August 15, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Democratic Candidates, Who Are Members of MOMS Club, Deeply Trouble This Voter

To the Editor:

I was all set to vote this Tuesday for the Democratic Party slate of candidates in Old Lyme, but now do not intend to vote at all. A number of the candidates belong to the national  MOMS Club, which is deeply troubling. This is an organization which promotes conservative values and encourages its members to look to say, 1957, as the ideal for the role of women and men in the American family. This, along with their embrace of religion, makes me runaway as fast as possible. Who among the leadership of the town Democratic Party approved this direction?


Jonathan B. Wilder,
Old Lyme.


  1. Kimberly thompson says

    All of the candidates who were members of MOMS inc prior to its conservative values making national news quickly sought to change bylaws upon learning of the clubs ridged conservative values. Ultimately, as a result of Anna, Kim, Sarah, and others efforts the old lyme old Saybrook MOMS club disbanded in 2020. A new club has been founded that is more open and welcoming.

  2. The local MOMs Club chapter disbanded close to a year ago because the large majority of members disagreeing with the stance of international, both in addressing racism and in it’s antiquated values. In its place a new club was founded based on inclusion that supports all parents. You should check your information before going to the trouble of trying to discredit specific women. Individual candidates may or may not be in current area clubs and organizations but they clearly can’t be in a organization that no longer exists in the area. As for the past- the MOMs club was at one point one of the only options for moms in the area to connect and the local chapter was never based on a set of specific values. However in 2020, international made their conservative values more vocal and this was the turning point for many (including over 200 other chapters across the country). So again if this topic is important enough for you to be vocal about, at least be up to date on the issue. Here’s an article in the Lymeline you might want to read:

  3. Charlotte Scot says

    I just read about Mom’s Club. I confess I’d never heard of this organization. Like you, I found it a bit too 1950’s with the probability that, when one graduated she could become a Stepford Wife. I don’t know which candidate has this on her resume but it would never keep me from voting. Voting is too prescious a right to give up because of a blip on someone’s resume. There are so many important issues in the world today: education, climate change, healthcare, homeless vets, tax breaks for uber-wealthy, etc, etc.
    Some people just feel more secure belonging to a group…so be it. I’m 74 and the last group I belonged to was Camp Fire Girls:-)

  4. Joanna Cicchiello says

    Mr. Wilder, couldn’t agree more on the shameful International Moms Club, belonging in the dark ages. They also have had a heavy presence in many communities across this nation. I myself was a naive member not once but twice!

    Typically local chapters had get togethers and play dates with mostly toddler aged kids (a terribly isolating time for average American mother, even pre-pandemic), they raised money and goods for local families and charities etc. too.
    Otherwise it was all breast feeding, coffee, diaper rash, ages & stages (childhood development) and importantly, supporting other women in the community who were in the same stage of life. It seemed all good when I was a member.

    However, once the social politics of the larger club were understood and discussed and their larger politics seen, there was an immediate call to petition the International Club to alter their stances and political outlook, by the women of the local chapter (which was beyond Old Lyme too), however the International MOMs club refused to align themselves with decency and true American values, and so the local chapter was, as an immediate result, disbanded.
    And some of the women who lead this local shift are now standing in town under the Democratic banner.

    So of those women who now stand in our town, they have already proven; leadership, integrity, accountability, and following through.
    And to add to that, the same people along with some others who were also in this club of which I too was a member, have maintained and created new local groups that expand on and improve what was offered through that nationally popular organization.

    *I’m not a Democrat if that means anything to you, Sir.

    Socially none of these women are under the thumb 1950s style housewives, they are all educated, independent women and thinkers, and more importantly in this context of political options, doers.
    Which is really quite a thing when American women have only had the right to financial independence since 1974’s Equal Credit Opportunity Act was passed, and all the undermining, societal expectations that latch onto and drag on after such practical hinderances.

    I’m quite glad that you are looking into local organizations and the kind of company politicians keep, not only to hold our community members accountable, but an essential to a fair & democratic system.

  5. There are many ways we all choose to spend our limited time outside of our obligations – on hobbies and social engagements. But there are some individuals who choose to use their time to volunteer in the community and that’s what these women have done. Their ability to participate in various (and multiple) service organizations while being mothers to young children only speaks to their commitment to the community and what is crystal clear if you ever meet them- their integrity.

    You have somehow decided being a previous member of a moms support group (MOMS Club literally stands for Moms Offering Moms Support) is a skeleton in a women’s closet that deems her unfit to lead. Are you holding male candidates to the same standards? Fraternities, football teams, really any sport, even the Boy Scouts have had issues for their past stances and harmful inactions. Do you paint all men who have ever participated in any of these organizations as representative of the organizational faults? Not to mention the actual skeletons found in closets of men – their individual actions- who somehow still make it to seats of power. I suspect you’re just trying to stir the pot but if you actually care about voting you know that abstaining just gives power to others to make decisions for you and doesn’t make you morally superior for not finding women candidates up to your subjective standards.