July 7, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme: 2004

102 Town Woods Rd: David Gordon of New York City, N.Y. to Jon Lorensen of Lighthouse Point, Fla., $2,200,000.
Land at 46 Town Woods Rd: Richard Clark Jr. and Thomas Clark of Old Lyme to Thomas and Birute Sessa of Old Lyme, $475,000.
39 Boston Post Rd: Jason Beebe of Old Lyme to Chin Wen and Jennie Shen of Guilford, $263,000.
60 Four River Rd:  Robert Banks Jr. of Westbrook to Jeffrey Smith of Manchester, $95,000.
8-1 Whippletree Lane: Penelope Risley of Miramar Beach, Fl;a. to Diane Delena of Old Lyme, $205,000.
41 Breen Ave: Mark Louley of Southington to Daniel Julkon of Wethersfield, $435,000.
6 Jericho Drive: Elaine Wells of Old Lyme to Matthew Cantner of Old Lyme, $425,000.
6 Hillside Road: Christian and Mary Cole of Old Lyme to Marion Learnard, trustee of St. Louis, Mo.$267,500.
44 Lyme St: Crest Properties LLC of Old Lyme to PFH LLC of Lyme, $297,500.
24 and 24-1 Neck Rd: Kenneth and Lance Hall of Center Sandwich, N.H. to Robert and Joane Ringering of Essex, $1,175,000.
2 Riverdale Landing: Nancy Rando of Old Lyme to Tarra Barros of Old Lyme, $410,000.
47 Flat Rock Hill Rd: Stephen and Susan Radway, trustees of Old Lyme to Charles Eckert of Chester, $418,000.
30 Neck Rd: Sarah Ayotte of Old Lyme to James and Sharon Keith of Canterbury, Kent, England, $2,645,000.
1 Hillwood Road East: Genevieve Larue of Old Lyme to James and Amanda Rutledge of Old Lyme, $625,000.
37 Grassy Hill Rd: Edward Farrell of Staten Island, N.Y. to William Farrell of Middletown, R.I., $24,251.
3 Chadwick Drive:  Bruce and Jerilynn Marshall of Old Lyme to David and Elaine Griswold of Lilburn, Ga., $365,000.
6 Lady Slipper Lane: Edmund Harrigan of Waterford to Howard and Mary Jo Margules of Lyme, $450,000.
3 River Rd:  James Doughty of Bristol to S. Dean and Kathleen Emerson of Old Lyme, $157,000.

104 Boston Post Rd.: Gregory T. Morris of Old Lyme to Steven D. & Gretchen P. Dare of Old Lyme, $272,000.

6 Calkins Rd.: Suzanne J. Grieshaber of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. to Stephen & Karen A. Patenski of Putnam, $254,800.

41 Hartford Ave.: Concetta Ciccaglione of Hartford to Daniel Tricarico of Manchester, $158,000.

Unit 5 Seaview Condo, Pond Rd.: Jon A. & Jason Manafort of Plainview to LaPlaya LLC of Kensington, $450,000.

23 Columbus Ave.: Anita Slusarski of Old Lyme to Michael P. & Janice A. Duggan of Stamford, $299,000.

18 Corsino Ave.: Paul Nelson of Madison to Lawrence & Corrine Barone of Prospect, $240,000.

25 Library Ln.: Matthew E. & Linda J. Elgart of Old Lyme to Thomas D. & Christina J. Gotowka of West Simsbury, $315,000.

57 Four Mile River Rd.: Salvatore J. & Judith A. Carpenteri of Old Lyme to Mountzoures Building LLC of Niantic, $129,000.

