September 25, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme: 2008

12-30 7 Old Post Road: JoAnn Hinman of Branford, Conn. to Joshy M. KulaPurathazhe and Priya Mattan of Yonkers, N.Y., $250,000
12-23 247 Mile Creek Road: Albert J. Stefanick to Josephine A. and Aja K. Filardi of Waterford, $235,000
12-23 33 Lyme Street: Victoria W. Barri of Old Lyme to Deutsch Bank Trust Co., N.A., et al. of Old Lyme, $510,000
12-19 27 Flagler [Ave.]: Estate of Zina Cultrera of Old Lyme to Garett F. Plona of Rocky Hill, Conn., $243,500
12-17 57 Hawks Nest Road: Estate of Kendall L. Dolge of Old Lyme to Ronald F. and Nancy G. Gatto of Old Lyme, $145,000
12-15 43 Whippoorwill Road: Skirig Development, Inc. of Milford, Conn. to Thomas A. and Helen M. Gustafson of Old Lyme, $800,000
12-11 14 Lieutenant River Lane: Jacqueline D. Ferreira of Old Lyme to Harcourt W. Davis, III and Michelle L. Davis of Old Saybrook, $800,000
12-4 43 Hatchett’s Hill Road: Diebolt & Diebolt Development, LLC of Old Lyme to SIGA Enterprise, LLC of Waterford, $1,550,000
11-7 3 Strawberry Lane: James M. & Jean Goldberg of Old Lyme to Robert H. & Patricia C. Whisker of Fort Valley, Va., $385,000

12-1 18 Haywagon Drive: Kevin A. & Helen L. Milton of Old Lyme to Ramzi and Grace Dagher of Rockville, Md., $665,000

12-1 14 Grassy Hill Road: Lacey E. Kent of Old Lyme to Joshua and Suzanne Ehrlich of Farmington, Conn., $299,000
11-25 No. 5 Center Beach Road: Biagio M. Iaia, Executor of the Estate of Paul P. Iaia, of Kensington, Conn. to Biagio M. Iaia of Kensington, Conn., $75,000
11-24 28 Mile Creek Road: Estate of Nadine G. DeWolf of Old Lyme to Trustees of the Johnnycake Hill Joint Trust of Old Lyme, $225,000
11-14 228-1 Mile Creek Road: Clarke Payne of Old Lyme to Maxwell Greenwood of Old Lyme, $323,250
11-12 7 Lantern Lane: Prudential Relocation, Inc. of Scottsdale Ariz. to James & Jean Goldberg of Old Lyme, $520,000
11-12 7 Lantern Lane: Greg C. G. Wei and Helen Yang of New York, N.Y. to Prudential Relocation, Inc. of Scottsdale Ariz., $520,000
11-10 7 Lyme Street, Unit 1C: James L. Lowrey, Jr. of Old Lyme to Carol Dee Miller of Agawam, Mass., $165,000
11-7 159-2 Boston Post Road: Dollard J. & Phyllis J. Cote of Old Lyme to Jeffrey P. Dunphy of Old Lyme, $215,000
11-5 18 Robbins Avenue: Elisabeth D. Zimmitti of New Britain, Conn. to Patrick and Cheryl A. Silvestro of New Britain, Conn., $300,000
10-31 Unit 2 Huntley Professional Buildings: BGP Developers, LLC of Old Lyme to InnoNET Properties, LLC of Old Saybrook, $1,200,000

10-30 35 Hawks Nest Road: Geraldine Campanella of Bristol, Conn. to Michael and Kristen Pinchera of Wethersfield, Conn., $250,000

