October 1, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme: 2006

12-29  2 Walnut Road:  Patricia A. Nylin of Charlton Depot, Mass., to Richard and Mary Todzia of Higganum, $380,000

12-28  30 Neck Road:  Prudential Relocation of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Robert and Susan Staab of Old Lyme, $2,100,000

12-28  30 Neck Road:  Keith James of Ann Arbor, Mich., to Prudential Relocation of Scottsdale, Ariz., $2,100,000

12-28  10 Johnny Cake Hill:  Gerald W. Ward of Richmond, Va., to A. Julia Griswold of Stonington, $659,000

12-26  10 Rose Lane:  Karen Connors Hauser of Waterford to Norton Pinzer and Doreen Mangels of Old Lyme, $519,000

12-18  2 Huntley Road:  Graybill Properties LLC of Old Lyme to BGP Developers LLC of Old Lyme, non-residential property other than land, $250,000

12-18  8 Meadow Lane:  Maryann P. Bourne of Old Lyme to Renee Blankenship, no town listed, $248,000

12-14  108 Hill Crest Road:  Estate of Theodore C. T. Goberis of Waterbury to Jeffrey J. Barnes of Portland, $875,000

12-13  27 Columbus Avenue:  Gaye R. Baio of Wethersfield to Claudia A. Baio-Downes and Robert T. Downes Trustee of Rocky Hill, $220,000

12-11  3 Whippoorwill Road:  Kathleen B. Kronhelm of Old Lyme to Christian and Joan Fenger of Old Saybrook, $445,000

12-08  16 Browns Lane:  Troy Girard of Vero Beach, Fla., to New England Residential Services of Middletown, $334,000

12-04  50 Boston Post Road:  James H. Fafalla of Old Lyme to John N. Antonelle of Rockville, $199,900

12-01  70 Lyme Street:  Andrew Rae of New Haven to David Brault of Old Lyme, $407,000

11-30  Lot 2 “South Lyme Estates”:  Flanders 161 LLC of Guilford to John Brasile of Guilford, unimproved land, $130,000

11-29  287 Mile Creek Road:  Timothy LeBlanc and Susette Kelo of Old Lyme to Rebecca Pererni of Lynn, $235,000

11-22  26 Edge Lea Road:  David Johnson of New York City, N.Y., to Henry F. and Susan W. Skelsey of Rye, N.Y., $2,275,000

11-21  45 Sea View Road:  Charlotte Nesdale of Wallingford to Paul A. and Therese J. Giacobbe of Fairfield,  $515,000

11-20  32 Old Colony Road:  Philip J. Doherty of Merritt Island, Fla., to Mark K. Barnes of South Lyme, $550,000

11-16  6 Bittersweet Lane:  Kenneth E. Williams Trustee of Fuquay-Varina, N.C., to Michael P. and Jennifer O’Brien of Old Lyme, $640,000

11-16  60 Saltaire Drive:  Rita H. Flanigan of Wethersfield to R. Patrick and Anne L. Burns of Granby, $515,000

11-16  39-1 Mile Creek Road:  Michael O’Brien of Old Lyme to Daniele Burgio, no town listed, $510,000

11-15  45 Old Colony Road:  Arthur L. Honegger of Fairfield to Richard C. and Judith E. Spiesman of Dix Hills, N.Y., $365,000

11-09  27-1 McCurdy Road:  Diane C. Bates of Old Lyme to Nicholas A. and Leslie W. Cameron of Morristown, N.J., $1,365,000

11-03  387 Shore Road:  David Salka of East Lyme to Gregory Benoit of East Lyme, non-residential other than unimproved land, $330,000

11-02 7 Old Post Road:  Steven J. Kedioglou of Waterford to Joann Hinman of Old Lyme, $305,000

10-25  50 Lyme Street:  Malcolm Speirs of Old Lyme to Town of Old Lyme, $349,000

10-31  248-2 Shore Road:  Donna M. Hayward of Old Saybrook to Paul DaPonte of Old Lyme, $265,000

10-31  19 Chadwick Drive:  Jason Gagnori of Narragansett, R.I., to Constance and Daniel Papasian of Old Saybrook, $346,900

