August 19, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme: 2005

12-30-05  47 Grassy Hill Road:  Michael D. Ardvini of Old Saybrook to Shannon A. Crespo of Old Lyme, $270,000

12-30-05  36 Grassy Hill Road:  Michael D. Ardvini of Old Saybrook to Lawrence J. and Denise R. Lee, no town listed, unimproved land, $25,000

12-30-05  4 Gamma Avenue:  Patricia S. Barnes of Christiansted, V.I. to Jody J. and David B. Nelson of Old Lyme, $273,000

12-30-05  304 Canty Lane:  Colleen Palma of Avon to William P. and Elizabeth H. Dunn of Wethersfield, $395,000

12-22-05  14 Sea View Road (1/2 interest):  Peter King of Farmington to Betty-Rae King and Roger W. Wade, Trustees of the Donald A. King Irrevocable Trust of Avon, $500,000

12-21-05  Lot E Westerly Portion Point O’ Woods:  Robert E. DeRoehn of East Hartford to Robert E. Jr. and Kathleen DeRoehn of Wethersfield, $35,000

12-21-05  13 Caulkins Drive:  Kathleen A. Leverone of Niantic to Michael T. Simone and Lisa Steele of Niantic, unimproved land, $10,000

12-21-05  15 Caulkins Drive:  Lucien C. Mrowka of Colchester to Michael T. Simone and Lisa Steele of Niantic, unimproved land, $12,000

12-16-05  23 Boston Post Road:  Conrad J. Kronholen Jr. of Old Lyme to Amanda M. Westfall of Old Lyme, $305,000

12-15-05  71 Breen Avenue:  Estate of Lillian Perugini of Newington to Daniel J. Quinn of Colchester, $1,200,000

12-15-05  5 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates LLC of Waterford to Ann Cooney and Gary R. Agasi of Old Lyme, $465,000

12-15-05  118-1 Whippoorwill Road:  Nicholas S. Miano of Weeki Wachee, Fla. to Ronald I. Iverson and Jolene Bates of Old Saybrook, $332,000

12-14-05  59-2 Rowland Road:  John F. Fitzgerald III of Old Lyme to Alfred Maher and Laura Maher of New York City, N.Y., $295,000

12-10-05  27-1 Saunders Hollow Road:  Dale M. Warner of Palm Coast, Fla. to John L. and Catherine M. Locke (no town listed), $672,500

12-09-05  22 Sunset Drive:  Peter R. Knutson, Trustee of Knutson Family Trust of Preston, to RJA Construction LLC of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $332,000

12-09-05  39 Connecticut Road:  Lois Marzi of East Berlin to Robert and Carol Bartlett of Fairfield, $462,000

12-08-05  47 Lyme Street:  Keith E. Czarnecki of Durham to Martin P. Kearns of Glastonbury andWilliam A. and Jane E. Bachman (no town listed), $862,500

12-08-05  145 Neck Road:  Evelyn R. Smith Trust of Old Lyme to Albert B. Enman and Jennie L. Evankow of Old Lyme, $370,600

12-04-05  1 Dory Landing:  Frederik DeGrooth of Old Lyme to Franca l. DeRosa of West Hartford, $535,000

12-02-05  30 Browns Lane:  Mark A. Machnik of Old Lyme to Bruce J. Mosca of East Haddam, $300,000

12-01-05  151 Mile Creek Road:  Marian Ruth Muller of Cheshire to David Muller of Old Lyme, $200,000

11-30-05  10 Kimmick Road:  Sarah K. Rahn of East Haddam to Beverly M. Frederick of Keaau, Hi., $242,000

11-29-05  30 Oakridge Road:  Norma F, Carmody of Silver Spring, Md. to Stephen Joseph and Sara J. Williams of Old Lyme, $390,000

11-22-05  15 Cedar Avenue:  David McNary of Lyme to Gerald Ekkot of Old Lyme, $290,000

11-22-05  1 Gamma Avenue:  Adriane L. Walzer of Old Lyme to Guy G. Fucci of Old Saybrook, $326,000

11-21-05  43 Buttonball Road:  Carolyn Wakeman of Kensington to The Black Hall Club Inc. of Old Lyme, $500,000

11-20-05  30 White Oak Trail:  Gerald W. Elliot of Old Lyme to Kevin M. Kelly of Killingworht, $255,000

