November 26, 2020

Stay Unplugged Today! So Much on Offer in Lyme/Old Lyme to Encourage All Ages to Turn Off Their Devices

Unplug and take the opportunity to wander around Gil Boro’s Sculpture Grounds and see the more than 100 sculptures on display. This is just one of the numerous opportunities to take ‘time-out’ from technology this weekend.

LYME/OLD LYME — Continue to enjoy an Unplugged Weekend today!

Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau (LYSB) invites you to de-stress and take a ‘time-out’ from technology and social media.

Mary Seidner, LYSB Executive Director

Mary Seidner, LYSB Executive Director, tells, “During the pandemic, all of us (including kids) are using screens more than ever. Stress levels among youth are high, and we are seeing more anxiety, depression and other mental health issues cropping up.”

She notes, “We created an Unplugged Weekend with the middle school administration in an effort to reduce stress among youth and families in our community, and to get our kids to step away from social media for one weekend.”

Explaining how the weekend came about, Seidner says, “We put out a call to local nonprofits to join us, and the response was strong. We have a variety of activities and adventures for kids and families to get outside on this beautiful weekend and enjoy some time away from social media, and simply de-stress.  This is also a homework-free weekend for students of Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School.”

Seidner emphasizes, “This collaboration shows our kids how much our community cares about them. We hope that Unplugged Weekend will encourage our community to turn off our devices in favor of connection, exploration, and quality time during quarantine and social distancing. We hope to hold another Unplugged Weekend in the spring.”

Visit this link to view a listing and full details of all the events and opportunities on offer in Lyme and Old Lyme this weekend. The intent is that this is a weekend to turn off our devices in favor of connection, reflection, and quality time.

Choose some (or all!) of the following activities today:

COOLEY GALLERY … Artist Jac Lahav paintings. Look for George Washington!

FLORENCE GRISWOLD MUSEUM … Expanding Horizons Exhibit and Artists’ Trail

HIGH HOPES … Meet The High Hopes Herd! Reserve your spot

LYME LAND TRUST … Gnome Hunt … Preserve Walk and Bonfire (for teens)

LYSB … Red Tulips Bulb Planting Kits … LOL Scavenger Hunt… Food Drive

OLD LYME HISTORICAL SOCIETY … Historic Lyme Street Walking Tour

OLD LYME LAND TRUSTEyeSPY Photo Hunt … Griswold Preserve Scavenger Hunt

Finding these mushrooms is part of the old Lyme Land Trust’s EyeSPY Hunt.

OLD LYME PGN LIBRARY … Instant Author Kits… Stress Relief Kits

ROGER TORY PETERSON ESTUARY CENTER … Twilight Walk at Watch Rock Preserve


STUDIO 80 + SCULPTURE GROUNDS … Self Guided Sculpture Grounds Tour


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