10-25  7 New Britain Road:  Thomas Moriarty Jr. of Agawam, Mass., to Constance S. Moriarty of Chicopee, Mass., $185,000

10-25  7 New Britain Road:  Constance S. Moriarty of Chicopee, Mass., to James M. and Donna M. Pirog of Chicopee, Mass., $400,000

10-24  78 Grassy Hill Road:  Alicia J. Dolce of Madison to Celeste Gromala of Old Saybrook, $640,000

10-20  240 Boston Post Road:  Wayne A. Nummelin of Madison to Thomas Dombroski of Niantic, $240,000

10-17  6 Chadwick Drive:  Stephen J. DiCarlo of Old Lyme to Christopher F. and Amy F. Lequire of Middletown, $375,000

10-17  3-1 Myrica Way:  Michael J. Cavanaugh of Memphis, Tenn., to Primacy Closing Corporation of Memphis, Tenn., $507,500

10-17  3-1 Myrica Way:  Primacy Closing Corporation of Memphis, Tenn., to Stephen and Ellen DiCarlo of Old Lyme, $507,900

10-17  1 Biscayne Boulevard:  Nicholas Palazzo Jr. of Niantic to Jerry and Donna Brocki of Southington, $130,000

10-16  4 Huntley Road:  Questa Building and Design LLC of Old Lyme to BGP Developers LLC of Old Lyme, non-residential property other than improved land, $200,000

10-13  50 Grassy Hill Road:  Celeste Gromala of Old Saybrook to Robert L. and Joane Ringering of Old Lyme, $549,000

10-11  23 Talcott Farm Road:  Whitney A. and Lisa M. Talcott of Old Lyme to Joseph A. and Tamara K. McAraw of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $595,000

10-10  22 White Sand Beach Road:  Estate of Sam M. Anderson a/k/a Samuel M. Abderson of Old Lyme to Joseph M. and Dorothy G. Bondavenko of New York, N.Y., $487,500

10-08  Lot 58-5 Town Woods Road:  Thomas Sessa of Old Lyme to Maria G. and Serafim C. Arruda of Assonet, Mass., unimproved land, $175,000

10-06  30 Smiths Neck Road:  Kristin Alexandre of Far Hills, N.J., to Dinah Martin and Stephen A. Lefkowitz of New York, N.Y., $2,150,000

10-04  50 Hatchetts Hill Road:  John S. Bennett Trustee for Angus McDonald/Gary Sharpe Profits of Old Saybrook to Hallmark LLC of Old Saybrook, $475,000

10-02  205 Shore Road:  Robert and A. Marchese of Old Lyme to Frank J. Donofrio and Heather N. Vezzosi of Old Lyme, $440,000

10-02  3 Green Valley Lakes Road:  Rodney W. Morgan of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Prudential Relocation of Scottsdale, Ariz., $350,000

10-02  3 Green Valley Lakes Road:  Prudential Relocation of Scottsdale, Ariz., to David and Jacqueline C. Dean of Monroe, $350,000

09-29  11 Lady Slipper Lane:  James R. Bocian of Durham, N.C., to Barbara N. Abrams of Old Lyme, $695,000

09-28  62-6 Brighton Road:  Scott N. Wilson, Executive Director for Christine Wilson Estate, of Auburndale, Mass., to CC Brighton Holdings LLC, $1,275,000

09-28  62-8 Brighton Road:  Scott N. Wilson of Auburndale, Mass., to CC Brighton Holdings LLC, unimproved land, $150,000

09-27  29 Sea Spray Road:  Mary T. DelGaudio of Manchester to John H. and Florence D. Thomas Jr. of Walden, N.Y., $126.366.66

09-27  29 Sea Spray Road:  Mary T. DelGaudio of Manchester to Kenneth J. Thomas of Washington, D.C., $126,366.66

09-27  29 Sea Spray Road:  Mary T. DelGaudio of Manchester to Brian A. and Christine T. Lamoureaux of Kensington, $126,366.66

09-26  20.6 acres Hatchetts Hill Road:  Diebolt and Diebolt Development LLC of Old Lyme to Hilltop Development LLC of Westport, N.Y., unimproved land, $800,000

