April 11, 2021

Lyme Town Hall, Library Shift to By-Appointment Basis Only

Lyme Town Hall (pictured above) and Lyme Public Library will both move to an appointment-only basis, Dec. 28.

LYME — The Lyme Board of Selectmen announced Dec. 22 that since the number of COVID-19 cases in Lyme (then standing at 38 cases) continues to grow and neighboring towns are experiencing an accelerating rate of infection, the Lyme Town Hall and Library operations will move to a “by-appointment” basis only, starting Monday, Dec. 28.

In their announcement, the selectmen say they, “Anticipate that holiday gatherings will only add to the number of cases we may experience in the near future,” adding that they are taking these measures, “To protect our residents and employees.”

Staff will be available to assist residents, who email ahead of time for assistance. In-person service will not be available without an appointment.

The selectmen anticipate operating under this revised method until at least Jan. 19, 2021, and another announcement will be made when it is determined that in-person services can again be permitted.

The town garage, transfer station and recycling center will continue their present schedule for the foreseeable future. Opening hours for these facilities may be curtailed if, and when, the selectmen feel it may be warranted.

Email addresses for assistance are as follows:

Should other employees need to be contacted, email the First Selectman or the Town Clerk who will direct inquiries to the appropriate employee.

The selectmen’s announcement concludes, “We appreciate your patience as we deal with this spike in virus cases and thank you for your cooperation. We recognize that this may be an inconvenience and trust that you all will understand the need for these measures.”

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