April 17, 2021

New Columnist Joins Us, Alli Behnke is LYSB’s Prevention Coordinator

LYSB Prevention Coordinator Alli Behnke

LYME/OLD LYME — Today is the start of National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week, which runs through March 28. We are also delighted to announce that today, Allison (Alli) Behnke, MSW, MA, who is the Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau (LYSB) Prevention Coordinator, will join our stable of our talented columnists.

Her column will be titled, “In It Together,” which alludes to a recognition that supporting students as they negotiate their middle and high school years is a community responsibility. This, in no way, detracts from the critical role of parents and caregivers in the process but rather amplifies the way the broader community can assist in that effort.

We are pleased to support the work of LYSB and the Lyme-Old Lyme Prevention Coalition by publishing monthly columns written by Behnke, which we believe will reach many readers, who do not currently have children in Lyme-Old Lyme Schools.

Both the leaders of LYSB and we here at LymeLine.com believe that accessing that audience is another vital piece in the puzzle of helping Lyme-Old Lyme youth navigate many of the challenges they face — or will face — in their lives.

Behnke has been a Social Worker for 20 years working in the fields of prevention, therapy, youth leadership, and health coaching.

She believes strongly in providing accurate information, education, and tools for success when empowering the Lyme/Old Lyme Prevention Coalition and REACH Youth Coalition to work together on strengths-based campaigns. The Coalitions address substance abuse and other risky behaviors challenging our youth and families.

Contact her at abehnke@lysb.org or visit  www.lysb.org to become involved in this important community work.

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