October 1, 2022

Property Transfers in Lyme: 2007

12/13 74-2 Keeney Rd: Kenneth R. Tyler, Trustee of Kenneth R. Tyler Living Trust of Old Lyme to DIMYH LLC (no town listed) $220,000
12/03 7 Sterling Hill Rd: Estate of Harold C. Todd, Jr. – William Russell and Steven Walker, co-executors – to Marie-Pierre Gastinea (no town listed) $765,000
11/28 59 Brockways Ferry Rd: Estate of Elizabeth H. Putnam of Cape Coral, Fla., to Todd B. Ellison of New York, N.Y. $700,000
11/09 55 Sterling City Rd: Estate of Eleanor S. O’ Connell of Middletown, Conn., to Nevers LLC of Lyme, $565,000
11-15 Unimproved Land on Gungy Road: Jane F. Ingersoll of Centerbrook, Conn., to Lyme Land Conservation Trust, Inc. of Lyme $175,000
11-13 62 Hamburg Road: George Carey Matthiessen of Old Lyme to Lord Hill Development, L.P., $640,000
11-09 55 Sterling City Road: Estate of Eleanor S. O’ Connell of Middletown, Conn. To Nevers LLC of Lyme, $565,000
11-02 150-1 Mitchell Hill Road: Deutsche National Trust Co., of Austin, Tex. to Stephen E. Griffin of East Haddam, Conn., $895,000
10-23 8 Honey Hill RoadLeslie Bubello of New Haven, Conn. to Constance F. Donkin of Lyme, $92,026
10-16 41 Hickory Street: Helen V. Schmitt of Old Lyme to Andrea Feinberg of Old Lyme, $725,000
10-09 Unimproved Land at 31 Brush Hill Road: David Knepshield and David Vitale, both of Old Lyme to Benjamin James of Haddam, Conn., $330,000
10-09 170-2 Blood StreetRaymond C. Cann, III and Melanie L. Cann of Old Lyme to Fredrik T. and Jennifer P. Hill of Lyme, $315,000

09-28 120 Brush Hill Road: David Mazzalupo of Greensburg, Pa. to David M. & Beth L. Avery of Chester, $350,000

09-21 321 Hamburg Rd.: Charles M. Murphy of Old Lyme to Douglas L. & Ann H. Murphy of Old Saybrook, $400,000

09-17 14 Clark Rd.: Curt M. Matherne of Bastrop, Tex. To Michele M. & Raymond A. Maskell of Lyme, $492,000

09-11 Parcel C Beckett Hill Rd. and Blood St.: Susan Schade of Lyme to Jane C. Boyd of Lyme, $3,656

09-07 123 Norwich-Salem Rd.: Estate of Francis I Ross by Ralph F. Eno, Jr., Executor, of Lyme to Amanda Novak and Brandon Novak of East Haddam, $308,750

09-04 145 Hamburg Rd.: Ruth N. Perry of Lyme to Holly F. & Damian R. Rubino of Lyme, $200,000

08-28 32 Honey Hill Rd.: Sheila Ahern of East Haddam to Katherine McBride & H. Jopling Coakley of Waterford, $285,000

08-27 West Side Baker Lane: Brandy Associates, LLC of Cheshire to Lyme Land Conservation Trust, Inc. of Lyme, $55,000

08-23 88 Salem Rd.:  Susan DeLuca of Madison to Blake P. & Kathy Johnston of Seattle, Wash., $975,000

07-31 Land on Gungy Road: Elizabeth M. and Anthony Ignasher of Moorsville, NC, to Christopher R. and Barbara A. Arelt of Deep River, Conn., $360,000

07-30 64 Ferry Road: Stephen Flanagan and Russell Guerin of Lyme to Joseph John Greene of Woodside, NY, $740,000

07-12 64 Mitchell Hill Road: Joseph A. McAraw of Lyme to Robert and Deborah L. Andreas of Sharon, Conn., $1,087,500

07-09   Land on Beaver Brook Road: Robert L. Congdon of Lyme to George J. and Cynthia C. Willauer, $375,000

06-28 Land on Grassy Hill Road: James Paull Pernal of Old Lyme to Thomas M. Neff and Mary Lyndon Haviland of Lyme, $588,000

06-22 180-7 Norwich Salem Road: George C. and Cathy LaPlace of Electric City, WA, to Kenneth B. and Janine E. Alliard of Lyme, CT, $257,500

