August 19, 2022

ARPC Proposal for $2.1M in Federal Funds Accepted Unanimously by OL BOS, BOF; Detailed Recommendations Now Announced

OLD LYME — UPDATED 6/28 WITH ‘FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS’ and PRESENTATION DETAILS: On Tuesday, June 21, the Old Lyme (OL) American Rescue Plan Committee (APRC) presented their recommendations for allocation of $2.1 million of federal ARPA funds to a joint meeting of the OL Boards of Selectmen and Finance.

The ‘Final Recommendations,’ which include details of  the businesses, non-profits and Town Departments and organizations that are to receive funds, along with the supporting presentation have now been published on the Town of Old Lyme website at this link. Note there are two separate links on the left column of the page.

All of the recommendations were accepted unanimously by both boards.

The next step in the process will be for the recommendations to be presented to a Town Meeting at which residents will be asked to vote on them. The date of the Town Meeting has not yet been finalized but the meeting is likely to be held within the next two weeks.