June 29, 2022

Colwell Appointed to Old Lyme EDC Against Recommendations of Chair, Current Member

OLD LYME — At yesterday evening’s Old Lyme (OL) Board of Selectmen (BOS)’s Special Meeting, both First Selectman Timothy Griswold and Selectman Matthew Ward voted to appoint Mona Colwell to the OL Economic Development Commission (EDC) over incumbent EDC member Candace Fuchs.

The vote supporting Colwell over Fuchs was made after soliciting input from the EDC Chair Cheryl Poirier, who stated in an email responding to the request, Fuchs, “has been a very responsible and needed contributor to the EDC. I support her reappointment.”

David Rubino, a current member of the EDC, had also commented by email to the BOS on Colwell’s potential appointment, saying that he encouraged the BOS, “to reappoint Ms. Fuchs to the EDC.

Editor’s Note: More to follow on this developing story. Visit this link to read our previous story: Appointments to Old Lyme EDC Tabled After Absence of Input from Commission Identified, One Candidate Described as ‘Abrasive’; Discussion to be Continued at Tonight’s BOS Meeting


  1. Thomas D. Gotowka says

    Shocking! I apologize in advance for my abrasiveness, but I feel very strongly that this was an unfortunate and absurd action by Messrs. Griswold and Ward. Ms. Colwell’s history of promulgating the erroneous and the unacceptable speaks for itself and has been well-documented.
    Such decisions do not bode well for our community.

  2. An insult to all our hard working fellow citizens in Old Lyme who work at Pfizer, and with their vaccine have saved countless lives and have given us the chance to hopefully return to life as normal soon.

    Next, they will throw shade on our submarine experts here, who have given us arguably our single greatest military advantage over our foes.

    Something wrong in Town Hall.

    I ask all Pfizer employees (I am not one) to speak out about how they feel about this.