11-18-05  17 Coult Lane:  Andrew George Lee of Old Lyme to Gabriel N. and Michele M. Geist of Old Lyme, $410,000

11-18-05  39 Breen Avenue:  Daniel T. DaMotta of Middletown to Ronald C. and Frances I. Brown of Middletown, unimproved land, $200,000

11-05-05  12 Wood Ridge Hills Road:  Joel A. Schecter of New York City, N.Y. to James A. Morgan and Michele L. Han of Redondo Beach, Calif., $349,000

11-14-05  94 Hill Crest Road:  Barbara A. Fiscus Revocable Trust of Niantic to Dean E. Fiscus and Susan Fiscus of Lyme, $550,000

11-10-05  9 Someset Lane:  John M. Arruda of Old Lyme to Christian M. and Sarah F. Celic of Norwalk, $650,000

11-10-05  51 Rogers Lake Trail: Jessie F. Smith of Old Lyme to David Bikerman of Old Lyme, $185,000

11-10-05  49 Jericho Drive:  William J. Dillon of Waterford to Dominick M., Carmenza, and Angela Melillo of Stamford, $395,000

11-05-05  6 Pin Oak Trail:   Theo Rioux of Stuart, Fla. to Robert K. Jones and Janet L. Ostriker-Jones (no town listed), $310,000

11-03-05  4 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates LLC of Waterford to Catherine E. and Robert J. Castonguay of Old Lyme, $465,000

11-02-05  12 Billow Road:  Frank C. Adams Jr. of Wallingford to Deborah J., James E. Jr, and Lina M. O’Brien of Wethersfield, $575,000

11-02-05  9 Stonewood Drive:  Allen C. Bardwell Jr of New Bern, N.C. to David J. and Mary-Beth Smith of Old Lyme, $555,000

11-01-05  19 Old Post Road:  Craig Deregon of Niantic to Sheryl A. Milardo of Deep River, $225,000

10-17-05  41 Gorton Avenue:  Angelo Fazio of Berlin to Neal and Susan Silfon-Katz (no town listed), $440,000

11-01-05  137 Mile Creek Road:  Melinda S. Hill of Essex to Eric W. Jensen of Deep River, $345,000

10-31-05  225 Boston Post Road:  William H. Ogle of Old Lyme to Maureen Haseley-Jones of Old Lyme, $312,000

10-28-05  22 Browns Lane:  Roderick C. MacNeil III of Old Lyme to Brandon M. and Katharine B. Robbins of Old Lyme, $200,000

10-27-05  4 Huntley Road:  Essex Savings Bank of Essex to 4 Huntley Road LLC of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $3500

10-26-05  24 New Britain Road:  Teresa P. Kegley of East Hartford to Jennifer P. Murphy of New Canaan, $463,600

10-26-05  83 Shore Drive:  Harold L. Hunter of Old Lyme to Michael C. Brady of Madison, $550,000

10-26-05  80 Shore Drive:  Harold L. Hunter of Old Lyme to Michael C. Brady of Madison, $90,000

10-25-05  63 Sea View Road:  Kathleen J. McCarthy, Trustee of East Hartford to Shoreline Cottages LLC, $602,000

10-25-05  73 Flat Rock Hill Road:  David J. Martinez of Winter Haven, Fla. to Christopher D. Steiger and Nancy E. Godwin, $385,000

10-21-05  4-1 Lantern Lane:  Christopher W. Warner of Wake Forest, N.C. to John and Jane Bysko of Old Lyme, $850,000

10-20-05  4 Huntley Road:  Essex Savings Bank of Essex to 4 Huntley Road LLC of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $3500

10-19-05  23 Center Beach Avenue:  Linda Caruso of Rocky Hill to Joseph A. Dagata of New Britain, $350,000

10-17-05  18-2 Short Hills Road:  Estate of Norris Joseph, Jr. of Hadlyme to Short Hills Properties of Middletown, unimproved land, $15,000

10-17-05  43 Swan Avenue:  Michael T. Fowler (no town listed) to Stephen F. and Donna L. Kosiorowski of Shelton, $250,000

10-14-05  25 Flat Rock Hill Road:  Jill M. Winslow of Keene, N.H. to James W. and Lara M. Stack of Old Lyme, $355,000

