July 7, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme 2011

12/30 64 Breen Ave., Eric G. Mindell to Mark D. and Amy M. Benigni of Meriden, Conn., $155,000

12/29 44 Sea View Road, Susan Pappas & William J. Pappas, or their successors in trust, under the SUSAN PAPPAS LIVING TRUST dated September 29, 2009, to Sharon E. and John T. Medeiros of Wilbraham, Mass., $1,270,000

12/26 29 Massachusetts Avenue, Joanne M. Greenier and Nancy M. Aresco to Jennifer L. Reyes, $400,000

12/23 37 Hartford Avenue, Thomas E. Norton and Elaine J. Norton to Bassam Awwa, $264,500

12/22 2 Huntley Road, Innonet Properties, LLC to HPI Huntley LLC, $972,500

12/15 14 Ferry Road, Unit E-1, Hazel T. Fach to Oliver L. and Catherine F. Patrell of Old Lyme, Conn., $410,000

12/14 68 Corsino Avenue, Carol A. Marino and Kenneth R. Marino to John L. and Maureen H. Swarts, $402,000

12/13 64 Connecticut Road, Mary J. O’Brien to Angelo and Mafalda Gatti of No. Haven, Conn., $420,000

12/13 17 Tisbury Road, Natia Kingston and Christopher M. Kingston to Jennifer Coffey, $315,000

12/12 62-6 + 62-8 Brighton Road, Angela Tese-Milner, Trustee in Bankruptcy to Gregory De Michiel of Avon, Conn., $390,000

12/07 29-1 Talcott Farm Road, Kim Schechter to Robert and Kristine Paterson, $1,690,000

12/07 25 Coult Lane, Susan G. Hallberg to Brian C. Long, $350,000

12/05 22 Purtill Ave, Morris P. Rischall Revocable Trust to Philip S. Rischall Revocable Trust of Rocky Hill, Conn., $80,000

11/30 66 Connecticut Road, Sandra R, Palladino and Alfred Palladino to James J. Davis Revocable Trust of Wethersfield, Conn., $515,000

11/23 25 Whippoorwill Road, Mary E. Machol to Nikolin Kutrolli, $185,000

11/22 10-1 Cord Grass Lane, Patrick R. Verhoest and Joanna L. Verhoest to Prudential Relocation, Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., $505,000

11/18 20 Pine Road, US Bank NA NO to Goshen Mortgage LLC of Greenwich, Conn., $245,800

11/14 12 Miami Avenue, Joseph J. Darrow III and Donna D. Darrow to Lisa Barnes, Trustee of the Irrevocable Restrictive Trust for Paul Barnes of Bristol, Conn., $305,000

11/08 78 Corsino AvenueAlice DelVecchio Revocable Trust to Seaview Condominium, Association, Inc., $70,000

11/07 14 Wychwood Road, John W. Davis to Pia Steffensen, $349,000

11/04 6 Coach Drive, Timothy L. Behl to Anthony F. Girardi, $195,000

10/31 59 Browns Lane, Susan L. Reed to Heather K. Green and James C. Oldfield, $190,000

10/28 53 Swan Avenue, John L. Swarts, Jr. and Maureen H. Swarts to Robert E. Carlson Jr. and Lori A. Carlson, $253,000

10/28 4 Mansewood Road, Jeffrey R. Hedden and Nicole E. Faniola-Hedden to Joseph J. Quaratella Jr. of Old Lyme, Conn., $925,000

10/27 6 Howard Road, Patricia W. Marinone to Stephen J. Leonettik of Woodbury, Conn., $210,000

10/25 42 Connecticut Road, George N. Nettleton by Elisa J. Pensavalle, Conservator and Leona A. Nettleton to Anne Marie DeLucia of Branford, Conn., $35,000

10/13 7 Old Colony Road, Leo L. Kraimer to Michael and Sherryll Cyrankowski of Wethersfield, Conn., $283,000

10/11 40 Saltaire Road, Karen A. Matheny to Gary R. Maglio and Paula M. Maglio of West Hartford, Conn., $550,000

