August 2, 2021

Letter to the Editor: 50-Year Resident of Old Lyme Says Town Does Not Need Another Gas Station/Convenience Store

To the Editor:
I have lived in Old Lyme for almost 50 years and raised my family here. People love Old Lyme because it is a beautiful, peaceful and non-commercial community. Old Lyme has intentionally sought to keep our community distanced from unnecessary development.  Our Main Street is a beautiful example of that. Old Lyme would not let a McDonalds be located here, and Dunkin Donuts was eventually allowed in, but with no signage.
1.  We do not have any need for a new gas station or a convenience store.  We already have that on Halls Road. Furthermore, this proposed development would put two local people at risk of going out of business.
2. We do not want to make Halls Road a pass through for traffic from 95 which would include the inevitable large, noisy and polluting 18-wheel vehicles.
3. The Halls Road Improvement Committee is working hard to develop a plan to beautify Halls Road.  Another gas station and convenience store would be in direct opposition to that intent.
4.  Why would Old Lyme compromise its values for corporate gain?
It is my hope that LymeLine will join with others in opposing this absurd project that would only compromise the visions of an intentionally non-commercial small town.
Thank you.
Mary Devins,
Old Lyme.


  1. Frederick T. Crosby says

    Perhaps an electric vehicle recharging station would be in keeping with the needs for the future. No more inground fuel tanks. Just a charger mixed in with the retail establishments giving the drivers access to all local merchants.

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