January 16, 2022

No Test Distribution Today in Old Lyme (Roberge); Lamont Announces Delay in Arrival of COVID-19 Tests; Both Lyme, OL Cancel Planned Test Distributions

LYME/OLD LYME — UPDATED 12/30: Old Lyme Emergency Department Director David Roberge told LymeLine in a phone call earlier this morning, “There will definitely be no distribution of COVID-19 tests in Old Lyme today.”

He added that there was no clear timeline at this point as to when the tests will be received either at Hartford’s Bradley airport or, in turn, locally.

State representatives, with whom he is in touch regularly, have advised they will keep local officials across the state apprised as to where the shipment is and Roberge committed to keep us here at LymeLine updated as well.

In a statement issued yesterday (Dec. 29), Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont announced, “Due to shipping and warehouse delays outside of the State of Connecticut’s control, our state’s anticipated shipment of COVID-19 at-home rapid tests are currently delayed from arriving in Connecticut.”

He continued, “My staff and multiple state agencies have spent the past several days working around the clock to accelerate the movement of our tests through what is clearly a shipping and distribution bottleneck on the West Coast amid unprecedented international demand for tests.”

Old Lyme Emergency Department Director David Roberge explained to LymeLine that the town is, “on top of the situation,” and will inform residents as soon as supplies are received and pick up from the Town Hall can be rescheduled.

Lyme Selectman John Kiker also confirmed to LymeLine that Lyme’s planned distribution on Friday of COVID tests to Lyme residents is now cancelled due the delay.

LymeLine will publish any updates to the situation in either town as soon as they are received.

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