February 26, 2020

Judith “Jude” Read (R): Candidate for Old Lyme First Selectwoman


Judith “Jude” Read

I been fortunate to have spent most of my life on the Connecticut shoreline, over 35 years in Old Lyme.  In 1983 I married my husband, Sloan Danenhower, and then raised two children, Megan Read and Will Danenhower, seeing them through our outstanding public schools. 

Civically, I have served on the Board of Finance, Board of Education, the MacCurdy Salisbury Foundation and the Old Lyme Historical Society.  Professionally, I have owned and/or managed several successful small businesses, including the Cheese Shop in Essex, Ciel in Old Saybrook, and my own consulting business.  Finally, I have proudly volunteered in our schools and served as a Girl Scout Leader.

Q1: Why are you running?

I have lived in Old Lyme for 34 years and am concerned about the direction the town is headed and the way Town issues have been identified and dealt with by the current administration.  I believe in keeping local control of our Town’s main functions.  In the past four years I  have  witnessed proposed and realized regionalization that I believe are core Town functions, that under strong leadership, can be managed locally.  I have served on the Board of Finance, Board of Ed and volunteered within the community, I care about the future of Old Lyme.   I want all members of our Town to be informed, included served by the Town Hall – parents, business owners, students, & seniors.

Q2: What are the three most significant issues that Old Lyme is currently facing?

  1. Lack of Policing services when we need coverage to protect both persons & property.
  2. Of course the installation of the water and sewers, where needed.
  3. Creating a Master Plan for Old Lyme which will help to foster an environment that attracts private investment in Old Lyme and strikes the right balance between development and community; thereby helping to address  Blight Issues , and ensuring a steady tax base that can sustain our wonderful school system even during declining enrollment.

Q3: With reference to your Question 2 response, which issue of the three is the greatest and how do you envisage dealing with it?

Old Lyme requires safety forces that are both effective and affordable. We will work in unity with our police, seasonal Rangers and Resident Trooper on improvements that will keep us safe and responsive in critical situations. We will work on keeping dialogues open between the police and the citizens of the beach communities.

Chris and I will provide strong leadership and a clear strategy for Old Lyme managing its police.   We will maintain high standards and good morale in order to have an effective police force.   We will manage with common sense and clear direction so that officers understand what is expected of them and what their job descriptions are.  Policing is about protection, prevention,  maintaining order as well as community outreach.   Chris and I look forward to working with our police not against them.