10-14-05  19-1 Lyme Street Unit A-1:  Elizabeth Craven of Lake Placid, N.Y. to Philip A. Schonberger of Old Lyme, $434,000

10-14-05  8 Laurel Drive:  Harold C. Parisen of St. Mary’s, Ga. to Harry R. Best and Candace O’Brien of Old Lyme, $375,000

10-14-05  9-1 Wolcott Lane:  Linda L. Marian (town not legible) to Andrew and Jean Lee of Old Lyme, $850,000

10-13-05  46 White Sands Beach Road:  Estate of Arthur Bermani of Manchester to Phillip A. and Victoria K. Ma of Glastonbury, $190,000

10-13-05  46 White Sands Beach Road:  Estate of Arthur Bermani of Manchester to Jeffrey Ma and Tanya Jankot of Redwood City, Calif., $190,000

9-29-05  84 Rogers Lake Trail:  Elizabeth J. Jewell of Sidney, N.Y. to Lynn B. Woodside (no town listed), $239,000

10-14-05  80 Rogers Lake Trail:  James W. Stack of Old Lyme to Marilyn Rubitski of Lyme, $290,000

10-14-05  1 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farms Estates LLC of Waterford to Richard and Susan Breitwieser of Old  Lyme, $537,900

10-10-05  64 Rowland Road:  Thomas L. Lomas of Lyme to Arthur and Donna Truckenbrodt of Orient Point, N.Y.,  $525,000

10-7-05  79 Rowland Road:  Ann E. Bowie of Canterbury to Francis W. Alger of New London, $370,000

10-7-05  26 Whippoorwill Road:  Jacqueline M. Farrell of Old Lyme to Jan T. and Robert J. Sevier of Old Lyme, $215,000

10-6-05  14 Ferry Road Unit E-2:  Estate of Niles Woodbridge Bond of Salt Lake City, Utah to Emily G. Fowler of Katonah, N.Y., $406,000

10-4-05  3 Seaspray Road:  Gertrude Kwasmewski of Old Lyme to Paul Kwasmewski of Old Saybrook, $210,000

10-4-05  21 Lone Pine Trail:  Michael D. Dussere of Canyon Lake, Tx. to Darleen Fresia of Old Lyme, $250,000

10-4-05  5 Laurel Drive:  Samuel M. Comstock of Old Lyme to Howard M. Potter Jr. of Old Lyme, $295,000

10-3-05  1 Biscayne Blvd.:  Edward Dalewski of East Hartford to Nichola Palazzo Jr. of Niantic, unimproved land, $102,000

10-3-05  33 Seaspray Road:  Elizabeth B. Maerz Trust (no town listed) to John L. and Mary S. Lawson (no town listed), $425,000

9-30-05  53/38 Grassy Hill Road:  Elizabeth Conte of Fairfield to Donna Conte of New York, N.Y., $152,500

9-30-05  5 Westwood Road:  Joel R. Lucas of Old Lyme to Andrew and Faith Carrott of Terryville, $359,000

9-29-05  100 Shore Road:  Steven J. Carpenteri of Niantic to Clean Slate LLC of Cumberland, R.I., non-residential, $400,000

9-29-05  30 Lone Pine Trail:  Gary K. Byington of Unionville to Damian J. and Noreen M. Ranelli of Westbrook, $126,150

9-29-05  84 Rogers Lake Trail:  Elizabeth J. Jewell of Sidney, N.Y. to Lynn B. Woodside (no town listed), $239,000

9-27-05  44 Brightwater Road:  Jerry J. Grady of Old Lyme to Deborah L. Barrett of Bolton, $575,000

9-23-05  47 Coult Lane:  Eleanor W. Meyer of Old Lyme to Kurt A. Kleefeld and Tiffany J. Simpson of Old Lyme, $625,000

9-22-05  72 Lyme Street:  Sunset Properties LLC of Old Lyme to Russell D. Blackledge of Old Lyme, $350,000

9-21-05  17 Wildwood Drive:  Salvatore V. Iancono of Old Lyme to Maryann and Thomas E. O’Connell of Deep River, $387,000

9-21-05  4 Mill Lane:  Sharon T. Griffis of New London to Brian Urbowicz (no town listed), $180,000

9-14-05  28 Liberty Street:  Joseph V. Amato of Wethersfield to Glenn f. Rowland (no town listed), $325,000