09-25  15 Library Lane:  Robert K. White of Old Lyme to Emily G. Fowler of Katonah, N.Y., $640,000

09-22  139 Four Mile River Road:  J. Robert Beckman Jr. of Danbury to Cartus Financial Corp. of Danbury, $431,000

09-19  8 Marion Road:  Bank of N.Y. Trustee of Texas to Scott Gudell of Sunderland, Mass., $280,000

09-19  22 Browns Lane:  Brandon M. Robbins of Jacksonville, Fla., to Colin B. Shaw and Tania D. Shaw of Lyme, $381,000

09-18  12 Ferry Road:  Anthony A. Corrao of Old Saybrook to John D. Kelsey and Martha Withington of Old Lyme, $750,000

09-18  8 Lieutenant River Lane:  Isabel C. Leach of Old Lyme to Sandra G. Cameron of Old Lyme, $342,500

09-18  8 Lieutenant River Lane:  Isabel Childers Leach Trustee of Old Lyme to Sandra J. Cameron of Old Lyme, $342,500

09-14  293 Mile Creek Road:  Marie McTigue of Old Lyme to Sheila M. and James F. Ward of Old Lyme, $225,000

09-11  11 Mile Creek Road:  Sheila R. Guillot of Old Lyme to Darrin Palm and Lisa Ebler of Old Lyme, $330,000

09-07  30 Champlain Drive:  George E. and Betty J. Gaffey Trust of Fla. to Corey and Kristen Bullock of South Meriden, $265,000

09-06  8 Pine Road:  Charles E. Aldinger of Groton to Elaine Ann Mierzejewski of Punta Gorda, Fla., $290,000

09-06  12 Jericho Drive:  Robert T. Getman of Old Lyme to Margaret Jane DeRisio and Marco Alfandany of Groton, $430,000

09-01  10 Gamma Avenue:  Estate of Carolyn C. Pierson of Old Lyme to Keith Winter and Gail Albino of Old Lyme, $295,000

09-01  5 Griswold Avenue:  Howard Clark of Old Lyme to Ken Paradis and Julie Paradis of Old Lyme, $110,000

08-31  27 Hillside Road:  Anncaryl M. Eidel of Westminister, Md., to Adam M. and Janelle E. Petrowicz of New Britain, $250,000

08-31  309 Ferry Road:  Thomas C. Risom of Old Lyme to Bruce Baratz of New London, $416,313

08-31  45 Browns Lane:  Jan M. Bross, no town listed, to Darlene Machnik of Old Lyme, $245,000

08-29  8 Biscayne Boulevard:  Michael J. McCann of Randolph, Mass., to Louis C. and Virginia Palios of Southbury, $249,000

08-28  2 Briar Hill Drive:  Raymond Magaldo of Niantic to Family Designs LLC of Madison, unimproved land, $160,000

08-26  11 Coult Lane:  Sheila M. Phelan of Cos Cob to Ernest J. and Mary M. Schaefer of Wellesley, Mass., $449,000

08-25  Gamma Avenue:  Henry Clay Pierson of Meriden to Estate of Carolyn Chadwick Pierson of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $5,000

08-25  72 & 75 Shore Drive:  G. Emerson Sartain III of Palm Bay, Fla., to Gary G. and Kathleen D. Boulay of Tolland, $630,000

08-21  11 Lone Pine Trail:  Scott Coleman of Old Lyme to Linda D. Amadeo of Manchester, $269,000

08-16  105 Mile Creek Road:  Josephine Tankiewicz of New Hyde Park, N.Y., to Timber Pond Land Company LLC of Old Lyme, $525,000

08-15  224 Shore Road:  Peter J. Lode Jr. of Old Lyme to Peter J. Lode Sr. of Salem, $88,239

08-11  14 White Sand Beach Road:  Georgia Mermegas Skeadas of Villanova, Pa., to Kenneth R. Cornelio Sr. of Newington, $380,000

08-04  Lot 58-2 Town Woods Road:  Thomas Sessa of Old Lyme to High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc. of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $165,000

