June 29, 2022

Lyme Art Association Presents an ‘Exhibition in Four Acts’ Through April 7

‘Port of Pecceto’ in acrylics by Len Swec is one of the featured works in the ‘Wanderlust’ show.

OLD LYME  — Four new exhibitions, each with a different theme, will be on view in the historic galleries of the Lyme Art Association (LAA) from March 4 through April 7.  ‘Poetry of Motion’, ‘Black and White’, ‘Wanderlust’, and ‘Renewal: Visions of Spring’ will run concurrently, each in a separate room.

The Exhibition in Four Acts is one of the LAA’s most engaging exhibitions, bringing together four distinct types of representational art.

Poetry of Motion showcases the work of talented artist members, who set out to capture the fleeting gestures of action and movement within their artwork.

Black and White features work of all themes in black and white and all the greys in between.

Wanderlust will take visitors on vacation with the artists.

‘Speckled Eggs’ in watercolor by Liz McGee is one of the signature works in the ‘Renewal: Visions of Spring’ show.

Renewal: Visions of Spring focuses on uplifting imagery of springtime and rebirth.

Four Acts is generously sponsored by Guilford Savings Bank in partnership with the Community Foundation of Middlesex County.

“A visit to the Lyme Art Association to see the Exhibition in Four Acts feels like visiting four different galleries. There is a variety and a shift in mood as you move from one gallery to the next,” states gallery manager, Jocelyn Zallinger.

She adds, “This show also allows a visitor to focus on each genre in a way that is not possible in other exhibitions.”