9-6-05  1 Littlefield Lane:  Anthony J. Loiacano of Centreville, Md. to Michael and Dorothy M. Iardo (no town listed), $550,000

9-9-05  9 Lady Slipper Lane:  Stanley F. Powers of Colchester to David and Linda Mesham of Beacon Falls, $410,000

9-9-05  270, 272, 274 Shore Road:  Glen J. Rogers of Piedmont, S.C. to Sharp Property Group LLC of East Lyme, $450,000

9-7-05  14 Ferry Road Unit C-1:  Joseph Bonsignore of Centreville, Md. to Michael and Dorothy Milardo (no town listed) $550,000

8-31-05  21 Hawks Nest Road:  Mary Ann Chipman of Gerryville to John G. and Domenic A. Chiarella of Prospect, $360,000

8-31-05  234 W. Whippoorwill:  Glenn Handler of New London to Robert and Barbara Bair of Rowayton, $440,000

8-31-05  1 Huntley Road:  Fs of Old Lyme LLC of Woodbridge to William Buscetto of Stonington, unimproved land, $180,000

8-24-05  2 Salt Kettle Lane:  Moriarty Properties LLC of Old Lyme to John and Maura Almy of Middletown, $395,000

8-17-05  13 Gorton Avenue:  Jerome E. Libbin of Miami Beach, Fla. to Harvey and Ellen May Schiller of Newington, $330,000

8-16-05  37 Old Shore Road:  Kaye Lynn S. Fote, Trustee of Englewood, Co. to Mary DiCosmo of New Canaan, $355,000

8-16-05  7 Flat Rock Hill Road:  Kostas Anastasiou of Old Lyme to Suzanne B. Von Steiger of Middletown, $451,000

8-12-05  9 Sea  Lane:  Michael and Nan Piccirillo of Bridgeport to Joseph A. Sullo of Wethersfield, $1,100,000

8-10-05  21 Flat Rock Hill Road:  Dawn A. Root to Jeremy R. and Roxanne L. Sylvester, $275,000

8-1-05  6 Butterwick Lane:  Rosaline K. Levine of Old Lyme to Todd S. and Kimberly Q. Mingo of Wales, Wis., $790,000

8-1-05  3-2 Bill Hill Road:  Thomas Booth of New York City, N.Y. to Christian K. Dahl of New London, $775,000

7-29-05  6 Breen Avenue:  Allen  Schatz of Granby to Stephen C. and Tammy M. Judson of Wethersfield, $240,000

7-28-05  3 Blackwell Lane:  Brett P. Chamberlain of Niantic to 3 Blackwell Lane LLC of Old Lyme, $245,000

7-28-05  11 Portland Avenue:  Jerzy Pluszynski of Old Lyme to James and LeeAnne Jake of Providence, R.I., $300,000

7-28-05  82-1 Boston Post Road:  B & D General Contracting LLC of Old Saybrook to Susan Havrilla of Oakdale, $410,000

7-28-05  38 Swan Avenue:  Jerome L. Weiner of Longmeadow, Mass. to Catherine Del Buono of Brooklyn, N.Y. $205,000

7-28-05  103 Boston Post Road:  Suzanne G. Beatty of Lyme to John D. Guenther and Anne Marie Connors of Old Saybrook, $570,000

7-27-05  26 Kelsey Avenue:  Donald Kusterer, Trust and Grace Abbott, Trustee of Woodbridge to Robert C. Chapman of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $5,000

7-27-05  55 Coult Lane:  Mary B. MacDonald of Old Lyme to Barbara A. Lambert of Harrison, N.Y., $550,000

7-26-05  51 Connecticut Road:  Susan D. Young of Rocky Hill to Nancy Young and Michael Soobitsky (no town listed), unimproved land, $220,000

7-26-05  8 Hefflon Farm Road:  Eric William Jensen of Deep River to Edward D. and Joleene D. Fiske  of Shoreham, N.Y., $234,000

7-25-05  8 Hefflon Farm Road:  Diane K. Jensen of Old Saybrook to Edward D. and Joleene D. Fiske of Shoreham, N.Y., $225,000

7-25-05  17-1 Avenue A:  Warner R. Smith of Ivoryton to Steven M. Luster and Mary Luster (no town listed), $750,000

7-21-05  83 Whippoorwill Road:  Harry R. Best of Bonita Springs, Fla. to Jason R. Beebe of Essex, $618,000

