Conn., $250,000

8/20  29 Washington Ave Claire D. Haskins to Mark and Madonna King of West Hartford, Conn. $360,000

8/20  10 Stonewood Drive Paul E. McTaggart, Trustee of the Marlene E. McTaggart Irrevocable Trust of Boxford, MA to Terrance J.Sheehan and Peihong, $452,000

8/17  54 Hawks Nest Road Christine Hennessey Larkin to Eugene C. Diorio, $363,500

08/14  52, 52-2, and 52-3 Four Mile River Road Francis V. Balboni of Mangssas, Va., to George Strauss and Barbara Pauns, $225,000

08/10  S. Epsilon Ave. Dominic E. Fazzina and Elizabeth E. Fazzina of Niantic, Conn. to Jason P. Ewers, $245,000

08/09  70 Swan Ave. Dennis Goodrich and Donna Goodrich of New Britain, Conn. to Bruce D. Larson of New Britain, Conn., $13,500

08/06  4 Dory Landing J.M. Stevens and Clara F. Stevens of Waterbury, Conn., to Anthony J. Jr. and Sue A. Denicola, $615,000

08/03 4 Smiths Neck Road Betty Ann Diamond of Bronx, NY, to Janet M. Campell, $325,000

08/03  5 Hartford Ave. William P. Hengstenberg and Barbara J. Hengstenberg of Canton, Conn., to George H. and Anne K. Cole of Southington, Conn., $226,250

08/03  11 Littlefield Lane Luis L. Nunez jr. and Deborah A. Ament de Nunez of Cottontown, Tenn., to Paul B. Crilly, $400,000

08/02  57-1 Saunders Hollow Road Steven M. Glass and Dian Dumond Glass of New York, NY, to Christophe Oberli and Darren T. Le of New York, NY, $475,000

08/01  100 Mile Creek Road Carol Snow of Old Saybrook, Conn. to Alan W. and Skyren P. Todd, $169,000

07/31 20 Library Lane Judith W. Winer of Bloomfield, Conn. to Janet Bagg, $568.000

07/31 6 Queen Anne Court Richard J. Grisky, Trustee and Grace C. Grisky of North Port, Flor. to Jason D. Carrier, $435,000

07/30 12 Massachusetts Road James Berman, Trustee, as Chapter 7 Trustee for Michael S. Goldberg, LLC, et al of Bridgeport, Conn., to Robert Montville, $300,000

07/27 4 Breen Ave. Sheldon B. Steinhaus, Trustee of West Hartford, Conn. to William Bessstta, $210,000

07/27 18 Nottingham Road Stanley J. Grab, Jr. and Barbara T. Grab to Gary Clout, $325,000

07/27 20 Hough Road John W. Medeiros and Sharon E. Medeiros to Paul D. and Patricia A. Lombardo, $450,000

07/26 53 Boughton Road Keffrey D. Michelson and Linda Mickelson of Newington, Conn., to Chandler P. Blake, $321,000

07/26 235 Boston Post Road William H. Ogle c/o David Ogle of Martinsville, Ind., to Ronald R. and Mary C. Berry, $276,000

07/24 10 Noyes Road Estate of Elsie L. Palmes c/o Gary R. Palmes of Ivoryton, Conn., to Eric Krajewski of Berlin, Conn., $130,000

07/17 76 Rogers Lake Trail Matthew W. Pierson Trustee of Evelyn I. Umrysz and Evelyn I. Umrysz, Executor of the Matthew W. Pierson Estate of Bedford, N.H., to David K. Caulkins, $169,000

07/13 17 Avenue A Rear David A. Tufreson and Susan H. Tufreson of Rocky Hill, Conn., to John Charella Jr., $65,000

07/13 62 Lyme Street Jonathan J. Collins and Denise Collins of Stonington, Conn., to John A. and Joier A. Gregor of Scottsdale, Ariz., $895,000

07/06 30 Billow Road Theresa V. Dell of Granby, Conn., to Dalton E. III and Maureen G. Smart of Milford, NJ, $407,500

07/06 72 Hawks Nest Road Arther P. D’Onofrio and Sherry D’Onofrio of Windson, Conn., to Tracey A. Wilson of Middletown, Conn., $260,000

07/03 15 Brighton Road Francois B. Hayman and Mary D. Hayman to Carolyn H. Caldwell, $480,000

06/29 6 Butterwick Lane Robert H. Ring and Julie C. Ring of Newtown, Penn., to Anthony S. and Erin K. Grayson, $643,000

06/29 17 Rogers Lake Trail Harry B. Neilson of Old Saybrook, Conn. to Gary R. and Jane F. Davidson of Lititz, Penn., $360,000

06/28 4 Bittersweet Lane David W. and Carol L. Starkey of Madison, Conn. to Matthew F. and Cynthia J. Olson, $452,000

06/28 7 Dunns Lane Mary B. Turner of Old Saybrook, Conn. to Glory A. and John A. jr. Wills of Portsland, Flor., $239,000