11 Flat Rock Hill Rd.: Estate of Helen Janse to Stuart W. & Joan E. Ryan of Lafayette, Colo., $295,000

322 Shore Rd.: Gail M. Roth of Old Lyme to Veronica S. McGill of Old Lyme, $227,500.
27 Grassy Hill Rd.: Keith Lutender of Old Lyme to Sichanh & Pang Patana of Old Lyme, $170,000.
27 Grassy Hill Rd.: Keith Lutender of Old Lyme to Otay & Bouasy Laminvong of Old Lyme, $170,000.
70 Lyme St.: Darian Sheffield of Old Lyme to Andrew & Kimberly A. Rae of Guilford, $168,750.
70 Lyme St.: Bryan Sheffield of Chester to Andrew & Kimberly A. Rae of Guilford, $168,750.
Land at 26 White Oak Tr.: Rogers Lake West Shore, Inc. of Old Lyme to Clint A. Teixeira of Old Lyme, $4,500.
15 Chadwick Dr.: Carole H. Yeske of Old Lyme to Christopher P. Carter Jr. & Catharine Q. Carter, no town listed, $365,000.
5-1 Windward Ln.: Ellen Gregory of Old Lyme to Gene E. Laurencot Jr. of Old Lyme, $270,000.
69 Portland Ave.: Donald F. Scarfo of New Britain to Craig & Michael Scarfo of Guilford, $75,000.
9 Connecticut Rd.: James F. Bronson Jr. & Kathleen M. Bronson of Farmington, $400,000.
78 Neck Rd.: Lully Dunbar of Old Lyme to Gregory Homs & Candace Dunbar of New York, N.Y., $127,347.
95 Hill Crest Rd.: Patrick T. & Valerie E. Healey of Cape Coral, Fla. to John J. Muirhead Jr. & C.H. Muirhead of Glastonbury, $750,000.
14-1 Briar Hill Dr.: Carrie R. Litz of Old Lyme to Shawn Straining of Old Lyme, $305,000.

109 Sill Ln.: Thomas Geisler & Margaret Ebbets of Old Lyme to Karen L. Ursini of Old Lyme, $425,000.

124 Boston Post Rd.: Peter & Patricia Decker of Old Lyme to Margaret Ebbets of Old Lyme, $235,000.

35 Corsino Ave.: Rita M. Spring of Old Lyme to Thomas M. Gentile & Lucille S. McCabe of Shelton, $300,000.

31 Lyme St.: Timothy M. & Donna D. Pamment of Old Lyme to Edward & Rosemary L. Gargano of New York, N.Y., $1,100,000.

6 Squire Hill Rd.: Prudential Residential Limited Partnership of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Michael P. Grifferty & Theresa F. Weber, no town listed, $350,000.

175 Boston Post Rd.: 277 New London Tpk, LLC of Old Saybrook to Estela Besaw of Clinton, $265,000.

Unit A-2 Lyme Regis, 14 Ferry Rd.: Stanford H. & Wendy M. Brainerd of Old Lyme to Kathryn Feakins of Old Lyme, $345,000.

Land at 39 Old Shore Rd. (1/2 interest): June B. Speirs of Old Lyme, trustee, to White Sand Beach Association Inc. of Old Lyme, $3,000.

Land at 39 Old Shore Rd. (1/2 interest): Malcolm A. Speirs of Old Lyme to White Sand Beach Association  Inc. of Old Lyme, $3,000.

23 Rogers Lake Tr.: Louise B. Caldwell of Hamden to J. Alexander & Maria Teresa Caldwell of Miami, Fla., $380,000.

25 Old Colony Rd.: James A. Packard of Waterford to R. Patrick & Anne Burns of Granby, $225,000.

1 Rose Ln.: Estate of Cynthia Jones to Glen & Marilyn Abrahamsson of Old Lyme, $480,000.

31 Saunders Hollow Rd.: Marylin C. Clarke of Old Lyme to Harold D. & Anna M. Edmonds of Stamford, $570,000.

15 Hawk’s Nest Rd.: Clara F. Stevens of Middlebury to Richard M. & Marian A. Hyne of Wayne, N.J., $357,500.

2 Foggy Meadow Ln.: Glen S. & Marilyn Abrahamsson of Old Lyme to Markus Warlitz of Stamford, $400,000.

77 Neck Rd.: Patrick S. McMahon of Old Lyme to Michael & J. Sandra Perks of Greenwich, $1,025,000.

Land at 46 & 48 Rogers Lake Tr.: James K. Hayes of Clinton, trustee, to David Genovali of Old Saybrook, $36,000.

