August 11, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Go Forward in Old Lyme with Reemsnyder, Not Backward with Griswold

To the Editor:

The Day recently published an interview with Tim Griswold, candidate for Old Lyme First Selectman.  Apparently his principal objective would be to maintain Old Lyme as it is today (or was yesterday), at the least possible cost, with no view to the future and no advice from outside experts.

In the interview Griswold seems most proud of “his extreme fiscal prudence while in office.”  But towns suffer from over-zealous frugality. For example, in 1978, when the state was reimbursing 80% of the costs, Old Lyme and Lyme cheaply built a new high school.  Within 25 years it was falling apart and had to be largely rebuilt, for more than $35 million. 

During his administration Griswold skimped on building maintenance. Even the renovation of Town Hall, one of Griswold’s claimed accomplishments, was done poorly enough that problems continue to be addressed.  Furthermore, he failed to pursue a grant available for that renovation, costing the taxpayers $400,000.   

Once in office, Bonnie Reemsnyder’s administration spent substantial sums repairing poorly-maintained systems, implemented planned maintenance programs, and hired a facilities manager.  While absolutely committed to preserving the character of our town, Bonnie and Mary Jo Nosal strive to identify needs and opportunities so they can be addressed proactively and cost-effectively.

Let’s not go backwards.  Please vote for Bonnie and Mary Jo on November 5.


David Woolley,
Old Lyme.


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