August 19, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme: 2009

12/31 144 Four Mile River Road: Donald E. and Yvette F. Dobruck of Waterford, Conn., to Michael J. and Kimberly M. Russell of Old Lyme, $342,000
12/29 4 Hawthorne Road: Teresa Wellington-Ridley of Kansas City, Mo., to Laura and Nils Lofstad of Jamaica, Vt., $400,000
12/29 9 Victoria Lane: The Phillips Company, LLC, of Old Lyme to Nicholas Dirobbio and Francesca Nixon of Old Lyme, $260,000
12/23 19 Center Beach AvenueJohn P. DiNello of Milldale, Conn. to Victor Dinello of Ladylake, Fla., $320,000
12/21 23 Jericho Drive: Thomas M. and Joyce D. Kirchgasser of San Antonio, Tex., to Prudential Relocation, Inc., of Scottsdale, Ariz., $435,000
12/21 23 Jericho Drive: Prudential Relocation, Inc., of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Peter and Mary K. Bauchman of Old Lyme, $435,000
12/18 21 Brown’s Lane: Mary T. and Peter M. Bauchman of Old Lyme to Peter T. Hunt of Old Lyme, $315,000
12/18 11 Longacre Lane: Caryn Erickson of Old Lyme to Menelas and Kelly Pangalos of Old Lyme, $1,250,000
12/15 3 Squire Hill: Christopher B. and Rebecca Cramer Steiner of Lyme to Gary W. Davis and Barbara L. Turner of Old Lyme, $572,500
12/11 51 Jericho Drive: Alan Mautino of New York, N.Y., and Michele Mautino of Stuart, Fla., to Robert C. and Christine Paunessa of Ivoryton, Conn., $265,000
12/08 394 Shore Road: John Brasile of Guilford, Conn., to David L. and Lauren S. Graybill of Old Lyme, $375,000
12/07 25 Walnut Road: Sandra Putholm of Harpswell, Maine, to Deborah Quinlan of Brusnwick, Maine, $425,000
12/04 81 Halls Road: THM LLC of Mystic, Conn. ,to Robert Reardon of New London, Conn., $350,000
12/02 8-1 Riverdale Landing: Andres G. and Ines E. Digenio of Eden Prairie, Minn., to Stacy L. and Stephen J. Spooner (no town listed), $620,000
12/02 372 Shore Road: Nancy M. Sell of Adamstown, Md., to Barbara A. Woods of Old Lyme, $240,000
12/02 6 Saunders Hollow Road: Mark H. Kashtan of Westbrook, Conn., and Valerie Kashtan of Essex, Conn., to David Bocian of Lyme, $515,000.
12/02 9 Lake DrivePhyllis M. Bysiewicz of Middlefield, Conn., to Betsy P. Grant, Trustee of Guilford, Conn., $565,000
11/25 8 Oak Ridge Drive: Steven A. Wurst, Executor of the estate of Llewellyn E. Wurst of Brookfield, Conn., to Michael and Linda Fisher of East Haddam, Conn., $300,000
11/17  36-4 Pond Road: Kenneth C. Champagne, Jr. of Columbia, Conn., to Kenneth and Christine Pia of Guilford, Conn., $522,000
11/07 10 Coult Lane: Thomas J. Bohinc of Old Saybrook to Christopher P. Fusscas of Old Lyme, $503,500
11/05 44 Coult Lane: Arthur E. Hurst of Naples, Fla. to Suzanne K. McAuliffe of Barkhamstead, Conn., $600,000
11/02 37 Jericho Drive: Henry S. Putz, Jr. of Marietta, N.Y., to John M. Greene, (no town listed), $360,000
10/30 28 Ridgewood Road: Estate of David C. Murnane of Nevada City, Calif., to Harrison S. and Dana M. Phelps of Old Lyme, $475,000

10/29 29 Flat Rock Hill Road: Peter A and Dorrie Moore Manley of Sarasota, Fla., to Andrew W. Danko of Old Saybrook, $338,000