7-19-05  42-1 Lyme Street:  Roberto Mejias of Lyme to Anna A. Lukacs of Osterville, Mass., $250,000

7-17-05  10 Beckwith Lane:  David C. Jewett to Ann Marie Jewett, $48,500

7-11-05  122 Grassy Hill Road:  Kenneth M. Avery (no town listed) to Mark and Mary P. Nodden of Old Lyme, $5500

7-22-05  154 Boston Post Road:  Raymond J. Currier of East Haddam to David C. Jewett of Old Lyme, $268,000

7-20-05  Lot 1 – 43 Whippoorwill Road:  Steven P. Ames of Old Lyme to Skirig Development Inc. of Groton, $285,000

7-19-05  7 Tisbury Road:  Shawn M. Maguire of Old Lyme to Linda Giard of Sebastian, Fla., $369,200

7-15-05  29 McCurdy Road:  William F. Carlson, Trustee of Essex to Phillip R. and Karen Smith of Simsbury, $500,000

7-15-05  10 Billow Road:  Estate of Maureen A. Dennehy of Plainville to James C. and Cathleen M. Moynihan of N. Attleboro, Mass., $465,000

7-14-05  35 Boughton Road:  Lori Ann Stedman of Old Lyme to Sandra Auerbach and Carol Ann Lebon, $450,000

7-12-05  12-1 Bank Road:  Hatlasith Phomindr of Old Lyme to Francis C. and Mary Ann Romano, $625,000

7-12-05  14-1 Bailey Road:  Deborah A. Gagliardi of Lyme to Joseph E. Marafito and Kathryn E. duPree, $100,000

7-6-05  11-1 Appletree Drive:  Jian Jiao of East Hampton to Dean S. and Melissa Miers Kapernos, $320,000

7-5-05  73 Lyme Street:  Gerald P. Migliaccio of Madison to Marya W. Holcome, Trustee of Branford, $785,000

7-1-05  Lot 1 Whippletree Lane:  Penelope L. Risley of Miramar Beach, Fla. to Peter P. and Judith A. Buckley of Old Lyme, $199,000

6-30-05  96-1 Sill Lane:  Charles H. Turnbull of Old Lyme to Robert Tierney and Carol Wakeman of Kensington, Calif., $779,000

6-30-05  7 Lincoln Road:  John J. Francolini of Rocky Hill to Gary J. and Barbara F. Fox of Wolcott, $255,000

6-30-05  54 Boston Post Road:  Lawrence Solsaa of South Strafford, Vt., to Michael S. Shirvis of Waterford, $230,000

6-30-05  16 New Britain Road:  Thomas J. Geary of Essex to Barry and Kathleen G. Harrison, $400,000

6-29-05  40 Rogers Lake Trail:  Monogram Investment Group LLC of North Haven to Joanne Mullen of Coram, N.Y., $275,655

6-28-05  174 Boston Post Road:  Carol Gilchrist of Lyme to John H. Bauer of Old Lyme, $250,000

6-24-05  24 Springfield Road:  Norman J. Boissonneault of New Britain to Nicholas and Doris Defelice of Southington, $330,000

6-23-05  54 Sea Spray Road:  Leonore M. Ulitsch of Newington to Frank B. Baiata and Elizabeth M. Ulitsch of Glen Cove, N.Y, $380,000

6-22-05  8 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates of Waterford to Colleen Hayles and Kennethe Hayles of Old Lyme, $439,900

6-21-05  3 Johnnycake Hill Road:  Linda B. Mallace of Old Lyme to Gerard J. and Fleur Hahne Lawrence of Lyme, $905,000

6-21-05  17 Tantummaheag Road:  Berton M. Kirshner Trustee of Los Angeles, Calif. to Thomas and Janet B. Bagg of Old Lyme, $3,500,000

6-17-05  73 Swan Avenue:  June F. Banfe of Cheshire to Swan Management, LLC of Plainville, $310,000

6-17-05  293 Boston Post Road:  Brian V. Jermainne of Old Saybrook to Ronald R. and Jennifer Klimaszewski, $389,900

6-17-05  133 Four Mile River Road:  Richard P. Manning of Madison, Wisc. to Joseph Wells of Old Lyme, $310,000

