April 11, 2021

Join the Trex Challenge! Recycle Plastic Film in Lyme, Old Lyme; Win Benches & More for LOL Schools

LYME/OLD LYME — Led by the sustainability committee of the Region 18 Board of Education, Lyme-Old Lyme Schools are participating in the Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge and invites the community to participate.

The Trex Challenge pits schools against one another in a friendly competition to collect the most plastic for a chance to win Trex benches or other products for schools. Trex Company is a manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing made in-part from recycled plastic film.

There is now an easy way to recycle all these plastic bags right here in Lyme and Old Lyme.

The Trex Challenge began in November and runs through April 15, 2021. To date, over 300 pounds of plastic film has been collected.

Community members without students in a school can find collection bins at Lyme Town Hall (just inside the entrance)  and Memorial Town Hall in Old Lyme (immediately inside the door to the Meeting Room, to the left of the main entrance), as well as near the main entrances of each school.

Plastic films must be clean, dry, empty, and free of food residue. Remove air from pillow-pack bubble wrap. Plastic-like film that is labeled as “compostable” cannot be accepted in the Trex Challenge, because the material may not contain any plastic.

For further information, contact volunteer coordinator Karen Taylor at Taylor.karencharlotte@gmail.com.

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