8 Town Woods Rd.: Kevin J. & Karen E. McMahon of Old Lyme to Michael E. & Andrea Lyn Spragg of Old Lyme, $280,675.

48 Sea Spray Rd.: Eileen R. Sheehan of Wethersfield to Christopher J. & Dana M. Gilland of Ridgefield, $275,000.

48 Sea Spray Rd.: Eileen Sheehan of Wethersfield to Richard D. Gilland Jr. & Joanne N. Gilland of Thomaston, $275,000.

Land at 16 Caulkins Rd.: Judith L. O’Mara of West Springfield, Mass. to Thomas & Mary Ann Konishesky of Old Lyme, $62,500.

3 Chadwick Dr.: Bruce M. & Jerilynn M. Marshall of Old Lyme to David W. & Elaine B. Griswold of Lilburn, Ga., $365,000.

24 Edge Lea Rd.:  William David Judson Jr. Family Trust of Norwich to Alan N. Balavender of Old Lyme, $825,000.

Land at Neck Road: John R. & Ellen Wells of Old Lyme to Jean C. & John H. Baxter, no town listed, $12,000.

13 Town Woods Rd. (7 & 13 Lakeside Ave.): Elaine D. Fowler of Old Lyme to Lily Pad & Company LLC of Norwalk, $540,000.

50 Corsino Ave.: Charles E. & Constance A. Dougan of Enfield to Hilda M. Hartunian of Newington, $345,000.

72 Lyme St.: Everett P. & Priscilla W. Hallman of Parmo, Ohio/Old Lyme to Sunset Properties LLC of Old Lyme, $272,500.

37-1 Mile Creek Rd.: Timothy A. & Julia A. Bertram of Winston-Salem, N.C. to Mitchell J. Albinski of East Lyme, $925,000.

16 Browns Ln.: Norman J. Maranda Jr. & Kellie-Anne M. Maranda of Old Lyme to Troy M. & Linda Girard of Vero, Fla., $298,000.

11 Oak Rd.: Paula & Peter Barakos of Meriden to Peter & Susan Osborne of Chester, $299,500.

227 Shore Rd.: Nancy L. Dytko of Old Lyme to Michael D. Eagan of West Hartford, $245,000.

2 Centerbeach Ave.: Edward Regan of Stockton, N.J. to Michael D. Eagan of West Hartford, $235,000.

47 Boughton Rd.: Owen F. Peagler of Old Lyme to Marcie Lustgarten & Harry J. Wyatt of Madison, $202,000.

47 Lyme St.: Town of Old Lyme to Keith E. Czarnecki of Old Lyme, $400,000.

Land at 14 Mile Creek Rd.: Jeffrey M. Harris of Old Lyme to Donald G. Willis of Old Lyme, $25,000.

17 Avenue A: Richard Laviero of Bristol to John Chiarella of Prospect, $900,000.

Land at 4 Spruce Ave.: Gerald A. Wieland of Arlington, Tex. to Terry & Luann Saffioti of Old Lyme, $5,000.

45 Ridgewood Rd.: Daniel J. & Maria P. Sullivan of Proctorville, Vt. to Jason D. Usher & Melina Quaglia of New Canaan, $465,000.

6 Squire Hill Rd.: Hans A. & Nancy C. Draayer of Old Lyme to Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership of Scottsdale, Ariz., $550,000.

10 Robbins Ave.: Michael H. & Lorna J. Dicker of Old Saybrook to Jason & Meghan A. Amenta of Manchester, $325,000.

17 Clifton St.: Robert F. & Eileen A. Wood of Southington to Paul M. & Patricia E. Cichowski of East Hampton, $170,000.

15 Sunset Dr.: Kathleen C. Sanders of Old Lyme to Elsa Lassu of Old Lyme, $325,500.

Land at Avenue E: Gary L. & Sherry C. LaLima of Lyme to George J. & Miriam R. Simmone of Elkton, Md., $3,500.