10-29 112 Shore Road: Jamie F. Norton of Old Lyme to Stan J Denicola of North Haven, Conn., $225,000
10-24 33 Connecticut Avenue: John P. Ritson, Trustee of Simsbury, Conn. to Harry L. and Joan E. Ritson of Glastonbury, Conn., $33,000
10-28 14 Delta Avenue: Estate of Bruce E. Boushee of Quaker Hill to Sara Kielich of Old Lyme, 159,230
10-20 81 Connecticut Avenue: Robert E. and Elizabeth E. Cassidy of Old Lyme to Michael J. and Helen Francis of Monroe, Conn., $587,000
10- 20 24 Corsino Avenue: Sandra F. Guzzo of West Hartford, Conn. to Linda R. Guzzo of West Hartford, Conn., $151,000
10-20 22 Meetinghouse Lane: James F. McMahon of Essex to Charles D. and Carolyn C. Cook of Old Lyme, $740,000
10-19 3-1 Meetinghouse Lane: Charles D. and Carolyn C. Cook of Old Lyme to Johnnycake Hill LLC, of Old Lyme, $817, 500
10-16 62 Grassy Hill Road: Constantino Enterprises, LLC of Killingworth, Conn. to John B. Lawton, no town listed, $50,000
10-15 116 Town Woods Road: John A. and Barbara A. Zabilansky of Old Lyme to Joshua and Winifred Edmed of New London, $5,000
10-9 14 Oakridge Drive: Lisa J. Majger of Mount Pleasant, S.C. to Paul and Christina Calabro of Middlefield, Conn., $182,500
10-9 14 Oakridge Drive: Lisa J. Majger of Mount Pleasant, S.C. to Nicole C. Calabro of New York , N.Y., $182,500
10-6 1 Bill Hill Road: Zito Builders, Inc. of Old Saybrook to Diane C. Blackwell and Kim A. Hale of Lyme, $495,246
10-6 52 Sea View Road: William F. Dougherty of Madison, Conn. to Gregory E. and Linda S. McKenna of Farmington, Conn., $754,900
10-1 225 Mile Creek Road: Richard P. Rorick, Jr. of Simsbury, Conn. and Gretchen R. Cervantes of Vienna, Virg. to Caroline M. McCord of Port Washington, N.Y., $319,000
10-1 180 Boston Post Road: Muriel K. Clough of Essex to 180 BPR, LLC of Old Saybrook, $137,500
10-1 180 Boston Post Road: Muriel K. Clough, Trustee of Alison C. Clough, Jr. Trust of Essex to 180 BPR, LLC of Old Saybrook, $137,500

9-26 9 Olivia Lane: Paul D. and Caroline Eleftheriou of Southington, Conn. to Mary Ann Horn of East Hartford, $515,000

9-17 145 Ferry Road, Unit F2: Helen H. Fletcher Trust by Jefferson B. Davis, Trustee of Pomfret Center, Conn. to Eleanor B. Rickel, Trustee of the Rickel Family Trust (no town listed), $400,000
9-17 6 Whippletree Lane: Prudential Relocation, Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Alain and Susan Darmon of Old Lyme, $630,000
9-17 6 Whippletree Lane: Harry R. Smith and Christy A. Fleurat of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Prudential Relocation, Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., $630,000
9-16 54 West End Drive: Garvin Family Corp., Inc. of Old Lyme to Andrea A. and John D. Pagni of Wethersfield, Conn., $680,000
9-16 24 Jericho Drive: Bess G. Small of Rocky Hill, Conn. to Judy E. Donato of Old Lyme, $385,000
9-15 29 Pin Oak Trail: George C. King, Jr. of Old Lyme to Elliott and Susan Rose (no town listed), $630,000
9-15 15 Miami Avenue: Clara Stevens of Middlebury, Conn. to Salvatore M. and Cory Ann Pizzino of Fairfield, Conn., $327,000
9-12 106 Sill Lane: The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. of Dallas, Tex. to Camomik Hixon of Old Lyme, $209,000
9-3 20.9475% interest in 40 Hatchett’s Hill Road: Diane E. Terry of Sudbury Mass. to Benjamin C. Terry of West Hartford, Conn., $200,000
8-28 24-31 Boughton Road: Richard Rothstein of Norwich, Conn. to Asif J. Choudry of Pawcatuck, Conn., $250,000
8-28 59-3 Rowland Road: Jason C. and Christine E. Zelek of Old Lyme to Kenneth N. Emerson and Patricia A. Florin of Old Lyme, $340,000
8-25 14 Maywood Drive: Homesales, Inc. of Columbus, Oh. to John N. and Elizabeth M. Occhionero of Niantic, $583,995
8-22 1 Laurel Drive: Franklin Kneedler of Topsfield, Mass. to Lester Kalish of Warwick, R.I. $297,900
8-21 303 Ferry Road: GMAC Global Relocation of Woodridge, Ill. to Christopher N. Elliott and Paula Neidert Elliott of New York N.Y. $905,000
8-21 303 Ferry Road: John R. Rudolph and Brenda J. Stewart-Rudolph of Toronto, Ont., Canada to GMAC Global Relocation of Woodridge, Ill. $962,500
8-20 5 Fox Chase: Robert E. Smith, Trustee and Dorothy G. Smith, Trustee of Salem to Drew G. and Sandra N. King of Marshfield, Mass., $395,000
8-20 57-1 Saunders Hollow Road: Estate of Abigail Lynch c/o William Oberlin of West Bloomfield, Mich. To Steven M. Glass of Lyme, $500,000
8-18 Lot #7 Wood Crest Estates: Kenwood, LLC of Guilford, Conn. to Joseph J. and Denise Wollack of Old Saybrook, $190,000
8-15 9-1 Talcott Farm Road: David R. Schrage of New London to Mark S. and Roberta C. Velez of Old Lyme, $840,000
8-13 3 Knutson Road: Paul A. D’Amato of Old Lyme to Anita Welles of Barefoot Bay, Fla. $230,000

