December 15, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Former Republican First Selectman Eno Endorses Democrat Mattson for Lyme First Selectman

To the Editor:

This November, Lyme will experience its first contested election for the Board of Selectmen in more than a decade.  If Lyme is to maintain its longstanding tradition of fiscal responsibility and attendant low mil rates, it is imperative that the next First Selectman be thoroughly conversant with the budget development process, as well as its implementation and management.  A positive relationship history working with Lyme’s Board of Finance will be key as well.

Over the years, Lyme has had a history of electing candidates with the skills and experience necessary to provide the best possible outcomes for the town, regardless of his or her political pedigree.  History bears out the fact that this time-tested practice has served Lyme extremely well – keeping counterproductive, divisive politics out of the management of local government on both a day-to-day and long-term basis.

Steve Mattson is the First Selectman candidate most qualified to lead Lyme for the next two years.  He has a comprehensive grasp on all facets of the budget process and has developed critical thinking and administrative skills over his years of service on multiple town boards and commissions to both lead Lyme and protect its interests from the misguided interference of a foundering state government, which puts all Connecticut’s small towns at risk.  This experience will be key to preserving Lyme’s cherished rural character and quality of life at this critical juncture in the state’s history.

I urge voters to set aside partisan considerations and hold true to the proven practice of doing what is best for Lyme. That means voting for Steve Mattson for First Selectman this November.


Ralph Eno,
Readfield, Maine.