October 1, 2022

Property Transfers in Lyme 2010

12/21   82 Selden Road.,   Sylvia Erhart to David Erhart,  $1,500,000

12/17   5 Mt. Archer Road.,   Joseph M. Boissevain to Bruce M. Abraham, $350,000

12/16  105 Cove Road.,  Beverly L. Platner to Amanda & Carl Asman III, $1,700,000

12/10  32 Brush Hill Road.,  Aprile Robertson to Gabriele Thibodeaux, $213,200

11/29   116 Ferry Rd., Dominick Dunne Estate to James Michael Eckerle Revocable Trust of N.Y., N.Y., $925,000

11/23   233 Blood Street, Rebecca J. Merrill to Kimberly M. White, $187,500

11/22  113 Shore Drive, Graham B. Carlson and Mary Z. Carlson to Debra Sue Sundheimer Carney, $280,000

11/19   191 Ely Ferry Road, Susan E. Hosley of Racine Wis., to Richard R and Christine C. Seelig, $1,150,000

10/26   492 Joshuatown Road, Jean L. Luther & Marshall K. Trustees of Chester, Conn., to Luther Hadlyme LLC, $155,000

10/26   Joshuatown Road, Jean L. Luther & Marshall K. Trustees of Chester, Conn., to Luther Hadlyme LLC., of Bucksport, Maine, $125,000

10/26   Joshuatown Road, Jean L. Luther of Chester, Conn., to Luther Hadlyme LLC., of Bucksport, Maine, $125,000

10/21  107 Joshuatown Road, Astrid Horan of N.Y., N.Y., to Frederick L. & Marie A. Martin of Corolla, N.C., $1,175,000

9/30  126  Norwich Salem Rd., William A. Emmons and Patricia A. Emmons of Marion, Mass., to Barry W. Sheldon and Mary Silengo, $252,500

9/24   27 Joshua Lane, Mary K. Schaaf, Trustee of the Mary K. Schaaf Revocable Management Trust Agreement of Plymouth, Mass., to Frederick J. Platt III and Christine B. Platt, $1,675,000

9/15   85 Bill Hill Road, Jane W. McKernan of East Lyme, Conn., to Rober T. and Mary M. Mann., $550,000

9/14   Ferry Rd and CT Route 82, Ralph S. Lewis Trustee and Leslie Bieber Lewis Trustee of Hadlyme, Conn., to Abigail S. Block and Erik M. Block of Deep River, Conn., $285,000

9/9  292 Grassy Hill Rd., Douglas L. Hamilton and Elizabeth M. Jones of East Haddam, Conn., to Rebecca J. Bagwell and Grant A. Bagwell, $315,000

9/7   116-1 Blood St., Joseph H. Rhodes III of Niantic, Conn., to Michele Huckling, $385,000

7/15   53 Ely Ferry Road, Lisa Michelle Shusta of Madison, Conn., to Patrice T. Domenie and Douglas J. Domenie of Old Saybrook, Conn., $794,000

6/25   236 Grassy Hill Road, William F. Hennessy to Elizabeth Nelligan Cavicke, $370,000

3/25  446 Hamburg Road: Brian J. Pussilano of Lyme, Conn., to Arnold Jordan and Barbara Wilkens of Old Lyme, Conn., $925,000

3/23 302 Grassy Hill Road: Joseph Dumond Testamentary Trust, to Nancy E. Doyle of Lyme, Conn., $308,000

2/19  41 Beaverbrook Road: Estate of Anna S. Johnson of Lyme, Conn., to Helen Stock of N.Y., N.Y., $268,000

2/8  90 Salem Road: E. Kyle III and Teresa Kirkwood of Birmingham, Ala., to Alan Kaufman of N.Y, N.Y., $499,000

2/4  248 Hamburg Road: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Tarik Kardestuncer and Gita Safaian (no town listed), $550,900