August 15, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Shoemaker Will Carefully Guide Old Lyme on ‘Twisty Roads’ Ahead, Leading Collaboratively, Effectively

To the Editor:

My name is Chris Kirk and I have known Martha Shoemaker for a long time. I’ve been a close friend of her son Peter forever.  Growing up just down the road, we would go biking together around Brown’s Lane and Mile Creek, twisty roads that can be tricky but are so much fun to ride on.  Being a friend of Peter’s meant being a friend of the Shoemakers. I had the pleasure of accompanying the family on some of their outings and remember fondly the great hikes we took and fishing in those northern lakes.   I learned a lot from the Shoemakers, and I still do.

Something I learned from Martha is “to keep the ship steered straight, even in stormy weather.”   Martha didn’t use those words, but she demonstrated the principle by keeping family in the forefront no matter the circumstances.  For this I hold her in high esteem.  I also hold this town in great regard for all it has given me as I grew up here.  Whether it be a great education, beautiful beaches or low taxes, this town gives back. 

As First Selectwoman, I know that Martha will be wholly committed to the best interests of the citizens of Old Lyme. She will carefully guide us on the twisty roads ahead and assure that new generations will enjoy the riches that Old Lyme has to offer.

Recently, Old Lyme provided me the opportunity to work as a greeter in Town Hall during the pandemic.

This introduced me to the great folks who work for the town and the various semi-autonomous boards, committees, and departments that make our town run.  Aided and encouraged by Martha’s interpersonal and management skills, these folks will work together more collaboratively and effectively than ever.

I know that Martha Shoemaker would make an outstanding leader for the Town of Old Lyme, and I encourage you to vote for her on November 2.


Chris Kirk,
Old Lyme.