August 15, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Proven Experience on Old Lyme Board of Finance

To the Editor:

When we think of local election candidates, we generally concentrate on the Board of Selectpersons and the Board of Education. While both are of paramount import to the Town, the Board of Finance (BOF) is often overlooked. In many ways, it represents one of the most important voter selections in the election. 

The Board of Finance is responsible for the distribution of tax revenue and approval and planning of Town spending. Working in cooperation with Region 18 Board of Education, our disciplined Board of Finance members are diligent about balancing our obligations to our Regional School District with other valued and necessary community priorities. This includes considering and approving funding for roads, buildings, emergency services, recreation, and other town services

The Board of Finance must balance these necessary investments and spending on additional services with increased expenses against the goal of maintaining one of the lowest mill rates in the State. This is a challenging and painstaking job where requisite financial experience and sound judgment and prior service on the Board of Finance is essential

This is no time for inexperience on the Board of Finance. This is why on November 2nd, I am voting to re-elect Andy Russell and Judith Read along with alternates Matthew Olson and Maria Carrao Marchant. I encourage you to do the same.


Steve and Kathy Wilson,
Old Lyme.