January 22, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Local State Legislators Advocate for Republican Team in Old Lyme

To the Editor:

In the upcoming Old Lyme election on Tuesday, November 7th, we encourage voters to consider the Republican team found on Row B. The team is being led by Jude Read for First Selectwoman and Chris Kerr for Selectman. Both have years of experience in Old Lyme municipal government and strong small business credentials. We believe both would do an admirable job for the town.

We think voters should also consider several other candidates running for office on Row B including Grub Garvin for Board of Finance, J. David Kelsey for Board of Finance Alternate, Tim Griswold for Board of Assessment Appeals, and Dan Montano for Zoning Board of Appeals. In addition to them, the town is fortunate to have several very qualified cross-endorsed candidates, including Vicki Urbowicz, who is the perfect successor to longtime Town Clerk Eileen Coffee, and Paul Orzel, Alan Todd, and Rick Goulding. We know all will work hard for the community.

Please make sure to exercise your right and get out and vote on November 7th.


State Senator Paul Formica & State Representative Devin Carney