08-01  2 Lyme Street:  J. Keith Green of Old Lyme to Berry W. and Hally M. Cox of Old Lyme, $1,820,000

08-01  3 Village Lane:  D. N. Dipinto Builders Inc. of Kensington to John W. Witmer and Arlene M. Witmer of Dekalb, Ill., $950,000

07-31  23 Cross Lane:  William P. Dowling III of Danbury to Cartus Financial Corporation of Danbury, $340,000

07-31  23 Cross Lane:  Cartus Financial Corporation of Danbury to Mathew and Tara Ward of Plymouth, Mass., $340,000

07-28  53 Boughton Road:  Gail Kline of Kissimee, Fla., to Jeffrey D. and Linda Mickelson of Newington, $410,000

07-20  81 Halls Road:  E, F & G Medical Buildings LLP of Waterford to THM LLC of Mystic, non-residential property other than unimproved land, $490,000

07-14  16 Grandview Avenue:  Beverly McNair of Bourne, Mass., to Robert L. Day II Trustee of Old Saybrook, unimproved land, $10,000

07-14  133 Whippoorwill:  Jeanette K. Cullinan of Old Lyme to Jennifer M. Bysko of Niantic, $325,000

07-11  15 Shore Drive:  Elizabeth A. Vasko of Old Lyme to Richard L. Glaser of Uncasville, $550,000

07-11  304 Soundview Avenue:  Connie M. Ciccaglione of Hartford to Paul W. Morrisette of Vernon, $218,000

06-30  15-1 Tisbury Road:  Tim S. Burrows of Waterford to Victoria Cathcart, no town listed, $425,000

06-30  4 Hastings Lane:  Joseph F. Marafito of Old Lyme to Erik N. and Meghan K. Olsen of Westbrook, $342,000

06-30  12-1 Maywood Drive:  Bruce C. Cathcart, no town listed, to Erik Tyrol and Jennifer L. Tyrol of Old Lyme, $625,000

06-29  15 Meeting House Hill:  Stephen Osburn of Tequesta, Fla., and Richard Osburn of Irvine, Ca., co-executors, to Roger M. and Marcia J. Smith of Old Lyme,  $750,000

06-28  45 Four Mile River Road:  Malcolm Sanders of Salem to David and Lauren Main of Uncasville, $305,000

06-27  18 Grandview Avenue:  Donald Lougee of Old Lyme to Doreen Day, Trustee, of Old Saybrook, unimproved land, $10,000

06-27  8 Hemlock Circle:  Phyllis Molesworth and Joseph Carpenteri of Winchester, Mass., to Cornelius and Antoinette O’Connor of Wethersfield, $200,000

06-26  80-2 Mile Creek Road:  Henry Everton Hosley III and Sharon Abeel Hoseley of Addison, Me., to Thomas A. and Randie Powers Kahrl of Falmouth, Mass., $629,900

06-22  133-0 Boston Post Road:  William J. Swaney of Rogersville, Tenn., to Bernardus and Beatrice Van Gool of Greenwich, $585,000

06-22  6 Littlefield Drive:  Arista Schtatz of Old Lyme to Mark and Rebecca C. Waldo of Madison, $280,000

06-22  4-3 Westwood Road:  The William P. Marine Revocable Trust of Old Lyme to Brian J. and Colette a. Strizzi of Old Lyme, $625,000

06-16  36 Billow Road:  Susan P. Hawley of Beaufort, N.C., to John P. Condon and Claudia J. Condon of South Glastonbury, $655,000

06-16  27 Portland Avenue:  John N. Boccaccio of Newington to Alicia and Luis Castanho, Colleen Corriveau, and Jean Boccaccio-Malave, all of Newington, $500,000

06-16  7 Hillwood West Road:  William Venable of Old Lyme to Gregory Giangrande of N.Y., N.Y., $685,000

06-15  5 Joffre Road West:  Mary Ellen White of Mahwah, N.J., to Kathleen E. McKeough of Riverside, R.I., $195,000

06-13  Unit E-2 14 Ferry Road:  Emily G. Fowler of Katonah, N.Y., to Isabel C. Leach of Old Lyme, $385,000