105 Lyme St.: Mary Jean McLaughlin of Old Lyme to Charles R. Todd & Jill Johnson of Stamford, $965,000.

46 Old Colony Rd.: Roslyn S. Singer of Bloomfield to David, Jay & Barbara Nemirow of West Hartford, $345,000.

3 Apple Tree Dr.: Colleen Wetzel of Old Lyme to Jeffrey Graybill & Heather E. Bourne of Old Lyme, $265,000.

3 Hillwood East: Colman S. Ives & Ethel M. Ives of Old Lyme to Sabine O’Donnell of Old Saybrook, $524,900.

42-1 Lyme St.: Sara C. Fitzpatrick of Old Saybrook to Roberto Mejias & Susan C. Woods of Richmond Hills, N.Y., $220,000.

30 Billow Rd.: Estate of Raymond J. Krueger to Theresa V. Dell of Norfolk, $325,939.

8 Browns Ln.: Jonathan A. & Dorothy B. Cohen of Old Lyme to Debra A. Coughlin of Westbrook, $290,000.

1 Lincoln Rd.: Richard & Angela J. Corentin of Manchester to J.A. & Patricia A. Packard of Waterford, $524,900.

12 Pine Rd.: Thomas P. Whelan II & Melissa S. Whelan of Old Lyme to Julio Crespo of Old Lyme, $265,000.

10 Library Ln.: Daniel H. & Anna J. Bickford of Greenwich to Anne F. Richards of Old Lyme, $670,000.

303 Ferry Rd.: Elizabeth H. Karter & Alexander D. Richardson of Old Lyme to John R. Rudolph & Brenda J. Rudolph-Stewart of St. Lazare, Canada, $990,000.

9-1 Matson Ridge: Jeffrey S. Soldblatt & Anne F. Richards of Old Lyme to David R. Cartwright of Old Lyme, $965,000.

12 Devitt Rd.: Philip J. Bliss of Old Lyme to Peter & Constance Engelking of Mt. Kisco, N.Y., $458,000.

20 Seaview Rd.: Marnie Murdoch of South Lyme to James Weiss of Avon, $650,000.

18 Hough Rd.: Joan M. Cardwell Trust of Enfield to David W. & Carol A. Heyer of Canton, $399,000.

Unit 2 Seaview Condo, Pond Rd.: Jon & Jason Manafort of Southington to Gary Gnazzo of Old Lyme, $450,000.

138 Four Mile River Rd.: Ava D. & Paul R. Fleisher of Old Lyme to Nancy N. Meinke of Old Lyme, $375,000.

9-1 Azalea Ln.: Peppermint Ridge LLC of Old Lyme to Cai & Lei Hong of Niantic, $587,000.

216 Shore Rd.: Bruce L. Elstein, trustee, of Bridgeport to OLSR LLC of Bridgeport, $350,000.

40 Pond Rd.: Bruce L. Elstein, trustee, of Bridgeport to OLPR-604 LLC of Bridgeport, $250,000.

35 Sill Ln.: Jeffrey A. & Nancy N. Meinke of Old Lyme to Tyler & Diane B. Smith of Hartford, $705,000.

2 Deer Ridge: Charles R. King Jr. & Linda S. King of Old Lyme to David F. & Adria L. Gellar of Waterford, $449,900.

1 Lonicera Ct.: Michael S. & Nancy C. Spensley of Old Lyme to Prudential Limited Partnership of Scottsdale, Ariz., $515,000.

1 Lonicera Ct.: Prudential Limited Partnership of Scottsdale, Ariz. to James B. & Debra L. Swanski of Northboro, Mass., $515,000.

Land at 41 Boston Post Rd.: John R. Adinolfo of Old Saybrook to Nicholas A. Saraceno Jr. & Susan Rimkie-Saraceno of Old Saybrook, $98,000.

76 Grassy Hill Rd.: Virginia M. Wickersham, Janice M. Anderson & Marilyn M. Kay of Bolton/Lyme/Middletown to Robert J. & Pamela M. Skelly of Madison, $575,000.

