July 7, 2022

Republicans Griswold, Ward Win in Old Lyme; Shoemaker (D) Takes Third Spot on BOS; Early Results Show Nosal Secures Seat on Zoning, But Recounts Needed in Several Contests; Full Unofficial Results


Tim Griswold (right) has been re-elected as Old Lyme First Selectman. He will be joined on the board by fellow Republican Matt Ward (left) and Democrat Martha Shoemaker (not pictured.) File photo.,596

OLD LYME — UPDATED 11/3 WITH MORE DETAILS ON VOTE COUNTS: These are the preliminary UNOFFICIAL results from Tuesday’s election with those elected in bold. Several of the races appear to require a recount.

Republican Tim Griswold retained his position for a second consecutive term as Old Lyme First Selectman by a relatively small margin of 104 votes. Griswold garnered 1,700 votes and Shoemaker 1,596. Griswold previously served seven terms as First Selectman from 1997 to 2011.

Griswold’s running mate, the unaffiliated but Republican-endorsed Matt Ward, secured precisely the same number of votes as Griswold (1,700), and takes the second selectman spot.

Democrat Martha Shoemaker netted more votes than her running mate Jim Lampos, who received 1,575 votes, and therefore she (Shoemaker) will also join the board of selectmen.

The hotly-contested Region 18 Board of Education race, which saw eight candidates vying for four open seats, was won by a mix of Republicans and Democrats. Unaffiliated but Republican-endorsed Laura Dean-Frazier was the top vote-getter with 1,705 votes, followed first selectman candidate — and now Old Lyme Board of Selectmen member — Democrat Martha Shoemaker with 1,680 votes. Democrat Jason Kemp came in third with 1,621 votes and rounding out the winners was Republican Christopher Staab with 1,578 votes — but as Alexander Lowry was only 10 votes behind Staab, a recount may be requested.

Andy Russell and Jude Read were re-elected the board of finance defeating Democrat challengers Anna Reiter and Bradley Mock.

Republicans Matthew Olsen and Maria Marchant were elected as board of finance alternates along with Democrat Katherine Thuma.

The Planning Commission saw incumbent Todd Machnik (R) re-elected after defeating selectman candidate Jim Lampos (D).

Republican Jane Marsh was re-elected to the Zoning Commission, but Democrat and current Old Lyme Selectwoman and Democrat Mary Jo Nosal also won a seat to the Commission after defeating Republican Sloan Danenhower. A recount in this latter race is also expected since there were only seven votes between the two candidates with Nosal receiving 1,600 votes and Danenhower 1,573.

Democrat Russell Fogg was elected to the ZBA defeating Daniel Montano (R).

More analysis to follow.


Martha Shoemaker (D): 1,596

Timothy  Griswold (R): 1,700


Jim Lampos (D): 1,575

Matthew Ward (R): 1,700


Vicki Urbowicz (R): 2,204


Bradley Mock (D): 1,483

Anna Reiter (D): 1,530

Andrew Russell (R): 1,722

Judith Read (R): 1,716


Kimberly Russell Thompson (D): 1,890


Sarah E. Michaelson (D): 1,621

Katherine Thuma (D): 1,630

Matthew Olsen (R): 1,754

Maria Marchant (R): 1,709


George C. Finley (D): 1,664

Timothy Griswold (R): 1,558

5-Year Term beginning 2021 

Jim Lampos (D): 1,548

Todd Machnik (R): 1,711

5-Year Term beginning 2022 

Rob McCarthy (D): 1,938

5-Year Term beginning 2021 

Maria Martinez (D): 1,478

Jane Marsh (R): 1,701

5-Year Term beginning 2022 

Mary Jo Nosal (D): 1,600

Sloan Danenhower (R): 1,593

5-Year Term beginning 2021 

Kip Kotzan (D): 1,897

5-Year Term beginning 2022 

Russell Fogg (D): 1,632

Daniel Montano (R): 1,535


Kathleen Tracy (D): 1,651

Sherry Johnston (R): 1,664

Christopher Kerr (R): 1,871

Rod Clingman (R): 1,722


Jason L. Kemp (D): 1,621

Marisa Calvi-Rogers (D): 1,520

Martha H. Shoemaker (D): 1680

Alexander Lowry (D): 1568

Mona Colwell (R): 1,391

Laura Dean-Frazier (R): 1,705

Michael Presti (R): 1,525

Christopher Staab (R): 1,578


  1. Integrity wins the day.

  2. Thomas D. Gotowka says

    A difference of only one hundred and four votes for the top job!

    • Paula Sadlon says

      Equal votes for Griswold and Ward. Not so for Shoemaker and Lampos. Lampos had fewer votes for BOS and also lost on Planning Commission. This reflects that he was voted down on BOS slot..

      Nosal only has a 7 vote lead on Zoning Commission.

      We all can analyze numbers!

  3. Alice Burbank says

    Congratulations to all my former students on their wins. I am proud that Old Lyme sees quality as I did many years ago. Congats to Todd Machnik, Kip Kotzan, Laura Dean-Frazier and Russell Fogg

  4. J. David Kelsey says

    Maybe the headline is “R’s keep BOS, BOF, turn Board of Ed, Nosal, too close to call, automatic recount”. Also, “Republicans register SEEC complaint because the sample ballot greeting voters had the Democrat line filled in from 6 am to 6:15pm.” Democrats ran a nasty, disingenuous campaign, and got what they deserved in our small town – people know everyone, so a very risky strategy, we all know each other. The names Reiter and Rubino may not have great weight going forward, given their nasty vitriol.