10/11 32 Coult Lane, Nicols D. Kennedy, Trustee to Ryan Lee and Melanie B. Mauro, $280,000

10/07 14 Oak Road, Eugene A Kowalczyk and Helen M. Kowalczyk to Grampa Fred and the Girls, LLC of Newington, Conn., $210,000

10/07 12-1 Azalea Lane, Joseph T. Tinnerello and Tammy J. Tinnerello to Curtis L. and Jamie J. Alpha, $575,000

10/05 16 Azalea Lane, Ellen J. Murray to Jason L. Kemp, $615,000

10/03 11 Stoneleigh Knoll, Alison Lemkau Vaughn to David Acosta and Jessica L. Acosta, $260,000

09/30 10 Meetinghouse Lane, Janet Bagg to Robert Lee Blackwell and Mary Lee Blackwell of Old Saybrook, Conn., $472,500

09/28 Davis Road Parcel, Huntley and Halls, LLC to BGP Developers, LLC of Old Lyme, Conn., $300,000

09/23 17 Gould Lane, William H. Pike and Adele W. Pike to Peter and Catherine Thomas of Darien, Conn., $530,000

09/21 21 Edge Lea Road, Willard Northrop and Nancy Northrop to George Gaudette of Simsbury, Conn., $775,0000

09/15 56 Shore Drive, Roy Schryver and Beverly A. Schryver to Daniel J. Small, $203,900

09/09 24 and 31 Boughton Road, Asif Choudhry to Thomas Kowalcyzki, $249,000

09/09 28 Hough Road, Mary Ann Horn to Richard A. and Karen S. Brooks of Mansfield, Conn., $490,000

09/02 155-1 Boston Post Road, Sandra J. MacDonald and Matthew E. MacDonald to John M. MacDonald and Karen M. MacDonald, Co-Trustees of the John M. MacDonald and Karen M. MacDonald Revocable Trust of Amherst, New Hamp., $450,000

08/26 5 Delta Avenue, Abram Poole Jr. to Kevin Vilcheck and Stacy Popp, $250,000

08/26 43 Whippoorwill Road, Thomas A Gustafson and Helen M. Gustafson to Prudential Relocation, Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., $1,002,500

08/23 11 Springfield Road, John N. Faniola  and Judith M. Faniola to William H. and Rachel G. Erickson of West Hartford, Conn., $500,000

08/18 58 Browns Lane, Dorothy Crouch, Michael Diebitsch, Alison Robinson, Dianne Wilkinson, and Eric Wilkinson to Julie A. Buchanan, $165,000

08/15 15 Laurel Drive, Catherine A. Sattler to Loraine D. Sanchez Revocable Trust of Pembroke Pines, Fla., $265,000

08/12 2 Gorton Avenue, Andrew L. Montanaro and Virginia M. Montanaro to Marc W. Montanaro of Old Lyme, Conn., $18,000

08/11 30 Hough Road, Thomas M. Roby and Geraldine Roby to David M. and Maryann A. Mazzone, $255,000

08/10 217 Mile Creek Road, Kenneth Chmielewski and Darcy G. Chmielewski to William R. and Katie Lunn, $345,000

08/08 23 White Sands Beach Road, Frances P. Sposito to John M., Shelley A., and Lori A. Biancamano of Wethersfield, Conn., $385,000

07/29 40 Jericho Drive, Andrew Fensome and Sofia Ovrutsky to Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., $510,000

07/29 11 Swan Avenue, Frances L. Terase to Richard P. and Lawrence C. Avezzie, $202,500

07/28 19 Billow Road, Nineteen Billow Road, LLC to Kellie A. and Louis P. Riccelli of Suffield, Conn., $445,000

07/28 18 Mile Creek Road, Janet R. Daniels to Johnny Cake Hill LLC, $70,000

07/28 5 Dunns Lane, Victoria A. Van Deusen and Jenifer S. Van Deusen to Guy H. Deutermann and Dianne D. Deutermann, $330,000