06-12  19 Dogwood Drive:  Albino Simeone of Berlin to James R. and Maureen S. Dinnan of Southington, $420,000

06-09  8 Whippoorwill Road: Carol N. Winters of Old Lyme to Michelle Davis of Old Lyme, $159,000

06-08  33 Sill Lane:  William M. Whitehead of Old Lyme to Edward S. and Sarah H. Mundy of Bedford, $625,000

06-08  8 Nottingham Road:  Paul A. and Marilyn G. Dunphy of Niantic to John W. Biascucci of West Vancouver, B.C., $485,000

06-06  101 Shore Road:  Libra Investments LLC of Lyme to 101 Shore Road LLC of Old Lyme, nonresidential property other than unimproved land, $415,000

06-05  18 Bailey Road:  Sandra Brown of Mills, Pa., to Harold F. and Lorie T. Reed of Essex, $215,000

06-05  17 Springfield Road:  Stephen A. York of Canton to Richard and Mary Elizabeth Regan of Old Lyme, $435,000

06-02  Katherine Road:  Diane E. Varley of Old Lyme to Charles M. Gary of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $6,000

05-31  9 Whippoorwill Road:  Mark J. Brennan of Durham, N.C., to Myrna G. Comiskey of East Lyme, $345,000

05-31  22 Flat Rock Hill Road:  John T. King of Lebanon, N.H., to Kimberly A. Starr and Douglas Garner of Deep River, $214,000

05-26  56 Sill Lane:  Douglas K. Davis of N.Y., N.Y., to Kerri Ann Mertaugh of N.Y., N.Y., $385,000

05-25  21 Coult Lane:  Frederick E. Acker of Chester to Cynthia Fecher and Stephanie Kufel of Old Lyme, $375,000

05-23  22 Lee Drive:  James Thompson of Sebastian, Fla., to Tony and Melissa M. Mercado of Old Lyme, $330,000

05-23  35 Saunders Hollow Road:  Stephanie B. Clement of Old Lyme to Doug Lundberg of Colchester, $415,000

05-19  55 Coult Lane:  Barbara A. Lambert of Flushing, N.Y., to Lauren A. Sullivan of South Windsor, $539,000

05-19  240 Boston Post Road:  Tony Mercado of Old Lyme to Wayne A. Nummelin of Madison, $199,000

05-16  41 Shore Drive:  Michael C. Brady of Madison to Carol D. and Daniel M. Moran of Old Saybrook, $355,000

05-16  4 Squire Hill:  William J. Sherlock of Old Lyme to Dean Fiscus and Susan Fiscus of Lyme, $812,000

05-16  3 Four Mile River Road:  Tad D. Fallon of Old Lyme to Ashley L. Bower of Old Lyme, $315,000

05-15  3 Oakridge Drive:  Priscilla M. Bayreuther of Old Lyme to Patricia Cromarty of Old Lyme, $405,000

05-12  8 Oak Road:  Michael R. Pulver of Berlin to Bernadette Hirst Dower of West Hartford, $310,000

05-09  188 Mile Creek Road:  Paula M. Vandersloot of Old Lyme to Peter W. Vandersloot of Old Lyme, $200,000

05-08  12 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates LLC of Waterford to William T. Christopher of Old Lyme, $465,000

05-03  88-90 Hartford Avenue:  Albemarle Soundview LLC of Hartford to Sound View Property Management LLC, no town listed, non-residential property other than improved land, $997,250

05-02  311-1 Ferry Road/1 Beaulieu Drive:  Martha D. Burd of Essex to Edward P. and Carol C. Farman of Old Lyme, $945,000

05-02  295 Boston Post Road:  Sheila McCracken of Storrs to Brian McNeil of Falls Village, unimproved land, $52,000

05-01  3 Olivia Lane:  Ailanthus Farm Estates LLC of Waterford to Colleen P. and Robert J. Falaguerra of Old Lyme, $495,000

05-01  15 Apple Tree Drive:  Carl J. Marsden of Clinton to Jill F. Britton of Old Lyme, $264,300

04-28  145 Mile Creek Road:  Lucretia W. Bingham of Westbrook to Brendan P. McKeever of Old Lyme, $337,222