06/19 9 Beechwood Lane Diana L. Psillas of Wethersfield, Conn. to Michael L. and Lee-Anne P. Grannon, $330,000

06/13 302 Ferry Road Janer W. Jones, Trustee of Jaddam, Conn. to Elizabeth A. Huston of Oars Island, Maine, $235,000

06/12 82 Swan Ave. James G. Fortsch of Cerqueira Cesar, Sao Paolo, Brasil, to Michael Forino of Middlebury, Conn., $284,000

06/06 16 Old Colony Road Lisa Montanaro Wesneak of Amherst, NH. to Armando Dibinse and Cynthia Filtoff, $255,000

06/05 14 West End Drive Evelyn Cahill of Middletown, Conn., to Bart E. Muhs and Su Hsien Lim of Guilford, Conn., $300,000

06/04 110 Lyme Street Susan Noyes Hollifield of Moore, S.C., to John Ely Noyes of Poway, Calif., $347,500

06/01 57 Saltaire Drive Anne Marie L. Bordonaro of Portland, Conn., to Christopher J. and Mary C. Daly of Wethersfield, Conn., $445,000

05/31 111 Shore Road John J. Kelly and Linda W. Kelly to Leon J. and Bernadette M. Olivier, $290,000

05/29 91 Hillcrest Road James E. and Shiela B. Marzi of Kensington, Conn. to Randall W. and Nancy M. Epright of Westport, Conn., $925,000

05/25 73 Whippoorwill Road Estate of Charles E. Hubball, Carol Dittberner, Executrix of Old Saybrook, Conn., to Kim A. and Lewis L. Bowker, $180,000

05/24 62 Connecticut Road Allen W. Oberg to Gatty Family Trust, LLC of North Haven, Conn., $475,000

05/24 19-1 Lyme Street Community Realty Investors, Inc. of Middleton, Conn. to Cove Landing Development Company, LLC of Old Saybrook, Conn., $210,000

05/15 9-1 Rose Lane Christopher Pike and Zoe Pike of East Lyme, Conn., to Charlotte P. Lyman, $325,000

05/14 4-2 Westwood Road Patricia M. Bowers and Carol L. Bowers to Carina Using, $250,000

05/14 33 Oakridge Drive Roatelle B. Anderson, Trustee of Springfield, Conn., to Jean E. Daily, $330,000

05/11 9 Springfield Road Christopher M. Darnell and Julie B. Darnell of Newton, Mass., o William P. Bradley of West Hartford, Conn., $451,000

05/11 218 Shore Road Montanaro Properties, LLC to Big Green Outdoor, LLC of Farmington, Cotn., $475,000

05/09 309 Sea Spray Road Mark Revves, Trustee of Ivoryton, Conn. to Michael F. Rigglo of Carmel, NY., $246,000

05/08 10 Portland Ave. Cara E. Dellaguishna of Kentwood, MI and Mary Ellen Dellaguishna of Enfield, Conn. to Colin J. and Nancy M. Yan Yee of Hamden, Conn., $217,000

05/08 61 Columbus Ave. Angela Atwood of New Britain, Conn. and Phyllis Rustico of Plainville, Conn. to Elizabeth M. Atwood of New Britain, Conn., $245,000

05/02 48 Browns Lane Helene Johnston and Susanna Johnston of Chester, Conn. to Nathaniel N. III and Andrea J. Weutworth of Westbrook, Conn., $163,500

04/30 1 Town Landing Road Oliver L. Patrell and Catherine F. Patrell, Trustees of St. Petersburg, Fla., to Barbara F. Gaudio, $1,150,000

04/30 4 Briar Hill Drive Thomas Chappie and Kara Chappie of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Brookfield Relocation aInc., A Colorado Corporation of Scottsdale, Ariz., $326,000

04/30 1 Fairway Lane Marie J. DesSureault of Groton, Conn., to John B. Barbibault III, $342,000

04/26 73 Connecticut Road Pamela Lamont and Cynthia Trewblay of Wethersfield, Conn., to AnneMarie Delucia, $445,000

04/26 5 Hawthorne Road Marilyn A. Anderson to Robert Daniel and Elizabeth Lynn Evans, $340,000

04/26 157 Boston Post Road Dollard J. Cote and Phyllis J. Cote of Littleton, Maine, to Virgian A. Romas, $229,000

04/26 2 Katherine Road The Donald Macnaughtan, Jr. Revocable Trust of New Martinsville, West Virginia, to John F. Gresh, $120,000

04/26 2 Katherine Road The Marlene A. Macnaughtan Revocable Trust of New Martinsville, West Virginia, to John F. Gresh, $120,000

04/25 30 Hatchett’s Point Road Marilyn D. Graulty of Cromwell, Conn., to Marin L. Gagliard and Carol Syrote of New York, New York, 1,025,000

04/24 11 Billow Road  Robert B. Price and Carol A. Price of Rocky Hill, Conn., to Kevin R. Reynolds, $315,000

04/23 30 Jericho Drive Leslie-Ann Smernoff, Sole Successor Trustee of the Richard D. Hernandez Revocable Trust Dated March 11, 1992 as amended of Tallahassee, Fla., to Lars Vigen, $321,000