10/26 9 Ascot Ln. Peter K. Lamotte of Onset, Mass., to Kelly C. Enoch of Old Lyme, $404,500

10/26  41 Rowland Rd. Theodore E. Enoch Jr. of Old Lyme to Ian M. and Elizabeth P. McEvily of Old Lyme, $305,000

10/23 11 Apple Tree Ln. Dean S. Kapeinarus of Essex, Conn., to Duane A. Schroder and Kristi L. Heu of Old Lyme, $292,500

10/22 47-1 Flat Rock Hill Rd: Josie Jordan on Niantic to John T. Turick III and Jessica L. Turick of New London, $337,000

10/16 4 White Sand Beach Rd. Margaret Dooley pf Simsbury, Conn., to John Dooley of Newington, Conn., $160,000

10/16 14-1 Somerset Ln: David Barnard of Niantic, Conn., to Christopher P. and Erin W. Staab of Old Lyme, $405,000

10/16 24 Massachusetts Rd: Cynthia A. Anderson of Eugene, Ore. to Brian D., Gregg A., Kyle T. and Kevin J (all with last name) Hedstrom (no town listed) $134,000
10/01 35 Hillside Rd: Michael Joseph Krajewski and Donnelle Mary Krajewski of San Juan Capistrano , Calif., to Helen Flynn of Old Saybrook, $135,900
09/29 272/274 Shore Rd: Bayview Loan Servicing LLC of Coral Gables, Fla., to Ai Rong Gao and Jian Xin Liu of Essex, Conn. $200,000
09/25 3 Wood Ridge Hills Rd: Douglas E. and Susan O Stoehr of Warren, Vt., to Stephen R. and Kelly L. Buttrick $410,000
09/24 51 Flat Rock Hill Rd: Matthew J. Azzara of New York, N.Y., and Katarina Tarzyna of New York, N.Y. to Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz. $320,000
09/22 38 Mile Creek Rd: Estate of Sue Brooke-Smith aka Julia Sue Pyne of Old Lyme to David Prilipp of Old Lyme, $215,000
09/21 115 Hillcrest Rd: Charles C. Hall, trustee of Clifford N. Hall Trust and executor of estate of Erma W. Hall to Dominic T. Nardi of Manhasset, N.Y. $1,250,000
09/18 4 Robbins Ave: Ann Marie LeMacher of New Milford, Conn., and William H. Blackwedel of LeHigh Acres, Fla., to Raffaele M. Ferrera of Rocky Hill, Conn., $305,000
09/15 45 Sill Ln: Judith Rathbun Whitney of Old Lyme to Charles E. Brinley and Nicole Cadwalader, $685,000
09/15 100 Neck Rd: Richard W. Stout III and Christine M. Stout of Old Lyme to Joihn M. and Michele M. Horgan of Old Lyme, $362,500
09/15 19 Prospect St: Alan P. Mattia of Granby, Conn., and Carol A. Mattia-Slater of Middletown, Conn., to Kenneth C. Mattia of Old Lyme $250,000
09/10 2 Washington Ave. Andrew S. Constantinou of Bristol, Conn., to Angela and Concezio Pace (no town listed) $410,000
09/08 Alley # 3: Gino Giansircusa of Old Lyme to Alley LLC of Old Lyme, $7,500
08/28 43 Center Beach Ave: Signature Real Estate LLC of Old Saybrook to James L. and Laura D. Parent of Bristol, Conn., $352,500
08/27 46 Hill Crest Rd: Robert M. Julick of Manchester, Conn., to James E. Julick of Manchester, Conn. $158,302.75
08/18 307-1 Ferry Rd: Lester and Diane Reynolds of Chester to Jeremiah H. Quinn of Montville, Conn. $335,000
08/17 5 Victoria Ln: Rosanne Pipoli of Chester, Conn., to Kathryn Gionet of Salem, Conn. $265,000

8/14 122 Sill Lane: Twyla J. Lane of Loveland, Colo., to Robert E. and Brian P. Dean of Enfield, Conn., $400,000

8/12 12 Hillwood Road East: The Littleton B.P. Gould Revocable Trust Agreement of Essex, Conn. To Joseph J. Quaratella, Jr. and Martha L. Quaratella of Old Lyme, $615,100.