04-28  309 Ferry Road:  Robert Frederick Link of Old Lyme to Thomas C. Risom of Old Lyme, $415,000

04-27  38 Lone Pine Trail:  Todd C, Zelesky of Old Lyme to Richard J. Wilczewski and Karen A. Viebranz of Southbury, $300,000

04-19  41 Hawks Nest Road:  Kevin R. Kelsey of Branford to Michael J. Noe and David A. Noe of Farmington, $250,000

04-17  110 Shore Road:  Edward P. Braza Jr. of Westbrook to Michael D. Barris and Jordan R. Anderson of Old Lyme, $275,000

04-16  56 Neck Road:  Cheryl Anne Flynn of Cumberland, R.I., to Richard E. Schriver of Old Lyme, $645,000

04-10  1 Browns Lane:  Kenneth A. Scott of Colchester to Tad D. and Jennifer L. Fallon of Old Lyme, $365,000

04-10  10 Kelsey Avenue:  Armory Thayer, Trustee of Mary Johnson Trust of Old Lyme to Sarah Smalley of Clinton, $245,000

04-07  5 Queen Anne Court:   Mirgxin Hu of Acton, Mass., to David and Karen Gelsler of Old Lyme, $447,500

04-07  8 Tamiami Trail:  Robert Dillenbeck of Old Lyme to Shawna D. Turner and Zachary D. Turner, no town listed, $301,250

04-05  12 Old Stagecoach Road:  David S. Henderson of Old Lyme to Frederick and Martha Family Trust of Coronado, Ca., $530,000

04-05  3 Mansewood Road:  Daniel Wyant of Mill Valley, Ca., to David S. Henderson of Old Lyme, $420,000

04-03  23 Library Lane:  Christopher H. Robinson of Essex to William N. Whitehead of Old Lyme, $635,000

03-31  16 Nottingham Road:  John A. Bysko of Old Lyme to Mark A. Nelson of Old Lyme, $475,000

03-31  261 Mile Creek Road:  Marc A. Nodden of Lyme to Margaret E. Rooney and Victoria S. Vandermark of Venice, Fla., $191,000

03-31  11 Champlain Road:  Mark A. Nelson of Old Lyme to Bradley J. and Angela B. Mock of Old Lyme, $320,000

03-31  16 Billow Road:  Janet E. Dunn of West Hartford to Russell J. and Jean Marie Melita of Old Lyme, $425,000

03-24  231 Mile Creek Road:  Carolyn A. Gilbert of Canterbury to Ronald E. and Ellen M. Tyler of Old Lyme, $280,000

03-20  Shore Road:  Jacqueline Miano of Old Lyme to Flanders LLC of Guilford, unimproved land, $90,000

03-20  Shore Road:  Jacqueline Miano of Old Lyme to Kenwood LLC of Guilford, unimproved land, $660,000

03-17  37 Jericho Drive:  Paul C. Bossemeyer of Reno, Nev., to Henry S. Putz Jr. of Westbrook, $370,000

03-16  44 Saltaire Drive:  Peter Cooney of Niantic to Teresa B.W. Yester of Old Lyme, $625,000

03-16  215-2 Boston Post Road:  James J. Godiess Jr. of Mystic to Michael S. and Melinda P. Santaniello of Uncasville, $345,000

03-14  10-1 Dennis Road:  Alice M. Lombardi of St. Petersburg, Fla., to Regina and Brian Sullivan of Trumbull, $750,000

03-14  58 Hawks Nest Road:  David B. Nelson of Old Lyme to Joseph and Debrah Ransohoff of Hamden, $317,500

03-13  30 White Sand Beach Road:  Mary Ellen Lawson of York, Pa., to John F. Der Laga of Middlefield, $140,000

03-09  14 Flagler Avenue:  Pat D’Amato of Enfield to Fred L. Mercantonio and Rosa Cruz-Marcantonio of Farmington, $249,900

03-03  45 Meriden Road:   Edwin P. Lepper of Hampden, Mass., to Michael L. Ford and Edward Kennedy Ford of Hampden, Mass., $150,000

