July 7, 2022

Big Y Withdraws Application for Gas Station/Convenience Store on Halls Rd., But Another Similar Application May be Planned Nearby

The site of the proposed Big Y Express at the western end of Halls Rd. in Old Lyme.

OLD LYME — In a letter dated May 10, addressed to Rachel Gaudio, Chairman of Old Lyme’s Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission, Ryan Scrittorale, PE, Project Manager at Benesch requested the commission to withdraw the application made on behalf of his client, Big Y Foods, Inc. for the “development at 99 Halls Rd. and 25 Neck Rd.”

The proposal was for a 2,100 sq. ft. convenience mart and a gas station on a site surrounding Essex Savings Bank that is currently vacant and partially cleared. The application stated that the fuel system consists of six dispensers under a protective canopy and two double wall fiberglass underground fuel tanks with electronic monitoring.

Scrittorale’s letter states, “Big Y Foods, Inc. has prided itself on being a Neighborhood Supermarket and is vested in the community of Old Lyme.”

5/12 UPDATE: We are now hearing via a social media post that a Letter of Intent has been signed for the purchase of 100 Halls Rd. with a view to submitting a proposal to construct a gas station/convenience store on that site  We contacted the person, who wrote the post, to verify it. The person does not wish to be identified in this article but states their  source is ‘reliable.’

100 Halls Rd is immediately opposite the 99 Halls Rd./25 Neck Rd. discussed above. If traveling up Halls Rd. from Lyme St., 100 Halls Rd. is the blue building on the left-hand-side of Halls Rd. where it meets Neck Rd. The Big Y proposal was for the right-hand-side of Halls Rd. at the same location. 

We will publish more information as we obtain further details.



  1. Jonnie Marks says


  2. Christina J. & Thomas D. Gotowka says

    That is great news.

  3. Thomas Connell says

    Very classy way to bow out.

  4. Colin Mahoney says

    This is the right move for Old Lyme. Thank you, Big Y.

  5. Jimmy Freehill says

    Thanks for the Big Y to hearing the reaction by the community which was universally negative to this development.

    The Big Y is the biggest retailer in OL and it’s important that they listen to what the community wants.

  6. Thomas Johnston says

    Yes, thank you both Essex Savings Bank and Big Y Foods, Inc. for cooperating to have your proposed 99 Halls Rd/25 Neck Rd. service station/convenience mart project withdrawn.

    Similarly any possible buyer and seller at 100 Halls Rd might also consider that the Recommended Declaration of Zoning Approval Moratorium on Halls Rd. Projects by the Old Lyme Economic Development Commission on May 5, 2021 would also apply to any proposed service station/convenience store at 100 Halls Rd too—wouldn’t it?

  7. ryan sandmann says

    Great…. another gas station…. So “classy”… God forbid we get a nice restaurant or a nice butcher shop, or coffee house.

  8. Nancy Shaw says

    A quaint restaurant would be nice

  9. Thank goodness sensible conclusion. We don’t need anything like it. Town needs to hold its ground in the future!