August 15, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Update on Old Lyme American Rescue Plan Committee’s Community Survey

To the Editor:

Thank you very much for supporting these efforts. There has been considerable activity on the community survey since your recent coverage (published December 13th.) By yesterday morning, December 15, we had already received 270 online surveys completed by residents, businesses, and/or organizations. We have not yet had any submissions of the paper survey that is available at the Town Hall reception desk.

This is a great start, but we want to be confident that we have thoroughly and broadly polled our community. To achieve that goal, we are placing posters in high visibility locations in Old Lyme, and mailing post cards to residents.

I can’t overstate the importance of these survey results; they will provide a framework for the Committee’s estimate of Old Lyme’s collective need, and help set priorities that will be included in the funding recommendation made to the Board of Selectmen.

Note that the online survey will remain open for submissions past the end of the year; but end on January 7, 2022.


Thomas D. Gotowka,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is the chairman of the Old Lyme American Rescue Plan Committee.


  1. Margaret O'Shea says

    This is wonderful news….congratulations to everyone involved….

  2. Bill Fitzgerald says

    Will the aggregated results of the survey be released online publicly?

    Also, given that there are no checks or verification of identity, how can we be confident that people aren’t stacking the deck with duplicate responses, etc.

    Given the outright hostility in this town toward pretty basic issues like affordable housing and anti-racism, it seems pretty clear that there are some entrenched viewpoints, and the combination of entrenched viewpoints and buckets of money can lead people to do odd things like game a survey that helps inform and justify how money is spent.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more with Bill’s views as to what he sees as hostility in our town towards affordable housing and anti-racism.

    Both of these issues were resolved in the recent municipal elections. The majority of candidate’s who were elected did not share Bill’s views on these issues. Time to move on.