07/27 7 Avon Avenue, Elton P. Vail and Donna L. Vail to Karl P. Zimmerman of Durham, Conn., $85,000

07/20 4 Laurel Drive, Alexandra Urdang and Nicole Urdang to Eleanor Fox, $220,000

07/18 Lot 136-1, Lot 136-2 Neck Road, Barbara Quinn to Michael H. Schaefer, $310,666

07/18 Lot 136-3 Neck Road, Barbara Quinn to Ernst J. Schaefer of South Natick, Mass., $89,332

07/15 10-1 Azalea Lane, Barry N. and Marilyn K. Rupard to Sandee Lee Gelven, $460,000

07/12 43 Old Colony Road, Martin Paul Jacobs to Richard C. and Judith E. Spiesman of Dix Hills, NY, $300,000

07/11 6 McCurdy Court, Estate of Ruth Elizabeth Breitzke to Keith E. and Debra P. Czarnecki, $225,000

07/08 3 Ball Lane, Wistar W. Comfort and Mary Connie Comfort to Hazel B. Tracy, $590,000

07/05 37 Shore Drive, Robert C. Chapman to Dennis J. and Sandra D. Chopp of Salem, Conn., $280,000

06/30 62 Four Mile River Road, Teresa E. Kuzmenko to Paul S. Johnson, $196,000

06/30 9 Oakridge Drive, Mary Lynn Schechter Trustee of the Family Trust of Mary Lynn Schechter to George T. Wiedermann, $405,000

6/28  10 Ridgewood Rd., Estate of Josephine O. Kelly aka Josephine O’Connor Kelly of West Haven, Conn., to Patricia P. Kenefick, $255,000

6/28  6 Binny Rd., Estate of Jane Parker of Cohasset, Mass., to Trustee of Elaine M. Boisseuain, North Stonington, Conn., $330,000

6/28  3 Longacre, Joseph Ptrifiletti and Diane Jorkasky of Wellseley, Mass., to Allen Safferman, $965,000

6/24  16 Pine Rd., Donna A. Kurpaska to Christopher Caulkins, $210,000

6/23  14 Ferry Rd., Unit E2, Isabel Leach of Essex, Conn., to Cathleen G. and Thomas F. Keogh, $437,500

6/23  38 Carrington Rd., Elaine J. Turner of Manchester, Conn., to Leonard G. Johnson of Glastonbury, Conn.,  $216,125

6/22  21 Ferry Rd., Cathleen G. Keogh to Chase T Rogers & Edward V. O’Hanion, $985,000

6/21  3 Dennis Rd., 3 Dennis Rd LLC to David M. McCall and Lisa S. Weikert, $725,000

5/31  308 Ferry Rd., Whipplebomb LLC of South Lyme, Conn., to Catherine & Patrick Gingras, $1,000,000

5/16  104 West End Dr., George Giguere of Woodbury, Conn., and Gregory Giguere of Chapel Hill, N.C., to Carlos M. and Laura F. DaFonte, $840,000

5/11  3 Hills Rd., Bruce Abraham to Amy and Jeffrey Jensen, $255,000

5/3  40 White Sands Beach Rd., Paul J. Giangrave Trustee and Dolores N. Giangrave Trustee of Newington, Conn., to Dana and Paul Neves of Ellington, Conn., $409,000

4/29  130-1 Mile Creek Rd., Trustee of Leon W. Machnik to Thomas J. Machnik, $150,000

4/26  27 Coult Lane, John Peterson and Susan Peterson of Saint Helene Island, S.C., to Patricia Cushman, $335,000

4/22  14 Ledgewood Dr., Susan T. Simler of Old Saybrook, Conn., to Joshua R. LeMay and Kristin Malaro, $264,900

4/20  22 Sargent Rd., Stephen G. Wilcox of Wallingford, Conn., and David A. Wilcox of Zephy Cove, Nev., to Jane E. Morgan, $600,000