6-16-05  106 Rogers Lake Trail:  Estate of Edith G. Sokol of Niantic to Abigail B. Davidson of Lyme $261,900

6-16-05  310 Portland Avenue Extension:  Arline Jacques of Windsor to Brian N. and Karen A. Cornell of Torrington, $187,500

6-13-05  7 Rogers Lake Trail:  Daniel and Jacqueline Fahy of Killingworth to David D. Tremaglio of Prospect, $395,000

6-10-05  26 Jericho Drive:  John C. Slawter of Fort Thomas, Ky., to Adriane L. Walzer of Old Lyme, $460,000

6-9-05  31 Flat Rock Hill:  Caswell Haskell Jr. to Richard W. Hallahan, $380,000

6-8-05  3 Lords Meadow Lane:  William Forrestt of Old Saybrook to Shawn Maguire and Kristen Maguire, $575,000

6-7-05  24 Pin Oak Trail:  George C. King Jr. of Old Lyme to Olga DiMaggio of Old Lyme, $3,500

6-3-05  75 Boston Post Road:  Marie Dean of Dallas, Ga. to Diana De Graaff of Clinton, $235,000

6-2-05  17 Chadwick Drive:  Mary C. McEnaney of Oakdale to Fulvio J. Magalhaes of Old Lyme, $335,500

6-2-05  96-2 Sill Lane:  John A. Wills of Niantic to Suzanne G. Beatty of Old Lyme, $832,500

6-1-05  4-1 Lieutenant River Lane:  Stony Brook Capital Corp. of Iselin, N.J. to Thomas H. and Sherry L. Johnston of Cleveland, Ohio, $335,500

6-1-05  4 Lieutenant River Lane:  Stony Brook Capital Corp. of Iselin, N.J. to Thomas H. and Sherry L. Johnston of Cleveland, Ohio, $600,000

6-1-05  4 Biscayne Boulevard:  Louis J. and Millie Russo of Old Lyme to Michael Anakin Leonette of Southbury, $252,000

6-1-05  70 Hartford Avenue:  Anglo Grasso  of Glastonbury to Craig S. Cassanelli and Sandy Cassanelli of Galstonbury, $299,900

6-1-05  6 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates of Waterford to Algis and Mary Louise Balinskas of Coventry, $454,636

5-31-05  25 Lone Pine Trail:  Kris A. Teixeira of Old Lyme to Clint Texeira and Kristen Davis of Old Lyme, $270,000

5-31-05  25 White Oak Trail:  John W. Albrycht of Old Lyme to Peter P. Buckley and Judith A. Buckley of Old Lyme, $285,000

5-31-05  5 McCurdy Road:  John B. Hornby of Old Lyme to John A. Wilcox and Virginia Van Dyk of New York, N.Y. $1,300,000

5-30-05  60-1 Neck Road:  Colette Coty of Montreal, Quebec to Olyme Limited of the British West Indies, $1,500,000

5-28-05  14 Maywood Drive:  Dinesh C. Govie of Essex to John Pearson of New London, $166,000

5-27-05  28 Columbus Avenue:  Sean B. LaRue of Old Lyme to Keith J. Goodell of Colchester, $370,000

5-27-05  3 Lakeside Avenue & 9 Town Woods Road:  Jeffrey M. Green of Old Lyme to David M. and Lisa A. Wurzer of Wethersfield, $507,000

5-26-05  15 Flagler Avenue:  Luigi Dimauro of Old Lyme to Anthony and Amy Valente of Rocky Hill, $375,000

5-25-05  25 Moore Avenue:  James L. Moroni of Bermuda Dunes, Calif. to Robert E. and Sarah Ibbitson of Old Saybrook, $220,000

5-25-05  66 Shore Road:  Donald W. McIntyre of Niantic to Eileen Hanrahan of Hamden, $400,000

5-23-05  3 Landing Road:  Claire Duggan White, Trustee, of Granger, Ind. to Kevin P. Clougherty of New Haven, $467,000

5-20-05  2 Village Lane:  P.N.DiPinto Builders LLC of Berlin to Anthony R. Barri of Old Saybrook, $1,247,899.57

5-19-05  33 Colony Road:  Thomas J. Meucci of Newington to Joseph J. and Carla L. Meucci of Berlin, $155,000