8/4 54 Boston Post Road: Michael S. Shirvis and Adam J. Peterson (no town listed) to Katherine Holmann of Old Lyme, $253,000.
7/31 20-2 Sill Lane: Yvonne O. Moore of Old Lyme to Eric W. Moore of Old Lyme, $340,000.
7/31 2 Myrica Way: Sandra J. Croak-Brossman of Old Lyme to Adam and Basma Tinniswood of Riverside, R.I., $445,000.
7/31 43-1 Saunders Hollow Road: HSBC Bank USA NA as Trustee of Houston, Tex., to Donna A. Scott of Old Lyme, $400,000.
7/29 37 Oakridge Drive: M. Patricia Walters of Waterford, Conn. To Laurel A. O’Brien of Old Lyme, $342,500.
7/27 12 Massachusetts Road: Theodore F. Macchi and Kathleen T. Macchi of Southington, Conn. To Judith A. Malley of Wethersfield, Conn., $395,000.
7/27 2 Deer Ridge: David Gella and Adria Gella of Old Lyme to Forman Geoffrey of Old Lyme, $385,000.

07/22 299 Boston Post Road: Household Realty Corporation of Pomona, Calif., to Michael S. and Amy B. Reyes of Old Lyme, $365,000

07/22 20 Sea Spray Road (1/2 interest): Joseph C. Ryan of Northampton, Mass., to Janet E. Ryan-Roman of Munson, Mass., $175,000
07/16 52 Connecticut Road: Lawrence F. Shackett of Old Lyme to Frederick W. Williams of Oakton, Va., $430,000
07/15 9 Whippoorwill Road: Myrna G. Comiskey of Niantic, Conn., to Alive C. Garvin of Old Lyme, $305,000
07/09 1 Cobblers Lane: Michael F. Magnus and Celia M. Magnus of Sparta, N.J., to Daniel P. and Susan L. Reed of Old Lyme, $400,000
07/07 133 Whippoorwill Road: Brian D. Ziolkovski of Old Lyme to Pamela Marsden of Lyme, $310,000
07/06 144 Boston Post Road: Trudy Fitz Gillette, Trustee, of New London to Andrew L. Montanaro III of Old Lyme, $250,000
07/06 5 Butterwick Lane: Mikel P. Moyer and Margaret Y. Chu-Moyer of Memphis, Tenn., to Harold R. Swope, Jr. of Old Lyme, $649,900
07/06 1 Longacre Lane: Susan Lagreca and Peter Bertinato (no town listed) to Kevin M. and Tracy B. McGlinchey of Old Lyme, $600,000
07/06 87-1 Sill Lane: Tarland T. Thayer III of Saratoga, Calif., to Julia Rathkey of Mountain Lakes, N.J., $1,215,000
07/01 132 Boston Post Road: Thomas Sessa and Birute Sessa of Old Lyme to David P. Cheesman of Clinton, Conn., $249,900
07/01 11 Laurel Drive: Estate of Sara Twigg Crawford of Stonington, Conn., to Keith H. Chapman (no town listed), $250,000
07/01 1 Vaccinium Way: Kevin M. and Tracy B. McGlinchey of Old Lyme to Rachel Edwards and Adam Lipman of Old Lyme, $425,000
06/23 6 Hawks Nest Road: Nadia Ruglio of Rocky Hill, Conn., to Salvatore Sardo, Jr. and Amy L. Sardo of Wethersfield, Conn., $81,000
06/19 46 Washington Avenue: Charles Joseph Gervase of Lebanon, Conn., to Sebastian Giliberto of Wethersfield, Conn., $375,000
06/18 28-3A Pond Road: Ellen V. Cimadon of Plainville, Conn., to Frank G. and Janet M. Maturo of Hamden, Conn., $500,000
06/17 9 Landing Road: Julie O. Sanderson of Essex, Conn., to David A. and Heather C. Harris of Westerly, R.I., $558,000
06/16 224 Whippoorwill Road: Janet Viator and Donna Witham of Old Lyme to James J., Jr., and Amy W. Johnston of Old Lyme, $223,750
06/15 81 Sill Lane: Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Anthony W. Cutler of Old Lyme, $323,500
06/10 8 Tamiami Trail: Zachary Turner of Waterford, Conn. And Shawna D. Turner of Oakdale, Conn., to Rebecca Nieves-Morello of Old Lyme, $285,000
05/29 88-1 Flat Rock Hill Road: SJE Development LLC of Old Saybrook to Daniel J. and Elizabeth A. O’Dea of East Hartford, Conn., $99,900
05/12 15 Swanswood Lane: Ellen K. Madere and John W. Butts, Committee, and John E. Madere and John W. Butts, Committee, of Colchester, Conn., to RBS Citizens National Association of New London, $354,406