06-22 32-2 Clark Road: Dean E. and Susan F. Fiscus of Old Lyme to James and Rhona L. Bross of Lyme, $485,000

06-21 183-5 Joshuatown Road: Joseph S. Augusciak of Seattle, WA, to Kevin Paul and Insak E. Hainsworth of Lyme: $1,150,000

06-18 328 Grassy Hill Road: Estate of Ronald Tidmarsh of Lyme to James D. and Jane B. Griffin of New York, NY, $330,000

06-05 Joshua Lane: Judith M. Schaal of Lyme to Trevor and Melissa Fetter, Trustees, of Dallas, Texas, $1,450,000

05-11  30 Josie Perkins Lane:  Vincent S. Agostine of Old Lyme to Mary Lionetti and Robert Lionetti of East Haddam, $906,000

05-03  66 Selden Road:  Gerard J. Lawrence of Lyme to Beverly Platner of Guilford, $4,000,000

05-02  111 Blood Street:  Harry S. Slifer Jr. of Murrells Inlet, S.C., to Barry Marchessault and Laurie Marchessault of Guilford, $600,000

04-30  469 Hamburg Road:  William M. Mann of Lyme to Gerard F. Cattie Jr. and Peter N. Watt of New York City, N.Y., $450,000

04-23  Brush Hill Road:  David Knepshield of Old Lyme to David Vitali of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $75,000

04-20  117 Ely’s Ferry Road:  Richard F. Cooper Jr. of Lyme to Kevin M. Luzak Trustee of the Kevin M. Luzak Revocable Trust of New York City, N.Y., $2,400,000

04-09  138 Joshuatown Road:  William R. Benner of Lyme to John A. Nelsen and Jill A. Nelsen of Santa Barbara, Calif., $850,000

04-05  127 Shore Drive:  Deborah Deedy-Dazzi of Lyme to Blake Johnson of Bloomfield, $670,000

04-02  33-3 Joshua Lane:  Parker D. Handy Trustee of The Parker D. Handy Revocable Living Trust of Essex to Trevor Fetter and Melissa F. Fetter of Dallas, Tex., $2,200,000

03-22  66-1 Ely Ferry Road:  George M. Lethbridge Jr. of Old Lyme to Gregory P. Norman and Christine Roosevelt of Lyme, $1,250,000

03-19  Land on Beaver Brook Road:  Candace Beebe Pert of Potomac, Md., to Richard K. Beebe Jr. of Santa Rosa, Calif., unimproved land, $25,000

03-19  Land on Beaver Brook Road:  Candace Beebe Pert of Potomac, Md., to David C. Beebe of Amherst, Mass., $25,000

03-13  Lot 10 Mt. Archer Road:  Mt. Archer Farms LLC of Old Lyme to Brantley C. Buerger of Essex, unimproved land, $320,000

03-05  136 Mitchell Hill Road:  Rory Donaldson of Denver, Co., to Scott and Dottie Wells of East Haddam, $772,500

03-05  Lot 10-1 Beaver Brook Road:  Howard J. Beers of Lyme to James C. Beers of Lyme, unimproved land, $80,000

02-08  44 Cove Road:  Deutsche Bank Trustee of San Diego, Calif., to CJK LLC of Old Lyme, $375,000

01-31  88 Beaver Brook Road:  Douglas McDonald of Lyme to Susan B. Fontanella of Lyme, $325,000

01-30  Beaver Brook Road:  John W. Harman of Key Largo, Fla., to Anthony John Plikus and Christine Plikus of Lyme, unimproved land, $240,000

01-09  54 Cove Road (1/2 interest):  Cynthia Ann Sabo Dobrzynski of Franklin, Mass., to Richard F. and Gwen E. Cooper of Lyme, $272,250

01-09  54 Cove Road (1/2 interest):  Michael Rotolo Executor of Cathryn Sabo Rotolo Estate of Warren, N.J., to Richard F. and Gwen E. Cooper of Lyme, $272,250

01-08  157 Mitchell Hill Road:  Trinity Land Trust Inc. of East Haddam to Elwood L. and Mary Green LaForge of Ridgefield, $907,000

01-03  122 Sterling City Road:  David J. Tiffany of Lyme to Christopher B. and Rebecca C. Steiner of Lyme, $800,000