January 16, 2021

Ledge Light Report Details ‘Significant Increases’ in COVID Cases Across Their Region Due Partly to Holiday Gatherings; Lyme, OL Show Same Pattern

Old Lyme Records 30 Cases in Two-Week Period Ending Jan. 2, Lyme has 12 Cases in Same Period; Both Reflect Increases Over Previous Two-Week Period 

LYME/OLD LYME — Ledge Light Health Department (LLHD) issued their most recent Weekly COVID-19 Report Thursday, Jan. 7.

Stephen Mansfield, LLHD Director of Health, prefaces the report with this statement, “As expected, we have seen a significant increases in cases within our jurisdiction, due in part to COVID transmissions associated with holiday gatherings.”

He continues, “LLHD began our COVID vaccination campaign this week, and expect to continue vaccinating through the spring and summer. Although vaccinations are an important part of our COVID response, it is critical that we remain diligent and take appropriate precautions.”

The report shows that in the past two weeks from Dec. 20, 2020 to Jan. 2, 2021, Old Lyme had 30 new cases, up from 22 in the previous two-week period. Meanwhile Lyme recorded 12 new cases, up from six in the previous two-week period.

This report only includes cases and tests among persons residing in community settings; it does not include cases or tests among residents of nursing home, assisted living, or correctional facilities.

It also details that 847 Old Lyme residents had molecular tests and antigen tests in the past two weeks while the equivalent number for Lyme residents was 290.

Information regarding vaccine eligibility can be found at Phases (ct.gov)

The report offers this link to the Connecticut COVID Data Portal, which provides centralized access to data on the COVID-19 emergency and response.

The next Weekly Report from LLHD is due Friday, Jan. 15, 2021.

Neither the LLHD nor the Connecticut Department of Health (CT DPH) reports give details of the age of those infected, their gender, or the date the case was confirmed.


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