08-12 55-1 Saunders Hollow Rd: Neil H. Blinderman of Old Lyme to Robert S. Wallisa and Jonnie M. Marks of Washington, D.C. $1,450,000

08-11 10 Olivia Ln: Jorge Marzari and Estelle Nicola (no town listed) to Wendell and Melissa Hart of Old Lyme, $464,450

08-07 308 Ferry Rd: Leo W. Pierce (Trustee) and Eva Bullitt Pierce (Trustee) to Wayne and Raquel Whipple of Old Lyme, $418,000

08-05 102 Sill Ln: Jerome M. and Jean T. Edwards of Santa Fe, N.M., to William A. DeJonge of Essex $1,130,500

08-04 4 Ridgewood Rd: Mary S. Lennon of South Lyme to MaryAnn and Lyn L. Menard of Chicopee, Mass. $375,000


07-31 10 West End Dr: HPE LLC of Old Lyme to Melissa Riccio Santos of Middlebury, Conn., $799,000


07-28 8 Queen Anne Court: Tong Guo and Chen Xi of Madison to Carl G. and Mary C. Roth, $441,500


07-24 61 Brightwater Rd: Owen F. Eagan of West Hartford to Mary Eagan of Torrington, Conn., $590,000


07-18 55 Coult Lane: Prudential Relocation of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Joan M. Lauler of Old Lyme, $460,000


07-11 5-1 Apple Tree Dr: Thomas J. Douglas Jr., of Old Lyme to Norihiko and Terumi Oharu of Groton, $298,000


07-10 5 Swanswood Ln: Prudential Relocation, Inc., of Scottsdale , Ariz., to Chris Young of Old Lyme, $567,500


07-10 5 Swanswood Ln: Hakan and Karin Sakul of Old Lyme to Prudential Relocation, Inc. of Scottsdale , Ariz., $567,500


07-07 22 Sea View Rd: Virginia C. Bouvier (Trustee) of South Lyme to Stephen and Kathryn Mortimer of Needham, Mass., $550,000


07-03 25 Old Shore Rd: Patricia W. Marinone of Old Lyme to Susan M Salzillo of Old Lyme, $235,200


07-01 23-24 West End Ave: Pamela H. Amidon of Boston, Mass., to Samuel H. Havens of Barrington, R.I., $235,000


07-01 48 Saltaire Drive: Donald P. and Lucinda G. Mullane of Old Lyme to (details on schedule attached to record in OL Town Clerk’s office), $850,000


06-27 81 Whippoorwill Rd: Daniel P. and Amy Carlin of Old Saybrook to Cynthia K. and Neil Mann ofSugarLand, Tx. $ 650,000


06-27 2 Cord Grass Ln: Christopher J. Young and Sunalee Young of Old Lyme to Dave and Parmelia Parker of Old Lyme, $ 668,500


06-20 5 Vaccinium Way: William G. and Deborah W. Berghoff of Old Lyme to Paul C. and Christine L. Field of Old Lyme, $545,000


06-19 11 Delta Ave: Wade L. Chartier of Old Lyme to Claudio D. and Liliana N. DeNoya of Old Lyme, $235,000


06-17 16-2 Short Hills Rd: George King II of Old Lyme to Short Hills Properties LLC of Old Lyme, $139,500


06-17 23 Mile Creek Rd: Estate of Arlene G. Gilligan of Vancouver, B.C. , Canada , to Mark B. Beatty  and Elaine C. Beatty of Old Lyme, $279,900


06-16 2 Pyrus Court: William Bernardino of Killingworth to Carine Baistany and Fady Bari of Middletown, Conn.  $498,000


06-06 41 Boston Post Rd: Nicholas A. Saraceno Jr., of Old Saybrook to Donna Genter of East Haven, Conn. $307,500


06-05 6 Lone Pine Trl: Derek W Cummings of Durham, Conn., to Deborah J. Savoca of  Madison, $30,000


06-05 95 Rogers Lake Trl: Jeffrey W. Cummings of East Hartford to Deborah J. Savoca of Madison, $160,000


06-02 46 Coult Ln: John M. Meyer of Niantic to Richard Mastrianna of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. $410,000


05-30 3 Marion Rd: Katherine M. Mortali of Mystic to Mark E. Bauer and Katherine A. Woods of Ivoryton, Conn. $327,500


05-29 31 Centerbeach Ave: Sandra G. Sandrello of Hartford to Paul S. and Linda C. Angelico of Berlin, $358,500


05-28 23 Whippoorwill Rd: Christine L. Field of Old Lyme to Vickie L. Silvia of Old Lyme, $350,000


05-23 11 Kinner Rd: Joan P. Weeks of Old Lyme to Frank J. Cummiskey III of NewYork, N.Y. $1,000,000


