August 9, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Old Lyme Planning Commission Alternate Klose Seeks Full Seat, Brings Unique Perspective as Planner/Engineer Who Understands Town

To the Editor:

I attended a meeting of the Halls Road Improvements Committee this past February and came to recognize the need for economic development and growth in Old Lyme.  Shortly thereafter I began to make a contribution by joining the town’s Planning Commission as an alternate. I am now seeking your vote as a regular member of this Commission.

I feel qualified for the position as I am a Civil and Land Development Engineer working mostly in residential, commercial and retail design. Having lived in Old Lyme for over three years, I now understand the need for development as well as the concerns of our residents. I am confident that as member of the engineering/planning industry I can provide a unique perspective on ways to develop our town that do not detract from its charm and the New England shoreline character most of us cherish. 

I love Old Lyme and want to help encourage sustainable and purposeful development that promotes economic growth while also reinforcing why Old Lyme is such a great place to live!  If this resonates with you, please vote for me on November 5, at Cross Lane Firehouse. Polls are open from 6am-8pm.


Alexander Klose,
Old Lyme.