July 7, 2022

Election Reaction From Both Parties in Old Lyme

Anna Reiter

OLD LYME — UPDATED 11/5 with the Old Lyme Democratic Campaign Manager’s comments: Asked her reaction to Tuesday’s results, Anna Reiter, who served as the Old Lyme Democratic Campaign Manager, responded to our question by email saying, “I am thrilled that voters elected 10 very qualified and dedicated democrats Tuesday. We are of course disappointed that we didn’t win a few more, but 2023 will be here before we know it.”

Victoria Lanier (File photo)

We also asked Victoria Lanier, who served as the Old Lyme Republican Campaign Manager, for her thoughts on the election results and she replied to our question by email saying, “I am grateful that the voters of Old Lyme agreed that the Republican slate truly represented the best choice for Old Lyme.”

Noting, “Our slate of candidates, including unaffiliated candidates, Matt Ward (selectman), and Laura Dean-Frazier (BOE) are looking forward to serving all of the voters of Old Lyme, she concluded, “Certainly,  the results demonstrate that our positive message resonated with Old Lyme voters.”

Martha Shoemaker (File photo)

Responding to the same question as Lanier and Reiter, incoming Democrat Old Lyme Selectwoman and re-elected member of Region 18 Board of Education Martha Shoemaker told LymeLine by email, “During the past three months I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of people on our campaign. We ran a great race. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Row A team.”

She continued, “Congratulations to Jason Kemp, Kim Russell Thompson, Katherine Plazza Thuma, George Finley, Rob McCarthy, Kip Kotzan, Kathleen Tracy, Russell Fogg, and Mary Jo Kelly Nosal for winning their elections.”

Adding, “I especially want to thank Jim Lampos for being my running mate,” she noted, “Although he will not be serving with me on the Board of Selectman, I know that he will always have the best interests of Old Lyme foremost on his mind.”

Shoemaker concluded, “I look forward to serving on the Board of Selectman with Tim Griswold and Matt Ward. I will do my best to represent the interests of Old Lyme during my term. I look forward to my continued service on the Board of Education as well.”
We also asked Timothy Griswold, who was re-elected as Old Lyme First Selectman in Tuesday’s election, for his thoughts on the outcome of the election. We have not yet received a response.


  1. Paula Sadlon says

    A big thank you goes to LymeLine for its detailed and timely coverage of the election and for providing us with an open forum for discussion.

  2. Jonathan Wilder says

    Sad.Old Lyme voters,fearful of the outside world and change in general,go for conservatism and mostly vote Republican.Though it is a mirror of events on a national level,this yearning for life in town to resemble the world as depicted on “The Andy Griffith Show” says everything one needs to know about America’s white electorate.No real social progress will ever be made as long as people continue to see life through a conservative lens.Again,sad.

  3. Local politics in a small town are local and I bet a great many of the candidate’s voters are friends, family or have dealings with them. Some voted straight party, while others, like this year, voted as a protest to the national policies of the Biden administration in hopes they won’t filter down to our town – just look at VA and DE.

    If Mr. Wilder is unhappy living in Old Lyme with its quaint village, great schools, tax rates and a place where folks work together regardless of party or religion affiliation, I’d like to suggest a few places run by his Democrat mayors with progressive policies. People are fleeing them for life in America’s small towns.

    Seattle [Antifa, riots, defund police and chop zones in their “summer of love” and the belief that math is racist and there should be no F’s issued, legislation signed by their governor]

    Chicago [killings every weekend, drugs, corruption, an out of control teachers union]

    San Francisco [ big homeless population, taxes, shop lift up to $950 with no arrest]

    Minneapolis [ home of defund the police, don’t call 911]

    NY City [ high crime, police cuts, badly written ‘no cash bail’ law where judges have limited discretion and criminals are back on the street.

    I for one will choose Old Lyme.