44 Hawks Nest Rd.: Kevin F. & Julia A. Buchanan of Old Lyme to Donna L. Hoelzel of Old Lyme, $215,000.

248-1 Shore Rd.: Maria T. Texeira of Old Lyme to Donald L. Longo of Old Lyme, $215,000.

3 Hawthorne Rd.: Robert J. Seveiri, trustee of the Robert J. Sevieri Revocable Living Trust of Old Lyme to Steven D. & Nancy S. Spanich of  McKinney, Tx., $445,500.

12-1 Azalea Ln.: Robert M. Knopf  & Elizabeth Pascal of  Old Lyme to Joseph & Tammy Tinnerello of New London, $625,000.

14-2 Bailey Rd.: Deborah A. Gagliardi of Old Lyme to Paul & Annemarie C. Bellenoit, no town listed, $515,000.

10-3 Browns Ln.: Peter W. Vandersloot Sr. of Old Lyme to Gary Gregory of Old Lyme, $92,929.

37 Shore Dr.: John E. Chapman of Old Lyme to Robert C. Chapman of Old Lyme, $180,000.

Land on east side of Blackhall River/13 Halls Rd.: Mary B. Bunge of Coral Gables, Fla. to Amanda Clark Allen of Old Lyme, $15,000.

18 Hill Crest Rd.: Winifred M. Woods of Old Lyme to Barbara & Jeffrey Woods of Old Saybrook, $250,000.

17-1 Matson Ridge: Questa Building & Design LLC of Old Lyme to Christopher & Alison Macadam of Madison, $200,000.

5 Dogwood Dr.: Hollis & Nancy Allen of Old Lyme to Karen Zrenda of Old Lyme, $250,000.

16 Sea Spray Rd.: Caroline C. Hennessy, trustee of the Hennessy Family Trust of Burns, Oreg., to Mary K. Howley of Candon, $325,000.

22 Town Woods Rd.: Heather White of Old Lyme to Jan Wysocki & Steven J. Wilson of New York, N.Y., $418,000.

10 Victoria Ln.: Patrick McManus of Old Lyme to Andrew & Julie Liefeld of Old Lyme, $320,000.

47 Sea View Rd.: John F. Newton Jr. of West Chester, Pa. to Paula & Peter Barakos of Meriden, $610,000.

32 Browns Ln.: Michael E. & Patricia M. Newman of Old Lyme to Gary P. & Deborah A. Manser of East Longmeadow, Mass., $375,000.

14 Kelsey Ave.: Christopher W. & Denise T.K. Ogden of Old Lyme to Craig Bonatti & Amy Cardella of Haddam, $312,500.

58 Sill Ln.: Andrew D. & Julie A. Liefeld of Old Lyme to Elizabeth K. Wyckoff, no town listed, $300,000.

28 Old Colony Rd.: Teodoro Marena of East Hartford to Jerry R. & Donna Brocki of Southington, $260,000.

31 Coult Ln.: David & Susan Harriger of Old Lyme to Christopher W. & DEnise T.K. Ogden of Old Lyme, $360,000.

20 Pine Rd.: Carolyn Strickland of Old Lyme to Paul M. & Edith A. Owens of East Stroudsburg, Pa., $340,000.

4-1 Tisbury Rd.: Doron J. & Eve L. Ber of Old Lyme to Charlotte P. Meyer of Deep River, $398,000.

7 Corsino Ave.: Patricia Linares of Old Lyme to James B. & Susan Rossillo of Manchester, $225,000.

11 Delta Ave.: Thomas J. Pieron of Old Lyme to Antonia M. Hobbins of Madison, $241,000.

10 Matson Ridge: Edward & Elizabeth J. Edgar of Old Lyme to Alfred J. & Donna F. Secondino of Branford, $750,000.

20 West End Dr.: Gavin Family Corporation Inc. of Old Lyme to John W. Graham & Linda M. Collins of State College, Pa., $635,000.

