September 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor:  Vote for Candidates Who Support Local Zoning Control, Will Not Be Hartford Democrat Puppets

To the Editor:

In past elections, few voters in Old Lyme paid much attention to zoning commission candidate party affiliation. Both parties over the years have typically been on board with enforcing our zoning regulations and have been supportive of local zoning control. But this year is very different.

There is a movement for legislation in Hartford supported by the democratic candidates for the Zoning Commission that, if enacted, would give the state government complete authority in local zoning regulations. This legislation would irreversibly erode local control by requiring town governments to remove certain language from its zoning regulations such as “maintaining the character of the town”. One democrat party candidate might view the lexicon “maintaining the character of the town” as racist.

Don’t support candidates that favor encroachment from Hartford into our local authority. Old Lyme has been well served by local zoning control with preservation and why it is such a desirable place to live.

We need to retain the beauty, charm, and quality of life that make Old Lyme such a special place. Maintaining local control of zoning is how that will be accomplished.

I urge you to vote for Republicans Jane Marsh and Sloan Danenhower for Zoning Commission on November 2nd.


Deb Czarnecki,
Old Lyme.


  1. Mike Bucior says

    A vote for Mary Jo Nosal is a vote for Hope Housing.

    It is clear to me, that carrot and stick approaches have been insufficient to grow diverse housing options in suburban CT. Changes in land use regulations will allow for a diversity of housing options while protecting our valuable forests from unscrupulous development. A multi-family project was spectacularly blocked in Old Lyme a few years ago due to fear, politics, and the promise of litigation rather than any sincere effort to adjust the plans to meet the housing needs of the region. We must do better…

    — Mary Jo Nosal, Selectwoman, Old Lyme