January 16, 2022


COVID-19 Antigen Self- Test. (File photo only – not an example of the tests that Old Lyme will be distributing.)

UPDATED 12/29 @6:24PM:  In a statement issued today, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont announced, “Due to shipping and warehouse delays outside of the State of Connecticut’s control, our state’s anticipated shipment of COVID-19 at-home rapid tests are currently delayed from arriving in Connecticut.” 

Visit this link for further information.

The information below will be updated as soon as new details are received regarding when delivery of tests to Lyme and Old Lyme will take place.

Old Lyme Residents:
Walk-in collection from Town Hall:

Lyme Residents:
Drive-by at Hamburg Fire Station:

LYME/OLD LYME —  UPDATED 12/29 @1:23PM: On Monday, Gov. Ned Lamont announced plans to distribute 3 million COVID-19 at-home rapid tests and 6 million N95 masks in Connecticut, “in an effort to help curb the spread of COVID-19 during this heavy travel and holiday season.”

Asked by phone how the Town of Old Lyme intends to distribute its allocation of tests and masks to residents, the town’s Emergency Management Director David Roberge explained that he anticipates receiving 990 Antigen COVID-19 Self-Test kits during the morning of Thursday, Dec. 30.

Regarding the Town’s allocation of N95 masks, he noted that delivery is not expected until next week.

Assuming the tests are received as anticipated on Thursday, (Gov. Lamont has now announced a delay in arrival of the tests) Roberge said, “Old Lyme Town Hall will then become the reception area and residents will be able to pick up their free test kit or kits that same afternoon between 2 and 7 p.m. or on Friday [Dec. 31] starting at 9 a.m. for as long as supplies last.”

Roberge stressed that, although the Town Hall is scheduled to be closed on Friday due to the New Year holiday, it will open exclusively for the distribution of tests.

Proof of residency will be required for all persons picking up free tests.

In terms of the number of tests allocated to residents, Roberge said the current plan is to give individuals one test kit (which contains two tests) and families two kits.

He also mentioned that Lyme-Old Lyme Schools will be receiving a separate allocation of tests next week.

On Friday, Dec. 31, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., the Lyme Emergency Management Department will distribute free at-home COVID self-tests to Lyme residents at the Hamburg Fire Station, while supplies last.  The distribution will be made on a drive-by only basis. 

Drivers will be required to show proof of residence in Lyme and state the number of people in their household.  

Supplies are very limited and may run out quickly. 

Old Lyme Emergency Management Department has now issued this additional, helpful information:

While at Town Hall [to pick up your self-test kit(s)], social distancing and masks will be required. Remember to have your ID ready.

Each kit is intended for one person, with two tests included. If the first test is negative, the second test should be used for a re-test 2-3 days later. This initiative is intended to allow residents with symptoms or who have had potential recent exposure to test at home in order to make wise decisions about outings or other planned activities. 

If you have children in the Lyme-Old Lyme school system, note that the schools will also be distributing test kits in early January and will continue through the school year as supplies last.

As the initial allocation is limited, use the following guidance to determine if you need a test kit:

Yes – If you have minor symptoms of a cold or have been in a group setting that may have exposed you to COVID-19.

Yes – If you know that you have encountered someone who has tested positive for COVID within the past week.

No – If you have been isolating and have only associated with your normal cohort of people.

No – If you have tested positive for COVID in the last two weeks.

Testing is not intended to be a substitute for vaccination, masking, hand-washing, and other safeguards from infection.

This initiative also will include the distribution of N95 masks in the next week or two. Information about the distribution of N95 masks will be available on the Town of Old Lyme website as soon as details are finalized.

COVID is very contagious. The best thing you can do this New Year’s Eve is to celebrate with a small number of people and take great precautions to protect yourself and others.

Both Towns and we here at LymeLine.com urge everyone to be safe through this holiday season.



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