18 Sargent Rd.: George E. Hill of Ellington to Wolcott Phelps III & H. Scott Phelps of Old Lyme, $50,000.

126 Sill Ln.: Robert G. & Ann S. Daly of Old Lyme to Craig M. Bulos & Laura I. Rowland of Meriden, $300,000.

8 Johnnycake Hill Rd.: Shirley Banning of Silver Spring, Md. to Edward Banning of Old Lyme, $100,700.

8 Johnnycake Hill Rd.: Shirley Banning of Silver Spring, Md. to Charles K. & Debra Lynn Banning of Annandale, Va., $89,300.

28 Buttonball Rd.: Leonard F. Frederiksen & Judith L. Drake of Old Lyme to Kim A. & John J. Weismiller of Old Lyme, $215,000.

46 Hough Rd.: Michele Fusco of Enfield to Michele & James P. Fusco of Enfield, $85,500.

33 Library Ln.: Eleanor E. Churchill Living Trust of Old Lyme to Matthew G. McConnell of York, Me., $575,000.

5-2 Oakridge Dr.: Merritt M. Zahner of Old Lyme to Anthony G. & Anita M. Gesky of East Killingly, $385,000.

24 Saunders Hollow Rd.: Thomas S. Hemenway Revocable Trust, Jacqueline L. Hemenway, trustee, of Old Lyme to Adam S. Davis of Nanuet, N.Y., $197,000.

24 Saunders Hollow Rd.: Jacqueline L. Hemenway of Old Lyme to Adam S. Davis of Nanuet, N.Y., $197,000.

6 Massachusetts Rd.: Susan G. Pappas of Cheshire to Michael & Michelle M.. Daly of Newington, $399,000.

16 Grassy Hill Rd.: Mary Ann Madigan of Fairfield to William M. & Felicia B. Watson of Fairfield, $145,000.

102 Boston Post Rd.: Carl D. & Dorothy M. Mason of Old Lyme to Kevin & Catherine F. Sirotnak of Old Saybrook, $312,000.

64 Browns Ln.: Bradford R. King of Old Lyme to William Cartatalsa of New London, $227,500.

60 Hickory St.: Thomas H. Johnson of Old Lyme to Leonore J. & David J. D’Onofrio of Old Lyme, $180,000.

9 Ridgewood Rd.: William J. Pappas of Cheshire to Michael S. & Debbie A. Kaprove of Ellington, $300,000.

214 Mile Creek Rd.: William J. & Joan B. Finnell of Old Lyme to Nancy & John Sloane of Waterford, $445,000.

4 Town Woods Rd.: Michael J. & Donna L. W. Byrne of Old Lyme to Candace D. & Eric J. Engdell of Mystic, $319,500.

47 Old Colony Rd.: Joseph L. & Sheila F. Lutin of Old Lyme to Alan J. Nathan & Andrea Rothstein of Avon, $300,000.

24-1 West End Dr.: Alice P. Havens, trustee of the Alice P. Havens Living Trust, Vero Beach, Fla. to Michael J. & Mary Beth Maluccio of Wethersfield, $363,333.32.

23 Corsino Ave.: Concettina Capasso of Wethersfield to Steven T. & Cynthia M. Miles, no town listed, $350,000.

24-1 West End Dr.: Alice P. Havens, trustee of the Alice P. Havens Living Trust, Vero Beach, Fla. to John A. Maluccio of Wethersfield, $181,666.68.

205 Shore Rd.: Nancy M. Kowalski of Farmington to Robert & Allison Marchese of Farmington, $329,900.

61 Rowland Rd.: Estate of Gay D. Luce to Philip D. & Dominique A. Orlando of Fairfield, $325,000.

3 Maywood Dr.: Darwin Erickson of Santa Monica, Calif. to John M. & Jennifer M. Gaetano of Ivoryton, $525,000.

8 Spruce Ave.: Thomas A. Colangelo of Old Lyme to Thomas R. Coty, no town listed, $181,700.

62 Center Beach Ave.: Salvatore Vinci of Old Lyme to William R. & Linda L. Lombardi of East Hartford, $235,000.

58 Seaview Rd.: Cornelius B. Prior Jr. of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands to Gregory E. & Linda S. McKenna of Farmington, $705,000.

