April 17, 2021

Old Lyme Kindness Committee Names Christina Denison as its October Awardee

Christina Denison is the Old Lyme Kindness Committee’s October awardee.

OLD LYME — The Town of Old Lyme Kindness committee has announced their October 2020 Kindness Awardee. This month the committee selected a community member, who has been going out of her way to spread smiles in town: Christina Denison.

Denison, a resident who lives on Lyme Street, has a letter-sized plexiglass frame on the stonewall in front of her house which she uses every single day to display a new joke. For the month of October, her jokes have been Halloween-themed, and she plans to switch to Thanksgiving jokes in November.

When asked what her motivation to begin the joke of the day was, she said, “Because of the pandemic I’m home and I thought people might like a little humor during this difficult time.” 


And Denison was right. Her jokes of the day have been noticed by passers-by, including many who wait in the school drop-off line each morning. “A lot of people walking by have told me they like reading the jokes and even share them with their grandchildren,” she said.

To nominate someone for a kindness award, use this link.


  1. Dwayne Basler says

    It’s great to see light-hearted signs that people enjoy. Well done!

  2. Christina J. & Thomas D. Gotowka says

    Outstanding choice! We often passed by on our evening walks and made certain to check the daily riddle. One of her two hounds occasionally tried to give away the punch line. We are in the group who have shared some of the jokes with our four and one-third year old grandson, Hunter, who is also very appreciative. (his mother probably helps with the math, but he likes to be precise.)

  3. Christina is a great selection and wonderful neighbor.

  4. Margaret Thach says

    Excellent choice! My granddaughter was enchanted by the faerie doors, Halloween decorations and the joke. She even took photos as keepsakes and ideas for her faerie doors. Mrs. Denison thank you.

  5. Jennifer Coffey says

    I walk by the house almost daily and I love the jokes! And your Bassett hounds are great protectors. So cute!

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