4/15  1 Green Valley Lake Rd., Ronald C. Swanson of Norwich, Conn., to David Pelissier, $240,000

4/13  3 Wyckford Ln.,  Betty Lord of Chester, Conn., to Catherine Decker, $317,500

4/12  14-1 (A) West End Dr., Robert  E. West Trustee of Vero Beach, Fla., and Kikuko S. West Trustee of Vero Beach, Fla., to Bart E. Muhs of Guilford, Conn., $510,000

04/05 38 Saltaire Drive, Julie Carlson of Wethersfield, Conn., to Daniel M. and Ofelia Peck of Berlin, Conn., $325,000

04/04 12 Landing Road, Jane G. Clark to David G. Clark, $439,900

04/04 65 Grassy Hill Road, David G. Clark to LeRoy R. Clark, $271,000

04/04 82-1 Neck Road, John J. MacWilliams III, Trust of the Lee MacWilliams Boucher Revocable Trust of Dover, MA., to Michael O. Brown and Laurie P. Havenec, $3,300,000

03/14 16 Whippoorwill Road, Douglas L. Maynard and Jeffrey F. Maynard to Michael Appleby, $165,000

03/10 107 Boston Post Road, Alexander Calder III and Nancy C. Calder of Killingworth to Constance M. Ayars, $995,000

03/04 20 Lyme Street, Pythagoras Realty, LLC., of Deep River to Diane Mallory, $280,000

03/03 11 Connecticut Road, Barbara J. Daigle of Avon, Conn., to Christy D. Osgood of Rockyhill, Conn., $472,500

03/01 8 Pine Road, Richard & Christine Seelig of Farmington, Conn., to Pfannenstiel, LLC., $530,000

02/28 37 Rogers Lake Trail, Lucius D. Stark Trustee to Timothy King, $400,000

02/07 131 Shore Rd., c/o Beverly Ann Tucker, Co-Executor, Estate of Marion H. Wells of Medford, ME., and Joyce Burnham Guzowski, Co-Executor of Malibar of FL., to Ronald J. Swaney, $560,000

02/02 125 Neck Road, Linda Marie Westervelt, Co-Trustee of the Virginia M. Peterson, Rev. Trust of  Old Lyme and Mariam Olivia Westervelt, Co-Trustee of the Virginia M. Peterson, Rev. Trust of Waterford, VA., to Elizabeth Wilkie, $515,000

02/02 5 Wyckford Lane, Elizabeth C. Chamberlain of Chester, Conn., to Linda M. Westervelt, $325,000

02/01 6 Wyckford Lane, Ingrid M. Saller of Wallingford, Conn., to Peter & Elizabeth Gallagher, $340,000

01/31 3 Duck River Lane, Shirley F. Howard Trustee of Essex, Conn., to Susan G. Foote, $520,000

01/31 61 Washington Ave., Patricia A. Knislis and Juris Knislis of Wethersfield, Conn., to Paul J. and Delores N. Giangrave of Newington, Conn., $320,000

01/19 10 Heflon Farm Road, Rebecca Peperni to Daniel E. and Cheryl A. Malone, $223,500

01/19  16 Binny Road, Margaret H. Gordon, Executrix, Estate of Philip N. Gordon of Philadelphia, Pa., to Andrew Tershak, $370,000

01/18   Nottingham Rd., John W. Biasucci of West Vancouver, British Columbia to Francesca Biasucci, $370,000

01/15 287 Mile Creek Rd., Rebecca Peperni of Old Lyme, Conn., to Cheryl A. & Daniel E. Malone, $223,500

01/11 20 Buttonball Rd., J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., of Mendota Heights, MN., to Andrew & Claudia Chonka of Hamden, Conn., $275,000

01/05  31 Old Colony Rd., Alyce Carella Signor of W. Hartford, Conn., to Gavino & Malgorzata Cartiera, $320,000

01/03  90 West End Dr., Richard T. Gagne Sr., and Joan P. Gagne of Farmington, Conn., to Scott & Patricia Hoffman, $690,000