10 Tantummaheag Rd.: Sally W. Grover & Mary Elizabeth Dowdell of Old Lyme to Ned B. & Beverly C. Costello of Middle Haddam, $750,000.

2 Saltaire Dr.: Estate of Margaret Carney to Kevin M. & Elizabeth K. Sullivan of Glastonbury, $339,900.

56 Columbus Ave.: Diane M. & Gary Lowderback of Hartford to Angelo Arcata of Hartford, $120,000.

270 Mile Creek Rd.: Maryann Fitzpatrick of Old Lyme to Mark R. Bussolotti of Uncasville, $275,000.        

109 Boston Post Rd.: David L. & Sharon D. Colvin of Old Lyme to Alexander Calder III & Nancy C. Calder of Montclair, N.J., $555,000.

Saunders Hill Road: Thomas E. & Jane S. Schellens of Old Lyme to Eugene & Ellen Schiavone of Old Saybrook, $225,000.

20 & 29 Boughton Rd.: Ferdinand J. Giacinto of Old Lyme to David H. Waldron of Old Saybrook, $169,000.

41 Connecticut Rd.: Mark D. Stankiewicz of South Lyme to Edward Stankiewicz of South Lyme, $1,000.

257 Boston Post Rd.: James Cudmore & Shana K. Murphy of Old Lyme to A. Digby of Clinton, $256,000.

172 Mile Creek Rd.: David J. Carol & Karen S. Franklin of Old Lyme to Roberta B. Padgett & John B. Padgett III of Fairfax Station, Va., $599,000.

48 Billow Rd.: Kathleen Ann Ricci, executrix of the estate of Mary Frances Falby, Ponte Vedra, Fla. to Stephen L. & Gail M. Potter of Wethersfield, $537,500.

86 Grassy Hill Rd.: P. Christopher Gildersleeve of Old Lyme to Andrew Fohrkolb of Middle Island, N.Y., $505,000.

80-1 Lyme St.: Thomas W. Bice & Karen Wintringham of Old Lyme to Gilbert V. & Emily S. Boro of Old Lyme, $968,175.

140 Four Mile River Rd.: Wendy M. Leone of Old Lyme to Michael A. & Kirsten A. Stepski of Ledyard, $274,900.

82-1 Boston Post Rd.: Edward A. Lombardi & Alberte D. Coccomo of Old Saybrook to B&D General Contracting, LLC of Old Saybrook, $90,000.

1 Parsons Farm Ln.: Nicholas R. & Kristine A. Eremita of Old Orchard Beach, Me. to Margaret M. Sharon of Essex, $360,000.

16 Tamiami Tr.: Julianne Lennon of Old Lyme to Beth Campbell of Mystic, $266,000.

234-1 Mile Creek Rd.: Louise M. Young of Old Lyme to Walter Saunders of Lyme, $115,000.

2 Binney Rd.: Christopher C. Newman of Old Lyme to Paul A. & Christine M. Gianquinto of Salem, $340,000. 

11 Noyes Rd.: Ann E. Bland of Cromwell to Brian & Jody A. Gorecki of Old Saybrook, $225,000.

326 Shore Rd.: Janet Huber-Peck of Deep River to John Sicuranza of South Lyme, $55,000.

16 Jericho Dr.: Laura D. Sullivan of Wilton to Didier A. & Eugenie R. Rocherolle of Wilton, $405,000.

44 Seaview Rd.: Thomas & Karin Longo of Glastonbury to William J. & Susan G. Poppos of Cheshire, $845,000.

4 Sands Dr.: Ann Marie Vought of Bloomsburg, Pa. to The Slippery Family Trust, no town listed, $175,000.

287 Mile Creek Rd.: Richard R. & Cynthia J. Kovak of Old Lyme to Timothy LeBlanc & Susette Kelo of New London, $145,000.

5 Epsilon Ave.: James K. Hayes & Dorothy M. (Hayes) Sheridan of Old Lyme to Christopher Barnhart & David Henderson of Old Lyme, $180,000