August 11, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Kudos to Lamont for Banning Short-term Rentals, But Now Close the Beaches

To the Editor:

Compliments go to Governor Ned Lamont for executive order 7T, prohibiting rentals with durations less than 32 days.

Putting the health of her full-time residents who work in the state’s hospitals and businesses, volunteer in her communities and fill her schools, ahead of the economic bounty of beach visitors who clog the roads and beaches, Governor Raimondo (RI) took bolder moves and closed the state’s beaches. Governor Raimondo proudly withstood the disdain of Governor Cuomo (NY), but came out stronger and bolder.

Confirmed COVID19 cases in RI are 1.6 per 1000 residents. Connecticut (currently at 2.7 cases per 1000 residents) also needs the protection from an onslaught of summer visitors, afforded by executive order 7T. Statistical models show that incomplete restraints now will result in revisiting another onslaught of coronavirus in September whose scope would obviate Spring efforts to ‘Flatten the curve’. Moreover, national sentiment shows we would rather suffer a few more weeks of confinement and economic lethargy, than revisit another onslaught of coronavirus in September.

We should respect the dedication of our healthcare workers by elevating social distancing over economic gain . Stand by Governor Lamont and executive order 7T by enforcing the order and closing beaches.


Candace Fuchs,
Old Lyme.



  1. Dwayne Basler says

    Another Perspective

    I’m not sure people in Old Lyme fully understand how we’re perceived. My friends in New London, and in other less affluent towns, might be offended that some of us are bothered by “beach visitors who clog the roads and beaches”. We’re thought of as rich people with large houses, often on the beach so let’s be cautious about refusing to share the beautiful shore with others.

    Others can decide about the RI Governor. I’ve been at events where I’ve heard her speak so while I appreciate her views, in many cases including this one, couldn’t disagree more.

    Four of my immediate family are in the health care industry including testing people for COVID. All four are passionate about keeping outdoor activities open. Keeping the beaches and parks open can be done smartly without preventing those from out of town from enjoying also.

    Dwayne Basler
    Old Lyme CT (since 1994)

  2. Michele Dickey says

    I, too, am looking forward to sitting on the beach in the sun with a good book 6 feet away from other beach- goers. Right now I am enjoying walks along that same beach. Yes, I can sit in the sun in my own yard, but there is no calming ocean view there. Can’t our beaches remain open, with spacing and forced, possibly buy the same rangers who patrol Sound View beaches in the summer? Thank you— stay safe!

  3. Dave Kelsey says

    Difficult choices are being made, but unfortunately several of those made by Governor Lamont are like squeezing a balloon with a hand of a hundred inexperienced fingers. He (pretty much unique in the nation) told CT renters they did not have to pay rent for 60 days, maybe more, if they send a letter to their landlord. Now he outlaws short-term rentals, with specious idea that it will marginally decrease the spread if people don’t have a tempting incentive to leave their beds. What he has done is created an absolute crisis in cash flow for communities with heavy reliance on property taxes from rentals come July when property taxes are due, ironically many of which are poor, urban areas like Waterbury, not just beach communities. The head of Pepsico is not the right person to be advising him, but that is another argument.

    The purpose of the $1200 per adult (NOT per household) and $500 per child, along with an extra $2400 per month in unemployment was to provide cash so that people could continue a semblence of economic normality as they made their rents and other payments. If you made $18 an hour, you were getting $2,880 each month. Now, NOT including the one time $1200 plus, you get $3,700 per month through July 1st in unemployment.

    People are pretty darn vigilant when it comes to the prospect of their own health, and the vast majority of people I see are observing self-preserving habits. Plus, we now apparently will have police drones to monitor various aspects of government edicts, see governor’s yesterday press conference. What could go wrong? Folks are spraying a thoughtless spaghetti machine gun of restrictions and directives right now, we need some grown-ups able to make balanced, hard decisions, not panicked sheep.

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