06/03  14 Spruce Street: Steven B. and Patricia A. Sorenson (no town listed) to Richard J. and Chelsea A. Langley of Old Lyme, $274,000

05/29  4 Strawberry Lane: Countryside Home Loans of Richardson, Tex., to Carol and Jeffery Greene (no town listed), $338,000
05/29  88-1 Flat Rock Hill Road: SJE Development LLC of Old Saybrook to Daniel J. and Elizabeth A O’Dea of East Hartford, $99,900
05/28  1 Devitt Loop: Elaine Masone of Uncasville, Conn., co-trustee, and Lois Masone of Holmes Beach, Fla., co-trustee, to Elaine and Salvatore Masone of Uncasville Conn., $350,000
05/27  2 Butterwick Lane: Eric and Carrie Roskamp of Omaha, Neb., to Brian D. and Jennifer M. Zioklovski of Old Lyme, $500,000
05/26  18 Homestead Circle: Richard J. Langley of Old Lyme to Patricia A. Moody and Michael D. Cumming of Old Lyme, $249,000
05/22  5 Meetinghouse Lane: Nicole E. and Pierre E. Etienne, Trustees, of Old Lyme to Richard Montross of Killingworth, Conn., $800,000
05/20  26 Center Beach Avenue: Laureen G. Zelek of Lyme, Conn., to William E. Landon II and Yasmin Landon of New Haven, Conn., $272,000
05/18  50 Ridgewood Road: Barbara T. Fleming of Longmeadow, Mass., to Frank and Jacqueline Bombaci of South Lyme, $505,000
05/18  106 Four Mile River Road: Jeannette C. Speirs of Old Lyme to Miami Beach LLC of Stamford, Conn., $193,000
05/13  35 Breen Avenue: Ann F. Noyes of Stamford, Conn., to FISC LLC of Hartford Conn., $275,000
05/13  35 Breen Avenue: Paul French of Stamford, Conn., to FISC LLC of Hartford, Conn., $275,000
05/13  30 Breen Avenue: Thomas D. Sanders of Higganum, Conn., to Peter S. Zielinski and Lisa S. Zielinski of Trumbull, Conn., $425,000
05/07  216 Mile Creek Road: Kathy K Clark of Old Lyme to the 2000 Godfliesh Family Trust of Ledyard, Conn., $140,000
05/01  9 Victoria Lane: Bank of America NA as successor of Lansdale, Pa., to The Phillips Company LLC of Old Lyme, $214,900
05/01  Short Hills Road: Howard S. Tooker of Old Lyme to Short Hills Properties LLC of Middletown, Conn., $236,250
04/28  31 New Britain Road: Kenneth J. Buratti of Naples, Fla., to Joseph D. Millerick Jr. of Southington, Conn., $624,100
04/27  2 Lake Drive: Theodore R. Anderson of Brookfield, Mass., to John H. and Elizabeth M. Sahadi of Old Lyme, $250,000

04/24 70 Hill Crest Rd: JATD LLC of Deep River Conn., to Laura Kuhn of New York, N.Y., $380,000

