September 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Griswold Demonstrates Lackadaisical Approach to Governing; Shoemaker Will Be Attentive, Thoughtful, Conscientious Leader

To the Editor:

There is a general lackadaisical approach to governing by First Selectman Griswold, as illustrated at two recent meetings I attended as an interested new citizen. At one, a payment request (about overtime during COVID) would have passed had he offered any clarifying information justifying the line item. He seemed uninformed and had no figures to present. At another meeting he displayed “selective hearing” about an issue being brought up by another selectman. I learned later from the newspaper that he just didn’t want to deal with this issue.

I strongly recommend a change on November 2.  What I’ve learned about Martha Shoemaker has convinced me that she will be a strong, attentive, thoughtful, conscientious leader.


June K. Davison,
Old Lyme.