    • I’ll second these remarks.

      Still outstanding issues on BOS relative to conflict of interest a clear violation of Old Lyme’s Code of Ethics, this will be front and center when any District 18 issue is on the agenda.

  5. Bennett Bernblum says

    David Kelsey’s comments are wholly inaccurate and out of line. The Democratic campaign at no time made any statement that was not factually accurate, including quotations of the words spoken by the Republican candidates. His veiled threat of some sort against Anna Reiter and David Rubino is unconscionable. David occupies a position of trust and responsibility as the Chair of the Old Lyme Board of Finance. These comments are wholly inconsistent with that position.

    William Folland’s comment makes no sense. Why is he not including in his theory the multiple folks who hold more than one office in town, including our just-elected selectman Matt Ward, who is also a town policeman? There is no conflict of interest in Martha Shoemaker serving as both a selectwoman and a member of the Region 18 Board of Education. Region 18 is an entity separate and apart from the Town of Old Lyme, but the education it delivers to our kids is critical. Martha’s participation on the Board will serve only to promote the best interests of our town.

    • David Rubino says

      Thanks for the support, but I’m fine with this “J. David” guy’s comments (although a little weirded out that he seems so obsessed with me… it’s not often that the aftermath of an election results in an elected official sounding off on a non-candidate citizen who wrote an LTE. I guess I hit a nerve.) Anyway, it doesn’t matter. As you’ll note from his comment and his previous ones, neither he, nor anyone else accusing me of “nasty vitriol” has actually pointed to anything nasty or vitriolic that I have written or said. That’s because it doesn’t exist. I quoted a candidate’s words on a campaign issue verbatim – even including actual screenshots – and suggested voters should consider those statements when voting. If that equals “nasty vitriol” then maybe the candidate ought to have chosen their words more carefully.

  6. I suggest that Mr. Bernblum read Old Lyme’s Code of Ethics

    • The Old Lyme Code of Ethics was read prior to the Democratic Town Committee nominating their candidates at the end of the summer. The BOS does not vote on region 18 issues because it is a regional district, so there is no conflict. The boards for the town of Old Lyme do not make decisions about the schools.

  7. Thomas D. Gotowka says

    Very respectfully, I believe that it’s almost time to put this election behind us I realize that there may be a mandated recount, as cited above.
    I know that there is a history of folks sitting in multiple elected and appointed seats, right up to the most senior positions in our local administration. All that said, there is no need for sore losers or sore winners.

  8. Russell Fogg says

    Thank you Alice Burbank for your kind words! As first timers, I know Laura and I are honored and excited to to be trusted with great responsibility. We will not disappoint.

  9. William Folland says

    The towns Ethics Code defines a conflict of interest as follows, pay particular attention to the highlighted text. More to come.

    A public official or public employee has an interest which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his/her duties or employment in the public interest if he/she has reason to believe that he/she or a family member of his/hers will derive a direct monetary gain or suffer direct monetary loss, as the case may be, by reason of his/her official activity. A public official or public employee does not have an interest which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of duties in the public interest if any benefit or detriment accrues to him/her as a member of a business, profession, occupation or group to no greater extent than any other member of such business, profession, occupation or group. Specifically, A CONFLICT OF INTEREST EXISTS IF A PUBLIC OFFICIAL OR PUBLIC EMPLOYEE OR FAMILY MEMBER OF SUCH OFFICIAL OR EMPLOYEE HAS A FINANCIAL OR PERSONAL INTEREST IN THE OUTCOME OF ANY MATTER UNDER CONSIDERATION BEFORE HIM/HER IN HIS/HER OFFICIAL CAPACITY WITHIN OR BEFORE HIS/HER DEPARTMENT OR A BOARD OR COMMISSION OF WHICH HE/SHE IS A MEMBER; a public official or public employee accepts employment which will either impair his/her independence or judgment with regard to his/her official duties or require him/her to disclose confidential information acquired by him/her in the course of his/her duties. All public officials, public employees and/or appointed members of the Town government shall seek to avoid even the appearance of impropriety as it relates to this section. Any criminal misconduct will mean a violation of the law as defined in Connecticut General Statutes Titles 53, 53a and other applicable statutes, which include misdemeanors and felonies, as defined therein.

    • David Rubino says

      So I’m guessing that you are not a lawyer. The highlighted passage would be what we as lawyers would cite to a judge in the courtroom to illustrate definitively that there is NO conflict of interest for someone serving on both boards. Being a member on the Board of Education while serving on another board specifically does NOT involve a “Personal or financial interest.” Legally a personal or financial interest is one which imbues to an individual in their capacity outside of the board. For example, if somebody was an active teacher in the Region 18 school district they might have a conflict being in the BoE if the BoE was negotiating teacher salary increases. Likewise the owner of the Mobil station on Halls Road might have a conflict if he or she sat on the Zoning Board and had to determine whether another gas station could come in. As a matter of law, a “personal interest” requires a direct or indirect personal financial gain. Every person who is on any board has a personal opinion. That’s not the same. As a matter of law that is not a “personal interest”. The town has a town lawyer who, I’m sure, can explain this to you in more detail if you need. Understand though, that it’s not even arguable from a legal perspective.

  10. Bennett Bernblum says

    I want to leave no doubt with the readers of these comments: Martha Shoemaker’s service as a selectwoman and a member of Region 18’s Board of Education does not violate Old Lyme’s Code of Ethics. I have read the Code of Ethics. I also practiced corporate law for 31 years.