January 16, 2022

Lyme-Old Lyme Schools Enjoy ‘Excellent’ First Day

Third grader Max Garvin (left) and his friend stride enthusiastically towards their next class in Mile Creek School. Photo by Michelle Tackett.

LYME/OLD LYME — Students were back in school yesterday at Lyme-Old Lyme Schools and at the end of the day, Superintendent Ian Neviaser told LymeLine, “We had an excellent first day of school with lots of excitement and enjoyment as students were welcomed back into classrooms.”

These masked students were hard at work on Opening Day.

He added, “It was a good start to what we expect will be a great year.”

This student clearly, ” … liked his first day of Kindergarten!”

Masks are still mandated by the Governor’s executive orders, but in almost all other respects, and quoting from a recent email sent by the superintendent to the school community, the school experience will be, “… far closer to a normal school year than last year as we return to our cafeterias for lunch, our buses for transportation, and participate fully in after school activities and athletics.”

Friends reunited on the first day of school. Photo by Michelle Tackett.

Neviaser emphasized though, “All students, staff, and visitors, no matter their vaccination status, will be required to wear masks inside school buildings and on school buses. Masks are not required outdoors.”

He noted, however, “If there is no change to the aforementioned executive orders, on Sept. 30, 2021, we will revisit our indoor mask requirement and make any adjustments based on public health measures at that time.”

Masks have become quite a fashion item for students!

Adding, “Some of our more effective mitigation strategies will remain in place including, but not limited to, encouraging students and staff to remain home when they are sick, physical distancing where feasible, quarantining of confirmed cases, mask breaks, and increased ventilation,”

Neviaser also noted, “This school year remote learning will no longer be an option for students.”  

Regarding quarantine, Neviaser said, “Fully vaccinated students and staff who remain asymptomatic are no longer required to quarantine.  For those who are not vaccinated, or are unable to receive a vaccine, we will continue to follow contact tracing protocols and quarantine guidelines from the Connecticut State Department of Education.”

Please can we go and play outside? Photo by Michelle Tackett.

On the topic of sports, Neviaser reported that, “The CIAC plans to offer all sports with the possibility of required masking in both indoor sports and those that are considered “high-intensity” (enhanced respiration) activities (e.g., football, ice hockey, etc.), adding, “We expect to get more clarity on these possible requirements in the near future.”

The Superintendent stressed that flexibility continues to be the key to success, commenting that Lyme-Old Lyme Schools, “will continue, as we have for the last 18 months, to adapt to new information and adjust accordingly.”

On Opening Day, exploring everything is the name of the game in this class.

He concluded his email on a positive note saying to the school community, “We appreciate your support in working toward the goal of providing our students the best in-person learning opportunity possible.”

Editor’s Note: Visit this link to read another story about opening day at Lyme-Old Lyme Schools. Written by Elizabeth Regan, Lyme-Old Lyme has fresh air focus for new school year was published Aug. 26 on TheDay.com.



  1. Lynette Gryk says

    How sad that the kids have to start the school year once again wearing masks that cover their beautiful faces. Can’t convince me by these pictures that they are happy at school being unable to breathe freely and making them feel that they could be causing harm when the science can’t prove children do and that these masks do anything, anything to stop the spread of COVID-19. But apparently the germs don’t spread while eating in the cafeteria. Amazing!

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