5-18-05  255 Mile Creek Road:  Peter J. Griffin of Salem to Rekoutis Panagiotis of Astoria, N.Y., $425,000

5-16-05  311-3 Ferry Road:  Wesley Poriotis of Old Lyme to Adrienne Levin of Farmington, $1,300,000

5-16-05  41-1 Swan Avenue – Unit 2:  Holly Morin of Baltic to John Sharp and Russell Sharp of Niantic, $145,500

5-16-05  68 Browns Lane:  Timothy S. Lynch of Chicago, Ill. to Aimee Eberly of N. Granby, $224,000

5-7-05  4 Fifth Avenue:  Jean Foligno of Southington to FACE LLC of Windsor Locks, $48,500

5-6-05  8 Robbins Avenue:  Joseph J. Pirri of Bronx, N.Y. to George T. Najarian and Gail T. Najarian of Plantsville, $387,200

5-2-05  5 Epsilon Avenue:  David Henderson and Christopher Barhart of Old Lyme to Dominic and Elizabeth Fazzina of Old Lyme, $280,000

5-2-05  9 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates LLC of Waterford to Paul D. and Caroline E. of Southington, $439,900

4-29-05  51-53 Coult Lane:  Mansoor Siddiqui and Rubina Siddiqui of Old Lyme to Daniel C. Pease and Hazel A. Pease, $750,000

4-29-05  22 Buttonball Road:  Jon and Donna Duthie of Old Lyme to R. Traver Steiner of Guilford, $205,000

4-29-05  127 & 131 Rogers Lake Trail:  Peter Tracey, Margaret T. Barlow, Kathryn T. Maggi to Dominic and Elizabeth Fazzino of Old Lyme, $188,500

4-28-05  5 Westwood Road:  Shiela M. Delaney of Fort Myers, Fla. to Joel R. Lucas of Westbrook, $357,000

4-27-05  1 Epsilon Avenue:  Alfano General Contracting Inc. of Old Saybrook to Ilse Minkenberg of Clinton, $296,837

4-25-05  75 Centerbeach Avenue:  Maryann Wilenski and Brian Manzi of Berlin to Donald F. Carfi and Mary Ellen Carfi, $585,000

4-21-05  Unit #2 Wyckford Lane:  Lelia R. Bowman of Old Lyme to Patricia A. Whitman of Essex, $412,500

4-15-05  11 Library Lane:  Constance A. Calfo of Old Lyme to Deborah A. Eastman and Martha J. Grossel of Stonington, $495,000

4-15-05  42 Hartford Avenue:  Gail T. Fahey of Old Saybrook to Khalid F. Tawfik of New Britain, $299,000

4-7-05  14 Miami Avenue:  Joseph A. Licitra Jr. of Glastonbury to Lynne Galipeau of Vernon, $227,000

4-1-05  150 Rogers Lake Trail:  New Alliance Bank of New Haven to Andrew Fohrkolb of Cutchogue, N.Y., $250,000

3-31-05  26 Springfield Road:  Dean Nanos of Willington to Elliot T. Nanos of Coventry, $150,000

3-31-05  1 & 3 Pilgrims Landing:  J. Robert Gunthewr of Oriental, N.Y. to Barbara Schriver of Westport, $1,400,000

3-31-05  307 Swan Avenue:  Michael Falcetti, Dominic Falcetti and Sylvia Mitchell of Holyoke, Mass. to Frank Lishing and Joann Lishing, $200,000

3-31-05  4 Dory Landing:  David L. Marsh and Phyllis Jane Marsh of Old Lyme to J.M. and Clara Stevens of Middlebury, $522,500

3-30-05  26 Lone Pine Trail:  Rosetta E. Jones of Old Lyme to Dennis J. and Maura O. O’Connor of Manchester, $345,000

3-24-05  55 &  57 Hartford Avenue:  Asif Choudhry of Old Lyme to Beverly L. Keller of Old Saybrook, $292,000

3-24-05  1 Coult Lane:  James E. and Amanda D. Rutledge of Old Lyme to Forrest R. Bailey and Ann H. Brubaker of Kansas City, Mo., $485,000

3-20-05  14 & 16 Otter Rock:  Jeffrey H. Joffray and Rexford L. Joffray, Trustees, of West Hartford to Donald M. Joffray of Old Lyme, $790,000

