June 2, 2020

Old Lyme Beaches Closed Today, But Set to Open Memorial Day Weekend

Old Lyme beaches including this one at White Sand Beach (pictured above) will open to the public again May 23.

OLD LYME — Old Lyme First Selectman Tim Griswold called LymeLine Thursday evening to let us know that he has taken the decision in consultation with Old Lyme Town staff, and the Miami and White Sand Beach Association Presidents to open the Old Lyme beaches May 23 — the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

He explained that the Town beaches — Sound View, White Sand and Hains Park —  would be open, but at a reduced capacity with the Red Cross guideline for shelters — equivalent to 110 sq. ft. or a 9 ft. x 12 ft. space per person or family — being implemented.

The beaches will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Griswold noted that the town parking lots would be open at 50 percent capacity, “… and we’ve asked the the private ones [parking lots] to do the same,” adding that, “Police and Rangers will be there,” while stressing, “People need to stay separate.”

He said, “We’ll give it a go. If it works well, that’s good, but if it works badly, then it may lead to a discontinuance.”

Urging people to “be sensible,” Griswold commented, “We really don’t want the beaches closed all summer … so we’ll give it a try and see how it goes.”

Information for Old Lyme residents wishing to purchase a 2020 Beach Pass is available at this link



  1. Dwayne Basler says

    Since Mr. Griswold is the First Selectman for all of Old Lyme not just the people in the beach associations but continues to rely heavily on their council, lets all be in this together. If the Old Lyme beaches are closed after Memorial Day, all Old Lyme beaches need to be closed. His actions are to ensure the safety of Old Lyme residents and the beach association resident’s safety is every bit as important as others so their beaches should be open or closed just the same as other Old Lyme beaches.

    • Private beaches ( association beaches ) can remain open as it does not fall under same rules as public beaches . You should not worry about them just the public beaches. Residents pay annual dues for private beaches and this access is only for them . The parking lots remain closed
      As the state seems necessary But, the residents of their private beaches can walk to their beach. It is not about being fair it is a community or association that they are apart of.

      • Susan Kneen Way says

        Spellcheck and grammar check are crucially important when one wants to voice an opinion in a public forum.

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