03-03  84 Boston Post Road:  Robert Summa of Brooklyn to Andrew W. and Melanie Snyder of Middletown, $355,000

03-02  3 & 5 Smith’s Neck Road:  Sharon Balcom of Southborough, Mass., to Thomas P. Fitzpatrick and Camille H. Chwalek of Juno Beach, Fla., $2,050,000

03-01  49 Billow Road:  John J. Rearden Jr. of Marco Island, Fla., to Ronald F. Staniszewski and Judeen Wrinn of Middletown, $670,000

03-01  8 Pickerel Cove Trail:  8 Pickerel Cove Trail LLC of Essex to William J. O’Shaughnessy of Old Saybrook, $242,500

03-01  67 Browns Lane:  Marcia R. Grant of Old Saybrook to Mark P. Gilbert and Julie W. Gilbert of Orlando, Fla., $320,000

03-01  184 Mile Creek Road:  Jane R. Marsh, CoExecutor, of Deep River to John D. Koptonok of Tucson, Ariz., $325,000

02-27  7 Four Mile River Road:  Diane Varley of Old Lyme to Richard P. and Amy Lippincott III of Old Lyme, $200,000

02-24  62 & 62 1/2 Old Colony Road:  Estate of Sophie Cianflore of Farmington to Robert and Ursula McLellan of Kensington, residential property other than residential dwelling, $150,000

02-17  2 Devitt Road:  David M. Brown of Old Saybrook to William R. Benner of Old Lyme, $370,000

02-15  284 Mile Creek Road:  Brian J. Strizzi of Old Lyme to Robert C. and Sue Ellen Carlson of Palm Court, Fla., $445,000

02-14  1 Devitt Road:  Ann Bland, Trustee, of Cromwell to Patricia Piscottanu, no town listed, $700,000

02-14  21 Seaview Road:  Jeana Occhialini of Farmington to Abraham and Danette Krisst and Judith Dromgool, no town listed, residential property other than residential building, $475,000

02-10  100 Lyme Street:  Maya LLC of Old Lyme to Two Jacks LLC of Old Lyme, non-residential property other than improved land, $1,575,000

01-31  25 White Oak Trail:  Peter P. Buckley of Old Lyme to Elizabeth Rakich, no town listed, $298,000

01-31  41 Jericho Drive:  Christian R. Stumpf of Hudson, Ohio, to Tracy Mackinstry and Patrick G. Pryor of Old Lyme, $430,000

01-30  000 Neck Road, 000 Bill Hill Road:  Evelyn R. Smith Living Trust of Washington to Zito Builders Inc. of Old Saybrook, unimproved land, $107,500

01-30  3-1 Bill Hill Road:  Evelyn R. Smith Living Trust of Washington to Ted Zito of Old Saybrook, unimproved land, $55,000

01-25  7-1A Lyme Street:  Jennifer S. Ferrigno of Old Lyme to Park Avenue Holdings LLC of Oakdale, $150,000

01-24  Parcel B Ferry Road:  Betsy-Ann Bowen of Old Lyme to John R. and Brenda J. Rudolph of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $69,000

01-24  27 Brown’s Lane:  Thomas T. Constantine Jr. of Old Lyme to Kevin A. and Helen L. Milton of Old Lyme, $292,500

01-17  39 Boughton Road:  Theresa Scarpati of Nashua, N.H. to Milan T. and Roberta Bartek of Bluffton, S.C., $215,000

01-12  131 Whippoorwill Road:  David J. MacDougall of Old Lyme to Russell D. Fogg and Ann G. Godfry-Fogg of Lyme, $330,000

01-11  16 Springfield Road:  Eileen M. Prendergast of Old Lyme to Ann Marie Maffuld of Colchester, $500,000

01-10  4 Pond Road:  Leonard M. and Jean Ann Cocco of Trumbull to Mary E. Coons of West Hartford, $750,000

01-09  31 Smith Neck Road:  Thomas G. Bagg of Old Lyme to Peter A. and Katherine R. Griswold of Branford, $1,722,500

01-09  31-1 Smith Neck Road:  Thomas G. Bagg of Old Lyme to Peter A. and Katherine R. Griswold of Branford, unimproved land, $927,500