June 16, 2021

Sen. Formica Applauds Passage of Expanded Gaming for Connecticut

Sen. Republican Leader Pro Tempore and State Senator Paul Formica (R)

HARTFORD – On Tuesday, May 26, the Senate passed HB 6451 in a 28-6 vote which contains the agreement between the Governor and the Tribes to enable expanded gaming (online gambling and sports betting). The measure is one step closer to becoming law and now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Sen. Republican Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica (R-East Lyme), whose District includes Old Lyme, released the following statement in support of the bill’s passage:

Today’s vote recognizes long-standing partnership the state government has had with the Tribes [who are] owners and operators of the two largest casino resorts in the world, and have grown to be one of the top job providers in our state attracting thousands and thousands of visitors each year.

The State of Connecticut realizes over $260 million produced by slot machine revenue each year to support the state budget and today we took an important step to enable further revenue opportunities, job creation and advancing industry in Connecticut.

Beyond revenue, the Tribes’ provide so much for our state through their philanthropic activities, the tens of thousands of jobs they continue to create as a result of their continued excellence of these two casino resorts, the largest in the world, located right here in Eastern Connecticut.

I am glad to see members from both sides of the aisle vote to support modernizing how Connecticut operates. This agreement should serve as a beacon and reminder of the potential positive outcomes when all involved parties work together to explore new opportunities. The outcome has provided solutions to expanding revenue sources and keeping Connecticut competitive in this ever-changing world.

Investing in this new online technology and continuing the state’s partnership with the Tribal Nations will protect Connecticut jobs, support our communities and continue to provide for all their employees in Southeastern Connecticut.


  1. Susan Kneen Way says

    It’s sad that Connecticut is enabling more ways for gambling addicts to lose money. CTWMAGA.org is available for those who need help with gambling addictions.

  2. Thomas D. Gotowka says

    I don’t share Mr. Formica’s ebullience for the passage of HB 6451, nor do I applaud Cathy Osten’s leadership in driving the bill through the Senate. She admitted that “this bill represents years of work to expand gaming in our state”. I am amazed that a casino in East Windsor was also under consideration.
    Clearly, our legislators understood that there is a down-side to this remarkable expansion of opportunities for gambling in CT. This legislation requires that each of the tribes provide $500,000 a year for services that target problem gambling.
    With recreational use of marijuana on the horizon, I am curious about what other vices our apparently revenue- challenged state government is also investigating as potential income sources.
    Have the bookies set the odds yet on whether the Governor will sign and the Dept. of Interior will approve?
    One final thought, As CT prepares to market sports betting, we should consider an endorsement from Pete Rose in the advertisements.

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