September 22, 2020

Still So Much To Do (in Person or Virtually) on Lyme Street

Looking for something to do safely on Lyme Street in this “time of Corona”? Why not try a walking tour?

OLD LYME — It might seem like there’s nothing to do on Lyme Street at the moment since all the art institutions and shops are closed.  To counter that impression, the Old Lyme Arts District has come up with a comprehensive listing of all the activities in which you can still participate either in person or virtually.

Did you know, for example, that the Old Lyme Historical Society has created a Walking Tour of Lyme Street? Or that the Artist’s Trail and grounds at the Florence Griswold Museum are open for the public to enjoy even though the Museum itself is closed? And what about the Sculpture Grounds at Studio 80 which are open every day of the year from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at no charge?

Have you seen the great live virtual concerts Nightingale’s Acoustic Cafe has been holding to highlight musicians especially the local young musicians? Were you aware that you can enjoy musical performances from Musical Masterworks and the Side Door Jazz Club online?

How about taking a virtual tour of the latest shows at the Lyme Art Association (LAA) or FloGris, watching online art classes at the LAA, FloGris or Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, or following along with a virtual storytime at the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library.

You can still stroll through the Florence Griswold Museum gardens even though the Museum is currently closed.

The opportunities do not end there. The FloGris has on online tour of its historic boarding house, there is art for sale online at The Cooley Gallery, nine oral histories are available on the Old Lyme Historical Society website, and a History Blog is offered on the FloGris website.

And there is so much more. Visit the Old Lyme Arts District website and explore …

Cheryl Poirier, who is a volunteer organizer of the Old Lyme Arts District, tells LymeLine, “It has been amazing to see all the ways our individual partner organizations have been working to bring art and music to everyone even with closed galleries and stages.”

She explains, “We decided to bring all of these resources together and include all of our partners whether they had open grounds like Studio 80, art for sale at the Lyme Art Association, or art activities like the Library. It was remarkable to see in one place all all of the creative and artistic things to still do “on Lyme Street.”





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