September 30, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Old Lyme Resident Submitted Letter July 5 to Griswold Detailing Library Lane Safety Concerns; Still Awaiting Response

To the Editor:

On July 5th of this year, I submitted a letter to our First Selectman, Tim Griswold, regarding the unsafe conditions that exist on Library Lane. I shared that the volume of traffic on this road has increased greatly in the past few years and without sidewalks, it is a very dangerous situation. Foot traffic grew during the pandemic. Additionally, vehicles are making no effort to slow down and are moving much faster than the speed limit. The one posted speed limit sign of 20 mph is ignored by a majority of vehicles who are often going twice the limit. Neighbors have discussed this issue and agree there should be more speed limit signs erected, and if possible, within reason, a police presence to enforce the proper speed.

I offered my services to meet and further discuss the formulation of a plan to resolve this unsafe condition on Library Lane. It has been over four months and I have not heard one word from the First Selectman or his office. They have not acknowledged my letter or the concerns of the residents on Library Lane. No action has been taken at all. This is not the response I am looking for from a highly effective local government.


John J. Angelico,
Old Lyme.