August 19, 2022

Property Transfers in Lyme: 2009

12/21 149 Rogers Lake Trail: Estate of Howard Coe of Washington, Conn., to Everett R. and Cheryl A. Lee of Lyme, Conn., $6,000

12/16 164 Blood Street: Lindsay Eisensmith of Lyme, Conn., to Thomas D. and Christina J. Gotowka of Lyme, Conn., $225,000

12/4 6 Banning Road: Lori Litch Gianotti of Lyme, Conn., to David S Gage of Lyme, Conn., $267,610

11/23 233 Hamburg Road: Charles W. and Nancy L. Perini of Mystic, Conn., to Diane E. Terry $694,000

11/16 496 Joshuatown Road: Mark Peterson and Barry Levine of Waterford, Conn., to Sarah S. and Scott N. Slater of Lyme, Conn., $352,000

11/13 381-1 Hamburg Road: David S. Gage of Lyme, Conn.,to Mary V. and Joan A. Laanisto Trustees of the Laanisto Living Trust, $385,000

11/13 34 Burr Road: Charles H. and Andrina R. Monte of Lyme, Conn., to Alan W. and Elda Y. Cone of Lyme, Conn., $306,000

11/9 4 Hamburg Road: Stanley M. Jr. and Amelia Babson of Brunswick, Maine, to Dylan and Camomile Hixon (no town listed), $158,400

11/2 116-2 Blood Street: James E. and Julie H. Mitchell of South Carolina to Mitchell G. and Karen L. Etess of East Lyme, Conn. $1,200,000

10/31 3 Oak Tree Lane: Arthur S. and Lynn A. Welch of Lyme, Conn., to Hilda E. Heck of Lyme, Conn., $311,000

10/29 410 Hamburg Road: Gordon E. Rader, Executor of the Estate of James Grunbaum of East Falmouth, Mass., to Gretchen L. Mann of Lyme, Conn., $360,000

10/29 15 Old Stone Post Road: Gretchen L. Mann of Lyme, Conn., to Mark J. and Paula J. Archie of Greenwich, Conn., $1,445,000

10/16 139-2 Joshuatown Road: Lois K. Willard of Monroe, Mich., to William Milewski of Lyme, Conn., $570,000

9/15 73 Mitchell Hill Road: Robert E. Moore and Maureen C. Murphy of N.Y., N.Y., to Erick and Lindsay Eisensmith of Lyme, Conn. $635,000

9/2 67-3 Norwich-Salem Road: Washington Mutual Bank/J P Morgan Chase of Braintree Mass., to Edward and Irene Heege of Lyme, Conn. $340,000

8/11 91 Shore Drive: Peter Moleske Jr. of Guliford, Conn., to Jason Selmont of Woodbridge, Conn., $52,000

8/5 179 Grassy Hill Road: Richard Goodyear of Lyme, Conn., to Christopher R. Pritchard and Sally Spencer of Brooklyn, N.Y., $725,000

6/1  10 Geer Hill Road: Arlene Keogh of Hadlyme, Conn. to Jonathan D. and Elena Goldberg of New York, N.Y., $870,000.
6/1 143 Beaverbrook Road: CJK, LLC of Lyme to M. Andrew and Melissa S. Niccolai of Lyme, $635,000.
5/29 225 Grassy Hill Road: Peter T. Stelzner of Lyme to Susan Burke of New York, N.Y., $382,500.

5/29 122 Town Woods Road: John J. Morgan and Mary G. Morgan of Lyme to Theodore R. and Cherilyn G. Bradley of Old Lyme, $425,000.

5/26 127-6 Joshuatown Road: Kevin P. Hainsworth and Insuk E. Hainsworth of Lyme to Barry R. Improte and Linda M. Improte of Lyme, $715,000.

5/15 47 Cove Road: Key Bank National Associations, Trustee of Toledo, Ohio, to Frederick B. and Linnie L. Pickering of Lyme, $1,500,000.

5/15 33-2 Joshua Lane: Frederick B. and Linnie L. Pickering of Lyme to James A. Duncan, Trustee of the Laura M. Duncan Revocable Trust of New York, N.Y., $2,500,000.

5/14 18 Salem Road: S&T Partners, LLC of Salem, Conn. to Mary C. Schroeder and Catherine J. Spencer of Lyme, $225,000.

5/12 Lot #1, Bross Subdivision, Joshuatown Road: Morriss Propp II of Jupiter, Fla., to Beverly Platner of Lyme, $1,974,936.

5/12 Lot #2, Bross Subdivision, Joshuatown Road: Morriss Propp II of Jupiter, Fla., to Beverly Platner of Lyme, $1,525,064

04/06 202-1 Joshuatown Rd:  Tersita Sparre Currie (Estate of Francis S. Currie, Exec.) of Palo Alto, Calif., to Robert E. Robillard and Addison Van Ness III of Lyme, $260,000

01/29 11 Old Hamburg Rd:  Geoffrey P. Stone of Westbrook to Dorothy J. Mosser of Essex, $495,000