April 11, 2021

Who Should I Vote For? – Part 2: Read the Responses to our Questions from State Senate, House Candidates on Lyme, Old Lyme Ballots

  1. What do you believe are currently the three most pressing issues in the state of Connecticut?
  2. From the three issues you cite in your response to Question1, identify the one that you think is the most pressing and explain your choice. Then expand on steps you believe should be taken to resolve it and how you could contribute to that resolution process?
  3. What personal characteristics do you embody that justify why people should vote for you?

We gave a 350-word limit for the response to each question to which each candidate strictly adhered: we are most appreciative of that.

We are delighted that all the candidates responded to our questions in a timely manner. We thank them sincerely and are pleased to publish their responses today accompanied by their respective biographies and photos.

There is a third candidate on the ballot for the State Senate 20th District, Joseph Taraya. We sent him the same invitation to respond to our questions as the other candidates, and this was the reply we received: “I fully endorse Ms. Martha Marx. She’ll be a good addition to our state senate chamber.”

We should also state that, again in keeping with our long-held policy, we will not be making any candidate endorsements.

Click on the links below to read each candidate’s responses:

CT State Senate, 20th District (includes the Town of Old Lyme)

Paul Formica (R – incumbent)

Martha Marx (D)

CT State Senate, 33rd District (includes the Town of Lyme)

Norm Needleman (D – incumbent)

Brendan Saunders (R)

CT House of Representatives, 23rd District (includes the Towns of Lyme and Old Lyme)

Devin Carney (R- incumbent)

David Rubino (D)

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