September 30, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Qualifications For Office of All Candidates Endorsed by Old Lyme RTC Should be Questioned

To the Editor:

I have been reviewing the qualifications, postings and information on the candidates running for the Regional School District 18 Board of Education (BOE).  I appreciate the time commitment these community members will be making if they are elected to the four-year terms. But at least one candidate, Mona Colwell, espouses beliefs that are plainly at odds with the health and safety, and therefore the best education, of our children. It is logical therefore to question the qualifications for office of all the candidates who were endorsed by the Republican Town Committee, none of whom have stood up to request that Mona remove herself from this election. Our children and tax-paying residents deserve the best, and that is why I will be voting Democratic in Old Lyme on Nov. 2.


Russell Fogg,
Old Lyme.
Editor’s Note: The author is a candidate for the Old Lyme Zoning Board of Appeals.