04/15 7 Maywood Dr: Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Christopher J. and Maria Corrao Marchant, $500,000
04/17 20 Ferry Rd:  Harry J. and Florence W. Kerop of Old Lyme to Frank N. and Pamela Dyer Hamilton of North Haven, Conn., $590,000
04/13 6 Swanswood Ln:  Sirva Relocation LLC of Independence, Ohio, to Mohammed Diagna of Nashua, N.H., $460,000
04/13 6 Swanswood Ln:  John E. Burkhardt and Frances A.S. Clamo of Old Lyme to Sirva Relocation LLC of Independence, Ohio, $575,000
04/03 22 Billow Rd: Estate of Helene M. Leary of Windsor, Conn., to C & S. Holding Company LLC of Essex, Conn., $620,000
04/01 3 Brighton Rd: Alison S. and David R. Williams of Old Lyme to Jeannette C. Speirs of Old Lyme, $770,000
3/30 23 Columbus Ave: Michael P. and Janice A. Duggan of Stanford, Conn., to Louis P. Riccelli Jr. and Barbara D. Riccelli of Newington, Conn., $300,000
03/27 7 Maywood Dr: Thomas V. Hewitt and Louisa M. Hewitt of San Antonio, Tex., to Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., $570,000
03/13 5 Hawk’s Nest Rd:  Gertrude S. Cutler of Canaan, Conn., to Fernanda M. and Victor M. Barros of Newington, Conn., $194,000
03/13 14 Ferry Rd., Unit A-1:  Elizabeth L. Culver and Alexandra Adelstein of Middletown, Conn. to Thomas G. and Janet E. Bagg of Old Lyme, $405,000.
03/13 2 Center Beach Ave: Michael O. Eagan of West Hartford to Jeffrey Beadle of Deep River, Conn., $209,300.

03/10  98 Boston Post Rd: Gary M. Griskey of Old Lyme to Edward and Stephen Hackett of Old Lyme, $279,900

03/06  12 Otter Rock Rd: James Michael Boos of Old Lyme to Margaret Lynn Boos of Old Lyme, $5,000

03/05  6 Ferry Rd: Graham K.L. Jeffrey of Mystic to Beatrice J. Quinn and Michael Golay (no town listed), $619,000

03/03  23 Hartung Place: John S. Kapelewski and Genevieve Kapelewski of Jupiter, Fla., to Thomas Freund and Diane Mineck of West Hartford, Conn., $1,300,000

02/27  8 Hatchetts Hill Rd: Frank Bombaci of South Lyme to Kenneth J. Reid II of Old Saybrook, $482,000

02/13  43 Hill Crest Rd: Estate of Claire Z. Gerath to Frank E. and Mary A. Rinaldi of Somers, Conn., $275,000

02/09  64 Gorton Ave: Elizabeth H. Brodeur of Old Lyme to Brodeur Family LLC of Old Saybrook, $225,000

02/04  Halls Rd.  (aka Old Rd.): Connecticut Light & Power of Hartford, Conn. to Longshore Partners LLC of Old Saybrook, $10,000

01/30  7 Massachusetts Rd: Wayne W. Wallace and Sharyn M. Wallace of Union S.C. to Philip E. and Ronnie D. Levine of Jericho, N.Y. and Theodore K. and Stacey L. Kerley of Old Bethpage, N.Y., $525,000

01/29  306 & 310 Breen Ave: Robert A. Swaney and Terry A. Swaney of Old Lyme to Dmitri and Adel Tolchinsky of Old Lyme, $245,000

01/29  86 Grassy Hill Rd: Andrew T. Fohrkolb, Executor of the Estate of Andrew A. Fohrkolb of Mattatuck, N.Y., to Robert A. Beaudoin and Martha A. Beaudoin of Farmington, Conn., $532,500

01/13  98 & 99 West End Drive: Estate of Robert E. Knox of Annandale Va. to Katherine K. and David K. Moore of Annandale, Va., $425,000
1/9  227 Shore Road: Michael O. Egan of West Hartford, Conn. to Edward J. and Alice Marie Fitzgerald of Wethersfield, Conn., $217,500