February 25, 2020

Chris Kerr (R): Candidate for Old Lyme Selectman


Chris Kerr

I am a life-long resident of Old Lyme with a long history of public service.  I have served for over 15 years on the Board of Finance and the Planning Commission.  I have also been active in the Old Lyme Fire Department for 34 years.  In my role with the Board of Finance, I oversaw the completion of two major Town capital projects, the construction of the town salt shed and the replacement of the town garage.  I am a small business owner, including real estate appraisal work and construction contracting, with significant financial and management experience. 

Q1: Why are you running?

I do not like the direction the town has been/feeling like going towards under the current administration. Local control should be our strongest consideration in decision making. We continue to give up our local control on major decision like police and heath.

Q2: What are the three most significant issues that Old Lyme is currently facing?

-Police Issues:
Work with the state and location police for better coverage in the beach area in the summer by hiring actual part time officers to patrol the beach area and also help out with gaps in staffing in the offseason.
-Sewer Issues:
We will work with the three chartered beaches to expedite the sewer project and pump house lease and make sure the CT water company fulfills there end to get people the water service.
Address the persistent blight issues around our town by bringing the towns boards and commissions together with the property owners to tackle these major issues in a coordinated fashion.

Q3: With reference to your Question 2 response, which issue of the three is the greatest and how do you envisage dealing with it?

We will bring the towns boards and commissions together with the townspeople to tackle major issue in a coordinated fashion.