April 5, 2020

Town of Old Lyme Launches ‘Stay Informed’ Program, a ‘One-Stop Information Shop’ for Residents (Roberge)

Old Lyme Emergency Services Director David Roberge. (File photo)

OLD LYME — Updated 2:30pm Old Lyme Emergency Director David Roberge took time out of his hectic schedule yesterday to tell us about the “Stay Informed” campaign launched by the Town in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the program, in Roberge’s words, is to be, “a one-stop shop for persons looking for information from the Town,” during this challenging period.

He noted that in order to opt in for free text alerts regarding Emergency Notifications and Safety Communications from the Town of Old Lyme, readers should text OLCOVID19 to 888-777. Roberge said, “After signing up, you’ll receive daily text information from us.”

Roberge also mentioned that the Covid-19 Information from Old Lyme Emergency Management page of the Town’s website is where you can find all the supporting information related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The page offers numerous links on the left hand side to external websites or webpages including the State of Connecticut, Town of Old Lyme, Lyme-Old Lyme Schools, Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau (LYSB), Ledge Light Health District, lists of where to obtain take-out meals locally, and how both to get and give help regardless of whether you are an individual or a business. These links all help people answer questions related to their specific needs and basically fall into five categories as follows:

  • Health: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional
  • Commodities: where to obtain/purchase food, meals, products, etc.
  • Transportation: how to travel to and from places
  • Small business: how to request help locally and/or from the state
  • Pet problems: finding a veterinarian, seeking assistance

Roberge explained, “Old Lyme has formed a Task Force with members from the Town, LYSB, Social Services, Lyme-Old Lyme Schools, and numerous local non-profits. The whole effort is being approached collectively and communicated via multiple platforms including websites, social media, and printed materials.” He noted, “All the information is being updated as frequently as possible.”

Roberge also recommended that all residents should sign up to receive Official Town E-Alerts if they have not already done so, pointing out that “It’s the easiest way for the Town to communicate with its residents any time — not just in Corona time!”

Stressing, “There are links on the Town website to “Get Help or Give Help” with buttons saying ‘I want to help’ and ‘I’m in need of help,‘ Roberge said,”Anyone should feel they can use these buttons to give or request assistance. We’re doing our very best to help everyone, including the business community.”

His final advice to residents was, “Remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and minimize contact with others.” He urged residents to read the information from the State of Connecticut on Covid-19 and follow their recommendations. He ended by echoing Gov. Lamont’s words, “Stay safe! Stay home!”

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  1. Janet Ostriker says

    I also wrote to our town hall about this issue, and have received no response. A lot of our summer residents are coming to town early to escape places like NYC. Other towns have guidance for these folks to self quarantine, some are going as far as not allowing out of state plates to park cars in public places What are we doing to prevent the spread from hot spots? I’ve seen a lot of NY plates filling their cars with groceries in the Big Y parking lot and not practicing social distancing due to a false sense of security in our small town.Is there any guidance for the influx of residents from hot spots? We’re going to become an epicenter if we don’t contain the spread from epicenters.

  2. Lisa Clark says

    Well, they own the property. They pay high taxes for minimal use of the property and minimal town services, Their kids don’t attend your schools, rather they pay for your schools through the high taxes assessed on waterfront property. The town’s budget is only supportable because of these “outsiders” that you are deriding. Yes, they should self quarantine, and I hope do, as should everybody, including you. Don’t start demonizing Old Lyme’s summer residents.

  3. Janet Ostriker says

    Outsiders that I’m deriding? I was born in Manhattan, I look forward to the influx of NYers every year and I’ll always consider NYC my home. Old Lyme is a lovely little town, but even as a full time resident, I’ve always been one of those outsiders myself. I’m part of the at risk population, and I am self quarantined. I’ve worked from home for years.

    If people in hot spots don’t follow the guidance of shelter in place or at least self quarantine if they travel, we’ll be the next Italy. The highest priority has to be containment. People are dying. Coming here from NYC right now is similar to coming from Wuhan, China a month ago.

    It’s not a matter of whether people will die, it’s a matter of how many will die from this. I’m more interested in limiting that number than this year’s town budget.

    If the Hamptons, Florida, Jersey Shore, Cape Cod, Nantucket and other areas whose economies depend on vacationers from NY have advised vacation residents to self quarantine for two to three weeks on arrival, or in some places pleading that vacation residents don’t come at all, why aren’t we doing anything to address the issue?

    I wish we could get some feedback from Dave Roberge on this matter.

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