July 12, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Unite Against Vandalism, Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest(s)

An Open Letter to my Fellow Residents:

With great dismay, I note road after road of beaten, vandalized mailboxes in the past month.  Sill Lane, Boston Post Road, Four Mile River Road – each and every box has been hit, my own included.  This is a broken windows issue, and I offer a $1,000 personal reward to anyone our police tell me has given them information that leads to an arrest.

Vandals and petty criminals need to be on the alert – Old Lyme does not put up with such behavior, and we are united as a town against them.   Perhaps it is time for some Neighborhood Watch signs, unfortunately.  Please alert our police to anyone you may hear bragging about this thoughtless, pointless and despicable act.


David Kelsey,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The photos, submitted by the author, show a selection of mailboxes in Sill Lane, which have been vandalized.



  1. “Neighborhood Watch” signs do nothing to stop vandals. Much like “Heart Safe Community” signs, they are meaningless and only litter our local streets and roads with ineffective messages.
    However, I have empathy for the gentlemen and neighbors who are harassed and stressed by these senseless acts of vandalism.

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