04/23 9 Blackwell Lane Lars Vigen to Noah Jones, $230,000

04/23 240 Mile Creek Road Rosalinde Ball of Waterford, Conn., to Edgar Albuja, $281,000

04/17 69 Rowland Road Barbara J. Muto to New Rochelle NY to Mike and Barbara Fischer, $250,000

04/16 61 Billow Road William G. Hardy of West Hartford, Conn., to Anne Marie L. Bordonaro of Portland, Conn., $965,000

04/12 37 Saunders Hollow Road Thomas E. Schellens to Jeffrey W. and Elizabeth B. Cooley, $540,000

04/04 14 Tisbury Road William R. Sanders of Northport, Fla., to Daniel P. Driscoll and Lauren D. Meo, $337,000

03/27 12 Hatchett’s Hill Road  U.S. Bank National Association to Scott C. Crysler, $285,000

03/26 10 Dogwood Drive Marilyn I. Dexter of Deep River, Conn., to Bryan Cooper, $249,000

03/23 4 Dunns Lane Carl G. Nilsson of Chester, Conn., to Margaret J. and Richard E. Gratton, $230,000

03/22 173 Mile Creek Road Esi and Jepson J. O’Connell c/o M. Clarke to Vladimir Ashworth, $405,000

03/22 29 Prospect Street Janice Vaillencourt of Newington, Conn., to David J. and Nancy C. Gionfriddo, $245,000

03/19 17 Washington Ave. Joseph F. Airo and Josephine M. Airo of Old Saybrook, Conn., to Jeanne and Paul Dandrow, $410,000

03/16 17 Binney Road Jack N. Swendsen and Sidsel Swendsen to Mary D. Haymann, $1,000,000

03/14 8 Flagler Ave. Kathleen Rollar Abbott Trustee of the Restated Jewel Trust to Michael S. and Debby A. Kaprove, $370,000

03/09 30 Lyme Street Giordano-Mergy, LLC to Anthony Kornacki, Jr., and Lee Ann Molenaar, $680,000

03/07 32 Portland Ave. Unit #2 Sarah E. Mayo of Southington, Conn., to Kerry J. Sheltra of Rocky Hill, Conn., $280,000

03/01 15 Moss Point Trail Eloise Duarte to Thomas Duarte, $178,000

02/29 2 Pyrus Court, Carine Boustany and Fady Kari c/o Cartus to Robert A. Russo and Catherine Sullivan $418,000

02/17 ½ interest in 59 White Sands Beach Road, June B. Speirs, Trustee of the June B. Speirs Inter Vivos Trust dated 10/20/97 to Richard P. Tolomea of Kensington, Conn., $21,250

02/17  ½ interest in 59 White Sands Beach Road, David R. Speirs, Executor of the Estate of Malcolm A. Speirs to Richard P. Tolomea of Kensington, Conn., $21,250

02/16 11-1 Matson Ridge, Maria G. Nappi to Paul Bennett and Tara Holmes, $660,000

02/13 1 Moore Ave, Shirley I. Goss to Justin S. Krol, 92,500

02/08 Unit 7-1C Lyme Street, Carol Dee Miller to David J. Hoffman, $125,000

02/03 26 Seavew Road, Ralph J. Colavolpe and Ann M. Colavolpe to 26 Sea View Trust, LLC, $800,000

02/03 24 Seaview Road, Maureen Boyle to Kathryn Mortimer, $800,000

02/02 227 Mile Creek RoadRaymond M. Turrell, Jr. and Lois L. Turrell to Efrain R. Santos, $299,000

01/31 2 Fawn Trail, Peter P. Joyce and Suzanne J. Joyce to Keith C. and Madeline A. Coakley, $335,000

01/31 7 Strawberry Lane, Paul Bennett to Andrew Bennett and Rebecca Ann Bennett of Middletown, Conn., $295,000

01/31 12 Cottage Road, White Sands Beach, Mary Ellen Smith, Marjorie M. DeBonee, and Elizabeth M. Seifel to Suzanne DeLutrie of West Hartford, Conn., $333,750

01/30 33 Center Beach Avenue,  Laura S. Carpenter to James E. and Suzanne B. Giansanti of Newington, Conn., $235,000

01/20 33 Rogers Lake Trail, Gary E. Penfield and Thomas L. Penfield to Kevin W. Penfield of Newington, Conn., $200,000

01/11 14 Haywagon Drive, Julie Hawkins c/o Cartus and Patrick A. Hawkins c/o Cartus to John D. and Alice A. MacDougall, $475,000

01/11 65 Center Beach Road, Robert E. and Linda S. Karpiej to Peter J and Karen A. Doolittle of Wallingford, Conn., $285,000

01/06 20 Chadwick Drive, Estate of Marie J. Cark to Jillian M. Patterson, $195,000

01/03 442-1 Shore Road, Estate of Edith N. MacDonald to S. Peter and Mildred H. Caron of Niantic, Conn., $208,250