05-23 31 Grandview Ave: Vickie L. Silvia of Old Lyme to Chris and Jill Buydos of Old Lyme, $279,000

05-09 23 Boston Post Road: Amanda M. Westfall of Brooklyn, Conn., to Cindy L. McGrath of Mystic, Conn., $290,000

05-05 23 Sargent Road: Michael W. Feinman of Westbrook to Nicola G. and Peter N. Formica, no town listed, $425,000

05-01 42 Old Colony Road: Old Colony Exchange, LLC, of Old Lyme to Monte R. McFall and Deborah Sprague of Glastonbury, Conn., $290,000
04-30 248 Mile Creek Road: Frank J. Cummiskey III  and Susan W. Cummiskey of New York, N.Y., to Carl J. and Christine E. Inglebrink of South Londonderry , Vt., $642,000
04-29 81 Sill Lane: Samuel Williams of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., $480,000
04-16 19 Billow Road: Estate of Margaret V. White of Southington, Conn., to Kathleen Stickley of Wethersfield, Conn., $400,000
04-08 47 Flat Rock Hill Road: Charles E. Eckert of Ivoryton, Conn., to David R. and Kristin A. Cairns of Westerly, R.I., $443,000
04-08 26 Walnut Road: Earl P. London of Old Lyme to Bird’s Haven LLC of Kensington, Conn., $172,336.75
04-07 14 and 18 Kimmick Road: Donald E. Lougee of Old Lyme to Robert L. Day Co., Inc. of Old Saybrook, $25,000, unimproved land
04-05 #3 88-2 Swan Avenue: Gary G. Gnazzo of Old Lyme to James and Stephanie Livesy of Old Lyme, $290,000
04-04 37 Sea Spray: Michael and Catherine E. Petrillo of Oakdale, Conn., to Christopher J. Shelton of New York, N.Y., $690,000
04-03 76-1 Hartford Avenue: Lisa Gross-Arnold of East Granby, Conn., to Lana Solodovnik of Old Lyme, $195,000

04-01  50 Grassy Hill Road: Robert L. and Joane Ringering of Old Lyme to Jonathan Winikur and Beth A. Faud of Haddam, $570,000

03-28 11 Center Beach Avenue: James J. Ferraro of East Chester. N.Y., to Nancy M. O’Brien, no town listed, $322,500

03-26  43 Center Beach Avenue: Charles Robert Breckenridge, no town listed, to Signature Real Estate of Old Saybrook, $250,000

03-25  11 Pickerel Cove Trail: Robert J. Stannard, Jr. of Ivoryton to Gail Fox, no town listed, $85,000
03-24  40 Sill Lane: Estate of Jessie C. Roberts of Hampden, Me., to Lesley A. & James R. Tyler of Hadlyme, $302,500
03-11  152 Boston Post Road: Gregg Thomas Landry of Old Lyme to Kevin A. and Cheryl A. Shirley of Newington, Conn., $270,000
03-05  9 Corsino Avenue: Robert M. Murning of Manchester, Conn., and Douglas Alan Murning of Newington, Conn., to Michael A. Girard and Charity P. Folk of Simsbury, Conn., $300,000
03-04  58 Center Beach Avenue: Robert Romeo of Phoenix, Ariz., and Anthony Romeo of Kensington, Conn., to Bryan P. & Carrie L. King of Burlington, Conn., $259,000
03-03  2 White Sands Road: Francis J. Pacocha of Cedar Park, Tex., and Richard R. Pacocha of Rocky Hill, Conn., to Richard R. Pacocha of Rocky Hill, Conn., $183,000
02-27  24 Grandview Avenue: Robert L. Day Co., Inc. of Old Saybrook to Gary S. Cooper and Catherine M. Weber of Colchester, Conn., $408,433
02-04 4 Stoneywood Drive: Robert F. and Annie D. McHugh of Madison to David A. Noe of Farmington, $519,000.
01-31 8 Strawberry Lane: Steven M. Porter of Old Lyme and Michelle L. Porter of Essex to James S. and Bethany F. Haslam of Rocky Hill, $330,000
01-30 12 Gorton Avenue/9 Brookside Avenue: Adelle M. Bedrossian of Springfield, Mass. and Victoria Parsons of Old Lyme to Philip F. Kendall of Old Lyme, $300,000.

01-17  4 Mansewood Rd: Marian H. Burr of Chester, Conn., to Good Hope Properties LLC, of East Lyme, $120, 000

01-11  4 Berberis Drive: Fred and Susan Catalayud of Avon, Conn., to Bo & Cai-Mei Huang of Old Lyme, $606, 250

01-11  6 Bayberry Ridge: Donna J, Gonzalez of San Diego, Calif., to Damon R. and Leslie S. Sloan (no town listed), $355,000