3-4-05  36 & 47 Grassy Hill Road:  Patricia Spratt Realty of Old Lyme to Michael D. Ardvini of Higganum, $255,000

2-28-05  10 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates LLC of Waterford to Jorge and Estela Morz of Holland, Mich., $442,200

2-28-05  15 Hefflon Farm Road:  David J. and Patricia L. Klein of Old Lyme to Terry L. and Arlene P. Touranjoe of Liverpool, N.Y., $475,000

2-17-05  14 Azalea Lane:  Gary D. Smith of Old Lyme to David J. and Patricia L. Klein of Old Lyme, $575,000

2-17-05  18 Stanhope Avenue:  John A. Luft of Brookline, Mass. to Mark E. Chadbourne of Brrokline, Mass., $200,000

2-15-05  14 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates LLC of Waterford to Frank and Margaret Lavazzoli of Chester, $419,900

2-9-05  34 Boughton Road:  Travis M. and Susan M. Board of Deep River to James P. Gallagher of Old Lyme, $296,000

2-9-05  6 Homestead Circle:  Helen Morgan of Old Lyme to Francis J. and Susan Gagne of Old Saybrook, $265,000

2-3-05  62-1 Shore Road:  Terry L. Conrad of Port Chester, N.Y. to Erica M. Robb of Virginia Beach, Va., $389,900

2-3-05  19 Edge Lea Road:  Alan N. Balavender of Old Lyme to Cynthia, $615,000

2-2-05  Unit 4, Seaview Condo, Pond Road:  Jon Manafort of Plainville to Jason Manafort of Southington, $267,500

2-2-05  Unit 4, Seaview Condo, Pond Road:  Jason Manafort of Southington to Kenneth C. Champagne Jr. of Columbia, $535,000

2-1-05  Unit 3, Seaview Condo, Pond Road:  Jon Manafort of Plainville and Jason Manafort of Southington to Kyle Champagne of Uncasville, $535,000

2-1-05  Unit 1, Seaview Condo, Pond Road:  Jason Manafort of Southington to Jon Manafort of Plainville, $267,500

1-28-05  326 Shore Road:  John Sicuranza of South Lyme to Joseph Anthony Porrello Jr. of Guilford, $255,000

1-28-05  14 Blackwell Lane:  Mary J. Lambert and Thomas R. Blackwell of Pace, Fla. to David A. Blackburn of Cheshire,  $165,000

1-26-05  4 Sands Drive:  Nicole A. Weissinger of Lyme to James C. Deberardinis and Lori L. McGee, $258,000

1-21-05  4 Clark’s Lane:  Sean Daniel Keegan and Burdette Russo of Old Lyme to Albert N. and Beverly A. Page of Old Lyme, $765,000

1-20-05  22 Hill Crest Road:  Nathan P. Breglio of Wethersfield to Elise M. Fetta of Glastonbury, $232,666.67

1-20-05  22 Hill Crest Road:  Nathan P. Breglio of Wethersfield to Elise M. Fetta of Glastonbury, $16,333.33

1-19-05  Lots A & B – Old Stagecoach Road:  Anson B. and Daloyd M Clinton of Old Lyme to Woods of Old Lyme LLC of Middletown, $600,000

1-18-05  42 Coult Lane:  Mary B. Bunge of Coral Gables, Fla. to James D. and Paula B. Powers, $408,500

1-12-05  5 Saunders Hollow Road:  Karen L. Ursini of Old Lyme to Stephanie B. Clement of Portsmouth, R.I., $325,000

1-12-05  6 Laurel Heights:  Bertram Atwood Trust of Old Lyme to Anne S. McCook of Niantic, $315,000

1-11-05  7 Oakridge Drive:  Le Roy R. Clark of Old Lyme to Paul Breglio of Wethersfield, $365,000

1-10-05  46 Coult Lane:  Marjorie M. Terry Revocable Trust of Old Lyme to John M. and Eleanor W. Meyer, $525,000

1-6-05  30 Massachusetts Road:  Richard L. and Susan C. Reney of Old Lyme to David and Kristin Aldieri of Bristol, $299,000

1-4-05  6 Bayberry Ridge:  Florence K. Hurley of Old Lyme to Donna J. Gonzalez of San Diego, Calif., $394,000

1-3-05  43 Browns Lane:  Tara Barros of Old Lyme to Glenn S. Bair of Deep River, $320,000