September 26, 2020

Mark Wayland (R): Candidate for Lyme First Selectman


Mark Wayland

Mark is a lifelong 3rd generation resident of Lyme. Mark attended the community’s strong local school system and after graduating Hartford State Technical college, Mark began working for a local carpentry business in Lyme to learn his carpentry trade. He started his own carpentry business in 1996 with most of his projects within the borders of Lyme. At the age of 16 he joined the Lyme Fire Company and quickly achieved Firefighter 1 and 2 qualifications. He has served the Fire Company in many committee roles and officer positions and remains committed to the all-volunteer department. Mark is a past member of the Lyme Ambulance Association and held a MRT certification. Mark has taken the position of Scoutmaster in our local Boy Scout Troop 26 that is fostering our youth to becoming future leaders and outstanding citizens of our beloved Town of Lyme. Mark is committed to keeping Lyme a volunteer town, a town that will continue being extremely fiscally conservative, a town true to its rural heritage, a town that listens to the concerns of its citizens, and a town that will continue to be that special place we call Home.

Q1: Why are you running?

As a third- generation resident of Lyme, local business owner, active volunteer, this town means so much to my family and me. I have been interested in doing this for some time now and with the retirement of our long time first selectman, I feel now is the time to give the residents of Lyme a choice. If elected, I will continue to uphold the standards of fiscal responsibility and preservation of Lyme’s character that have made our town that special place to live and raise our families. I intend to nurture and support our many volunteer organizations, especially our emergency services, that are vital to keeping our tax rate one of the lowest in the state.

Q2: What are the three most significant issues that Lyme is currently facing?

1. dwindling volunteers.
2. state burdens on our towns and funding.
3. supporting our 1st class school system with declining enrollments.

Q3: With reference to your Question 2 response, which issue of the three is the greatest and how do you envisage dealing with it?

The greatest issue our town will be facing in the future is the dwindling amount of volunteers that serve us in so many different facets. The boards and commissions, and especially our emergency service volunteers spend countless hours making our town a better place. The incentive plan for our emergency services that the town provides isn’t enough to attract the amount of volunteers the organization’s require. The Selectman’s office will have the need to explore all the options available to attract and maintain a sustainable volunteer base in order to keep our taxes at one of the lowest in the state.

With the burdens and regulations the state continues to put on our small towns, we need to continue to have a voice in Hartford. Our budgets need to plan for future projections as well as declining state assistance. I will continue to fight for our town, continue to manage our town budgets with a fine tooth comb, and continue to fully support our towns volunteers in every way possible.